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Pre-War Attacks

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  • Pre-War Attacks

    We got declared on by another team and guess what the other team still got flames for hitting 2-3 mins before the war starts. You gotta be kidding me that you guys still haven't fixed this shit.

    It was clearly stated in your last patch note that
    • Attacks against players who are challenged in Wars no longer get scratched off of the list if the attack is initiated before the War begins.

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    You haven't been keeping up with the forum. Patch was rolled back:

    You should post your comments at the end of that thread since the main conversation went silent. I would also recommend filing a support ticket with them about not notifying users in-game about the rollback.


    • Oppa1909
      Oppa1909 commented
      Editing a comment
      Yea haven't been checking lately, thanks for the info. I did file a ticket, supports said sorry for inconvenience and they no have immediate solution as of now.