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just for fun wars

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  • just for fun wars


    What do you guys think about a feature that makes wars more just for fun? right now one has to be super careful to not war to much so that the team doesnt rise into a to high league. i would propose wars which do not give ranking points and tokens from the other team, training wars so to say. just for fun and not for competition.

    would this be a benefit to the game? of course only 1 fun war a day (or let the teams individually deside how many they want a day), as this might get tiering when everyone wars everyone all the time.



  • #2
    So your team wants to tank and stay in an easy league while having access to wars!
    I would definitely not support this addition.
    If you want to war, you take the risks and consequences of winning or losing.


    • #3
      I'm all for it if there's no rewards from warring.


      • #4
        Maybe wars where we place a wager of egg tokens, up to a certain amount per league, instead of this random stuff. That way if 2 teams want a friendly war, they can wager 10 tokens per person, but if its an all out attack, they can wager the max for the league, yet still keep the ratio of league rankings.


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          not to be a downer, but this sounds like a useless feature to allow teams to sandbag but still do wars.


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            I don't want this


            • #7
              Urgh. Absolutely not. Sandbagging is completely lame and shouldn't be encouraged in any way.


              • #8
                I agree - jeopardy is what makes wars interesting. I would, however, like to see the addition of a Surrender button. When war is won mathematically on defences, or if a team intends to not participate, it'd be great to just push a button and have it over with 😂


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                  No ty. If you want to war, be prepared to move up or down depending on how well you guys do. If you want to offset a war, do a second war that day and either throw it or work really hard to win so it balances out. It will give you twice as much "fun"


                  • GangsterRK
                    GangsterRK commented
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                    I like the way you think.

                • #10
                  I don't think "sandbagging" comes into play with this at all.

                  In case you're new here if you have enough friends about you can always get wars thrown without competing. At least this would give some fun to it.


                  • #11
                    Why blow tons of hammers and healpots for wars without any any reward ?


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                      What could be a worthwhile idea building on this is an inter team war. 25 v 25 for glory rights.


                      • Makotora
                        Makotora commented
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                        Interteam wars sounds fun. Some one else have requested a feature to attack own team mates for practice and that has positive responses. Idea is kind of similar to that. It's good to coach flying or base building too.

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                      As a team leader, I despise this idea. People would want help with runs, waste rss that could be used elsewhere, and there would be nothing to show for it. I would never declare one and any that was declared on us I would tell my team not to participate in and waste their rss for nothing. If you believe you will win, you can intentionally lose a war to end up where you started. As a team, you should strive to push yourselves as far as you can reasonably go and continue to move up as your team grows.

                      I would agree with this idea if the declaring team for a "funsy" war forfeits all their daily egg tokens to the team they declared on for the nuisance of seeing the damn banners when a real war may be going on. I'd be willing to bet during the first week, NMO declares a real war on dread and 10 other teams do funsy wars to throw them off with the constant stream of banners coming in.