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  • Tug of War battle reports

    It should be easier to see at a glance which teams have your flags at any given time through the event.

    Is there any way to make the battle reports after each round less convoluted? Perhaps a chart showing who is in possession of your team's flags at all times? Any kind of visual representation would be helpful.

    I know the results are listed in order on the emailed report after each round, but it's difficult to decipher -- you have a huge list of names, and have to sort out who has what. And it gets even harder to keep track of it round after round, because you can't go by the latest report as the most up-to-date tally -- a team that stole your flag might still be in possession of it from the previous round.

    The in-event list just shows who on your team has flags from other teams, not which teams have yours, unless I'm misreading it. Either way, it should be less complicated.

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    You can see the flags other teams have, you have to tap on the attack icon for each team and then the flags menu item. But, it's annoying because you have to cycle through the other 24 team screens...