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    The simple solution, shorten the length of events. Most of them are way longer than they need to be.
    Then you can easily have event results up 24 hours before the mini event starts.


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      Or, you could, you know, wait a day before you shove another event down our throats. Just a thought...

      I remember when events were something special. Then, they became a weekly happening, eventually getting longer and longer (even once giving us an 8-day weekend.) Now, it seems we need mini-events inbetween the regular ones. How long until it just becomes constant events?
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        Originally posted by Dragon Punch View Post
        We're really sorry about this folks! This is a huge mistake in our part in which the event island was up for too short of a time due to the Assault Event's pending launch schedule. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the exact final standings at this time. However, based on the team prizes you received, we can provide your team's exact rank if you placed 1st or 2nd, or an approximate rank if your team placed 3rd and below, just reach out to support.

        What the team plans on doing in the future to avoid this from happening includes:

        1. Properly spacing out events so that results are displayed for a good amount of time
        2. Potentially adding a new automated mail that would be sent by the system that summarizes your team's final rank/performance
        3. Possibly adding a different feature that displays event results, so that it's not reliant on the event island.

        We apologize again for the trouble, all.
        But I am pritty sure that the results of the last round was not calculated in the final Score table, we were just a step behind the 15th place like 27,8 to 28,3 points and we did "Your team captured 19 flags and lost 1 flags in round 15" but still our team DragonEmpireRU got prizes for 16-20 place. We spent a lot of time and resources in this round do you mean that it is all wasted???

        Could you please check the results in Sapphire I Angry Friggs? And I guess lots of other teams have same problem...

        Thank you!!!

        Видео по игре (Some guides in Russian)


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          I understand that some issues the players bring up here require a larger discussion.

          What I don't understand is that this topic was live for less than 24 hours when two PG admins chimed in to acknowledge the confusion and frustration while similar threads that have been live for upwards of a week (others longer) can't be given the time of day for a 'we understand your frustration and we're going to address your concerns'.

          I used to work in food service, and a couple things I learned were:
          1. customers are extremely picky about their food, and someone's always gonna be pissed about something; and
          2. customers really don't expect you to be perfect, they just expect you to show them you care

          Why can't PG do this more consistently? The caring part takes very little time or effort.

          I guess I'm hijacking a little with no relevant asks, sorry.
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          • MrJonesy
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            Editing a comment
            I don't think you are hijacking at all.

            I have noticed, here lately, that both with support tickets and here on the forums, if you go about asking a direct question, in a nice manner, that is focused and coherent, you typically get a response. Or, I'm just lucky, I dunno. Either way, it seems like Jared and the others are trying to help, a lot, but don't take kindly to the multiple thrashings that seem to get delivered here on the forums, on a daily basis, by such a small % of the playerbase.