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Event Scoring Debacle

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  • Event Scoring Debacle

    This is the core reason every one was upset about the last event and its not the first time it has happened! PGJared Echo I want confirmation, apology, and compensation for the huge inflation of prize progression! Every time you restructure an event this happens. Tug of war is an especially demanding and draining event and as such should be among the most rewarding. Every one was so annoyed about mega coins and the loss of the meter (both of witch i was happy with) instead of driving home the main problem.

    Simple fact, 99% of the players were screwed out of about 50% of the prizes they should have received, you did not revert the scoring to pre-meter values!

    I wanted to make a thread focusing on this issue because it the crux of a lot of resentment that reflects terribly on PG who just act like nothing was wrong! How can you grow your bossiness when no one wants to recommend your game or feel exited about moderate spending because you disrespect players at every turn?!
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    Does anyone have a screenshot of the pre-meter values? I just started playing this year and know nothing but the meter.


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      Lol cant believe we had to bend over and just take this, no word or action from PG.. i regret ever installing this game far to often...
      im off to play Titanfall Asualt !


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        "I want confirmation, apology, and compensation"

        There are a handful of VIP players who spend enough to warrant these from PG-- you aren't on the list... And neither am I.


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          Pfff here we are AGAIN! Mega attacks are not a reason to inflate achievements by 30%+ You never reverted to pre bonus meter scoring AND energy is not capped, pitiful progress for a lot of work in this event!!


          • Sandberg74
            Sandberg74 commented
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            Energy is capped at 30, just to have the facts clear but i fully agree on the rest.

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          News flash Ladies and Gents: PG doesn't care and is way too busy working on the conversion of this forum (that I'm sure will blow) and a new game on how they can screw over their customer base while lying through their teeth on how they do care about ya. Now leave them be so they continue their work


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            Didn´t check Forums the whole Weekend but can´t believe that no one else raging.
            Seeing the rewards before Event started I was like: WTH ... PG really seems generous putting so many sigils in last four tiers.

            Then I checked again and remembered that an average attack gives around 120 Points. Even the 1/4th Tier with 450 sigils is insane.

            Well, I do understand that some rewards are meant to be only for super active People who have lots of energy/IF... but this?

            Guys I have a life and I can´t simply play this game for hours and hours (even with doing only SuperAttacks)!
            Really disappointed by reward table scaling this event.


            • MrJonesy
              MrJonesy commented
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              I'm not not raging. I'm speaking with my wallet. Just saying. And I'm all for second chances, giving them the benefit of the doubt, turning the other cheek, and all that crap. I'm over all that now. Tired of points being so absurdly low, you can't make decent progress without dropping hundreds of $. Oh well.

              Oh, and from everything I have seen, I've learned that raging doesn't really help. At least not with PG. I give up.

            • gaza8143
              gaza8143 commented
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              SuperSax it is more enjoyable if you lube up first

            • GBill
              GBill commented
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              The last time I checked the rankings there were over 200 (!) with 200k points or more. This is their game now, not ours.
              PG doesn't listen to us (but pretend they will. I've read their disingenuous and specious replies).