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Breeding Event Screwy Already...

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  • Breeding Event Screwy Already...

    Been spending the same mystic frags and egg tokens for the past 20 minutes with no points registering. Log out, log back in to server update errors and frags/tokens reset.

    Please fix ASAP. Dragons are starting to hump my leg.

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    Same here, try spending mystic frags no points, force close app, says about server update once I get back in all reset.


    • #3
      Having the same issue.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


      • #4
        FYI wife is sitting right next to me on identical device and on same team-- no problems with server or claiming prizes.

        EggTokenEcho PGJared


        • #5
          SuavGlav I had the same issue. After about 15 mins everything send to roll back, check your inventory again see if tokens there.


          • #6
            This issue should be resolved. Let us know if it still happens again.


            • #7
              No it has not been resolved. Spent mystics And tokens and still 0 points. And no response to ticket sent in about this issue


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                I had the same issue but all the tokens and frags returned as well as the breeding progress. Most of the tokens, I was missing 1k!!! And the prizes are very bad, I'm finished with this event and I only got around 2k rubies, when normally I get around 5k. Also, the prizes don't contain many tokens.


                • #9
                  Finally started working after an hour of autobreeding and restarts.

                  Nice product you got there...