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So how does one spend a billion food?

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  • So how does one spend a billion food?

    I'm just curious how someone gets 99.9 million points in a feed event..... that's a billion food 😂😂 even with all five brand new obsidian dragons never fed once that is roughly 22 million per legendary. Now let's multiply that by five for all the new legendary obsidians (mythic cost a little more food not much) that's 110 million food. At 10 points for every food spent is 11 million points.. so someone please tell me how this is possible without cheating. And if it's not cheating well then that's great and good for those people, and I must not know what the hell im doing then. CampusLifer

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    Did you calculate XP transfers and consider the value of feeding perches. Surely that will all add up to.... oh wait yeah, probably still not a billion food, but if it does it explains why the rest of us can't find any! lol


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      Either insane credit card use on ruby xp purchases or hacker


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        CampusLifer 99.9 Mil are always hackers. Not possible not even with xp transfers. Take actions bro


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          Hi. I don't personally work on events so I don't have any details on specific numbers.

          That said, I am certain that the events team scrubs the leaderboard looking for cheaters before they give our rewards. Anyone who is found to be a cheater is removed before giving out prizes. They aren't included in any future calculations to see how many points people had reached.

          If there's anyone you know is cheating, please file a Helpshift ticket so we can look into it.


          • Psa
            Psa commented
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            Surely this can be done during the event? Not very motivating to try and get top spots if the people at the top are cheating?

          • PGJared
            PGJared commented
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            It's possible, but kind of resource intensive. We're adding more staff, so hopefully that's something we'll be able to be more proactive on in the future.

          • Indi123
            Indi123 commented
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            PGJared CampusLifer the player who got rank 1 in last fortification event is a level 346 with 2 million medals. The account is still live. I mean, it's feasible that they are a legitimate millionaire who just randomly decided to drop several thousands on a new game in a weekend, but unlikely in my opinion.

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          I can tell you that Tetsu420 is a BIG spender from Harlem420. he spends ridiculous amounts of money on these events. Also he has an alt who he spends on too lol. They have such a low medal count but high level bases and expert all dragons simply due to spending.

          There is nearly a tie in my league right now between the top 2 teams with 189M vs 185M points. Harlem420 is one of them. Third place is 91M lol.

          Also, i believe Ryuu420 is Testu420's alt.
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            To be honest i really wonder where that people get the dragon for...

            You know why ? Even if it is a high spender, most of them had nearly all dragon maxed many times before...
            The newest they got for example obsidian many of them maxed too , or at least 1-2 and others good leveled...

            So i really wondern how and from what kind of situation they still can get points when most dragon already are finished.

            The other thing what to speak about is the "sense"
            Really why people have to make much much more points then need, and in exchange they get nearly nothing , "or" just loose chance for other feeding event , because probably again out of dragon...

            So some of these questions really are "weird" if we look what is in real happening .
            I really dont think that people play to show "sense" or a meaning ... it is just stupidity!

            edit: or is it really all about this dragon perch the whole event over lol ??


            • OldtimerX
              OldtimerX commented
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              It is simple. You have 4 perch dragons, you have the perches maxed out, well, here's is where the food goes. Every 6 hours you spend about 500k food per perch x 4 x 20. Now do the math and it gets to 240 M food spent.
              P.S. Oops, I am wrong, you can spend more than 500k food on maxed out perches.
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            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              You have 3 perches. But even so the thing is... why people overdo it.... much much more then need and spend exteme much rubins for, where this could be much more of use in super silver chests for example... if it is just for that gylph, which isnt even so special in many times...

              Anyway, lets do your math on 3 perches every 6 hour 500k, so 1,5M, its per day near 6M... but that isnt the way...
              25% of it can be spend every 20 min, so its different...
              But anyway... some player play meaningsless in my opinion... where that stuff could be used more effective in other point, what ever...

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            Psa I think the "right" longtime solution is for my automated cheat-detection systems to handle the real-time work. The areas where I have coverage your account has an immediate rollback the moment you do an illegal action (e.g., if you try to give yourself free rubies these days you'll get stopped immediately.) I haven't yet had the chance to get coverage in this area of the app codebase, but I hope to make my way there soon.


            • LutherDrogon
              LutherDrogon commented
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              Illegal action should result in the account being deleted. A roll back is no way to stop anything.

            • laserlight
              laserlight commented
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              @LutherDragon umm...No. If the cheat detection ever throws a false positive you've just executed an innocent person. :S

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            CampusLifer I have no doubt that it is your intention and look forward to it with all the work you have been doing. in the interim can you not add an alert where someone is achieving too high numbers. If the breed event the max a top spender normally achieves is 100k then is some people are at 300k you are alerted?


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              Hi Psa. Currently they only need to look at each player once --- it takes a while (part of the reason why there's a delay between the end of event and when the prizes go out.) I can't speak for the event team on whether they can handle repeatedly scrubbing the leaderboard.


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                So the event is over and the person with 9,99 Mill points is still there. If the person wasn't cheating can we get a detailed acount how you get that many points?


                • MikeGoN2GetU
                  MikeGoN2GetU commented
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                  PG looks at all the top performers before giving out prizes. If they find that the person with all those points did it legitimately, i dont know if we have a right to know how. But it obviously wasn't from using food alone but also through gem transferring EXP.

                  I just looked and i can transfer about 4 Million exp for 6.5k gems which is 571k points. (Kyrule to level 13). Add in the amount of food to actually feed it that level you could gain alot of points that way. I also have noticed the higher level you are (or maybe the dragon is?) the less expensive it is to transfer exp so it may cost alot less for the top performer. It would be expensive but it would only take 2-3 Gem trained Obsidians to get than many points if their wallet was deep enough.

                • Fairyknight
                  Fairyknight commented
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                  I detailed acount maybe to much to ask for, but an answer this was legit would be nice.

                • MikeGoN2GetU
                  MikeGoN2GetU commented
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                  Ya but CampusLifer said above that they look closely at all the top players before handing out rewards. So that's kinda the same thing no? We will all know if she is still ranked #1 when we get the rewards.

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                Yes how did this person get that much points. And 99.9M points has already maxed out the event; why would this person keep going?


                • Isaiah264
                  Isaiah264 commented
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                  Team rankings?

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                Doing some quick calculations on this for you guys to understand the magnitude:

                1 Legendary Obsidian Dragon requires 248M XP to become expert. 7 XP give 1 point, so if it was all transferred that equals 35.5M points for that one dragon. Forget the 2M points earned to feed him all the way, the way to rack up major points in this event is to spend rubies to transfer XP to dragons.

                Do this 3 times and you have over 99.9M points.

                I hope people understand now how this is possible....
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                • Fairyknight
                  Fairyknight commented
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                  Yes, thank you.

                • Mechengg
                  Mechengg commented
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                  Perfect glad i could be of some help

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                Prize distribution hasn't happened yet as we're still going through the winners list to prune cheaters. We have someone scrubbing through folks right now, so please bear with us a bit.


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                  I just wanted to say a few things here. Both of the top players were in my league and there was a ridiculous race for top place. One player from one of the teams has reached out to me to post a bit more information since they aren't approved on the forums yet.

                  Sara from Grimreapers actually scored 109M points (capped by the leader board display) and that is what pushed GR up to first place with a team score of 191M points.
                  Harlem420 had the 2 and 3 place players and scored 187M points, coming in second place in our league.

                  Sara has apparently bred all (or nearly all) of the obsidian dragons in the breeding event and used rubies to transfer XP and get her dragons fed this event and thats why her score is so high. I'm not claiming that this is cheating or not, but the numbers don't prove that she is cheating. It is completely viable to be able to obtain these amount of points when a player is in this tier and spending money or saved up rubies on this event.

                  I hope Jared's team scrubs through these players and i hope that they come back clean