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Event Scoring Debacle

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  • Event Scoring Debacle

    This is the core reason every one was upset about the last event and its not the first time it has happened! PGJared Echo I want confirmation, apology, and compensation for the huge inflation of prize progression! Every time you restructure an event this happens. Tug of war is an especially demanding and draining event and as such should be among the most rewarding. Every one was so annoyed about mega coins and the loss of the meter (both of witch i was happy with) instead of driving home the main problem.

    Simple fact, 99% of the players were screwed out of about 50% of the prizes they should have received, you did not revert the scoring to pre-meter values!

    I wanted to make a thread focusing on this issue because it the crux of a lot of resentment that reflects terribly on PG who just act like nothing was wrong! How can you grow your bossiness when no one wants to recommend your game or feel exited about moderate spending because you disrespect players at every turn?!
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    Does anyone have a screenshot of the pre-meter values? I just started playing this year and know nothing but the meter.


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      Lol cant believe we had to bend over and just take this, no word or action from PG.. i regret ever installing this game far to often...
      im off to play Titanfall Asualt !


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        "I want confirmation, apology, and compensation"

        There are a handful of VIP players who spend enough to warrant these from PG-- you aren't on the list... And neither am I.