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Fort event - Gold chests

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  • Fort event - Gold chests

    Right, so usually I'm not someone that just moans about everything.

    But WTF?

    Gold chests
    - Dismal drops , and yes I pulled a lot so not a small sample

    Egg token drop rate sitting at around 2% for for the 1.1k's, less for the 3k

    Elemental embers mostly drop as 125x

    Thousands upon thousands of fire and ice shards. Drop rate around 9-10% legendary fire and 9-10% legendary ice

    Tonnes of black pearls --- Drop rate somewhere around 4-6% as well

    Timers drop rate low, 12h x 15 and 3h x 50 sitting at around 2-3% each?

    I now have half a million of the Fire and Iceshards, to do what with? Even if I had a full long base, thats more shards than I can use for the max amount of towers of the type you can build.

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    Same experience here. Also hardly any lumber drops.


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      Ditto :/


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        When will you people learn?


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          I completely agree, the gold chests give out prizes that we don't even need. We need timers and embers. Yet the gold chests mostly drop lumber packs, pearls and shards. Increase the sigil drop rate too.


          • Spooky
            Spooky commented
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            A slot machine doesn't spit out a lot of 7s and the chests in games like this are set up like them for a reason. Just keep pulling that lever.

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          So, the gold chest drops continue to be bad... you complain, nothing changes, you do gold chest purchases next event, oh, look they're bad, you complain, nothing changes.
          Has it occurred to you that if you stop gambling on the gold chests PG will improve them to entice you back into the gambling routine?


          • Dravoz
            Dravoz commented
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            Quite right. I was a slow learner, but am elite only now. Still frustrating to see useless chests drop, but I realise now that paying money for them is not wise.

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          Look I understand the argument of not using them with the hope of pg changing ... However by 2027 I probably wont be playing this anymore.

          Realistically I'm in D1, and around lvl 300. So unless I want to get nowhere with improving my base and get no new dragons, I have no choice but to open chests.

          If you like getting 1 breeder dragon every other month, and 1 useful tower a year, then by all means more power to you, keep not opening chests.

          I understand how the chest mechanic works, the least they could do is provide a relative level of return for said value.

          Eg. 10 pull during x event, provides 2 + 2 guaranteed event drops , and 6 rng drops . Eg for pvp

          2 if (1 legend 1 epic)
          2 energy (1 legend 1 epic)
          6 rng

          This would probably increase player spending a lot. Since micro spending would increase, and the number of spenders as well (eg appstore model $1 app vs $1000 software model)


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            By continuing to spend you're continuing to say it's all good really!

            Get off your "I'm in Diamond, high horse" and look at the game as a whole.

            You understand the mechanics of how the chests work, but you still spend even though the contents are crap. (Sucker)
            The fact that you keep spending even though the content received isn't worth the costs is the problem.

            None of us like getting one dragon every other month, but it's those who have the whole tier the day it is released, or already have maxed out Fire Flaks who are telling PG that all is well and to keep going as you are because we will pay no matter what crap you dish out to us, who have caused the current situation to be the norm.

          • gox1201
            gox1201 commented
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            SilentOne: since I have neither a lvl 50 fire flak nor any obsidians,

            I simply stated that continuously not opening gold chests is simply not a viable way of playing at any form of enjoyment for me, as it halts progression.

            It also lets down 49 other ppl, since falling behind the
            curve screws the team in general.

            So although calling for people not to spend, the truth is if that happens the game will shutdown.

          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            It ain't no picnic in Sapphire 1 with all the ex-diamond teams taking it easy now either FYI.

            Diamond teams are the cause of a lot of the issues the game is seeing, because you have this ridiculous "Have to keep up with the Jones'" mentality.
            You can't see that PG is bleeding you all dry, and it's ruining the game for the rest of us.

            Will the game die without money? Remains to be seen, but it's definitely being killed because of the spending habits of the minority.

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          PG knows quite a few can't help but opening chests no matter what. No matter what they dish out, there will be some who will take it. As long as there is this steady flow of cash, what is there to change?

          Opening chests because they're good or opening chests 'just to check' is no difference to PG. Buy packs by all means, just realise it doesn't take much to understand drops aren't gonna improve after having 2-3 miserable pulls in a row. If you can't resist and keep opening, it is on you.


          As someone who is on elite only and appreciates the time with the team and (less) game opening chests, even spending beyond elite isn't something that didn't cross my mind and I am sure I am not alone.

          Looking at how little return there is for your money spent, in particular in regard to longevity your company gives me all the reason to hold back and to enjoy the most precious thing you have built. Social aspect. For as long as it lasts. You do well to keep at your current course, it is your business after all...
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            First fortification event I haven't spent money on in a long time. Granted I was able to open around 100 for free by a combination of means (season milestones and such) but that just showed me had I opened my purse and dropped several hundred ££ I would have been left with that familiar sense of anger, futility and frustration had I actually paid for the damn things. I got about 10k embers in that, which isn't bad. I understand from what others said that I was exceptionally 'lucky' with my ember drops.

            The problem once again is the timers. They are simply NOT sufficient at higher levels and the drops are terrible. And getting 2 lots of epic healing potion drops and a set of dragon boosts in a drop of 10 gold chests is just horrendous value.


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              So far I've spent $0.99 on packs this event. I was able to open about 80 gold chests, maybe slightly more, from branch progress. The drops made me glad it wasn't money I used to open them. It takes me over 1m lumber and weeks to upgrade a tower. A 130k lumber drop and some 1 hr timers aren't gonna make that any easier for me. Most of my legendary drops seem to be Fire and Ice Shards, which, unless I'm building a long base with only fire and ice turrets, I really don't need. I can't image anyone needing that many of these shards but they are abundant in gold chests and it makes you not want to spend. Everyone needs lumber and timers and those are the things missing from gold chests. Kinda like rage runes in Rune chests. If enough people forego spending for long enough it will change.


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                The fire and ice shards are just pure junk now, why do we need all these different currencies uuugg there has to be a better way to poach the whales!


                • SilentOne
                  SilentOne commented
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                  Because different players are at different levels and some of us are still building out bases and therefore do need all the additional currencies when ever they do drop.

                  This is the one thing many people don't seem to understand, just because you don't need them doesn't mean they aren't relevant to a large portion of the player base.

                • Dakhunter
                  Dakhunter commented
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                  What PG should have done is to put a cap on those who have too much alreadyal and increase the drop rate for other relevant items . I don't even open chests anymore because everytime I open 10, I get at least 3-5k shards and I have 50k already and tons of towers boosts (I don't need anymore 4k each is more than enough to boost me a whole year, that's not considering the prize from d2 has boosts too)

                • Kittens
                  Kittens commented
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                  I've come to the conclusion that zero value chests are by design. PG knows that it's timers and egg tokens we're looking for, and will continue to lower the value of chests for as long as people continue to buy max bases and dragons at higher and higher prices. It just sucks that PG punishes everyone in direct proportion to how much the biggest whales will spend.

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                So u have 500k of fire and ice shards? And now you complain that you don't have enough timers in gold chests? So you didnt notice you had too many shards at 200k? And you still have spent Lots of money after the 200k share mark? Then you aren't the brightest light in the universe. Maybe try to have Some fun in this game by taking down bases with your dragons...


                • gox1201
                  gox1201 commented
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                  Last time I checked I didn't get to choose the drops from chests.

                  You get fire and ice shards during every bloody event when opening chests. Pvp fort doesn't matter.

                  Feel free to try take down lvl 400 bases while defended with sapphire tier If that makes you happy.

                • Baldrick37
                  Baldrick37 commented
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                  I know i can't take down level 400 bases with my poor flying skills So I don't care. I suppose you have several maxed emeralds, So you should be able to do it.

                • gox1201
                  gox1201 commented
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                  Not sure where this idea comes from. I'm not one of the people dropping thousands on the game when stuff releases.

                  I'm a spender trying to stay relevant in game, where its becoming increasingly hard to do so and not be a liabilty.