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mega coin o/p

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  • mega coin o/p

    just used a mega coin to nab 3k points from a team with a 2k point lead, i know the coin is intended for people who dont have a -ton- of extra time, i think it's a little o/p for the last 15m of a round, where you can use 1 or 2 coins to take over if you have the $$$ to take over -every- teams point base. anyone else feel this way....or ya'all having fun using the new buff..?

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    Mega coin as item was ok .... but using 100 energy + 20 inner fire to get points as 30 attacks is nonsese... its shit....

    You can use super attacks with 3 innerfire for same energy and will get much more points... really... people just need to use there heads and calculate!


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      the Mega attack really screws people over. They can hit the last 3m of each round and everything will be undone


      • EmrahT
        EmrahT commented
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        sadly that was a intention from PG to make it all more competitive....
        but for normal people as most are, its nonsense... its like a betray against most players...

      • Zolcanra
        Zolcanra commented
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        I can't even imagine what Diamond league looks like with that crap going on. *each team has points in the tens of thousands because they all keep using the damn coins* 😂 I wouldn't even call it competitive, I'd just call it laziness. You can't even coordinate with your team anymore 😱

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      I'm not too fond of the mega coin either. Infact I still have 1 I'm not using.


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        I nnow energy packs roll over and remain in inventory but...Does mega coins remain in inventory for future use if I save it? Or will they be taken away like the great valors we had?


        • Dakhunter
          Dakhunter commented
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          Thats a legit question. I'd like to know as well PGJared

        • PGJared
          PGJared commented
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          Yes, they remain. Just verified.

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          Originally posted by Roxilicious View Post
          I nnow energy packs roll over and remain in inventory but...Does mega coins remain in inventory for future use if I save it? Or will they be taken away like the great valors we had?
          I'll find out and get back to you. My current understanding is that they'll stay in your inventory like any other currency. If we take them away, like we did for great valor, we'll need to replace them with something else.


          • YellowMonkey
            YellowMonkey commented
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            On that note, what happened to our regular valors that was taken away?

          • FangTheWise
            FangTheWise commented
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            i got a mega coin for my great valor.

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          I'm still on the fence with the coin thing . But honestly I'd rather have the point multiplying timer back . We still spend $ on the energy side of things . But with the timer efforts are rewarded .
          Just my thoughts


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            They could have fixed that by appropriately reducing the points required, per tier, or increasing the base points per hit.
            This is one of the areas PG screwed us with the change to mega coins.

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          I don't think the problem is the mega coin - I think that part of it worked just fine:

          I got between 4200-4500 points for 1 mega attack, using 4 inner fire (me=3; backer =1); So total cost: 100 energy, 24 inner fire

          For reference, in Diamond 1 I'm around lvl 290, and had to hit lvl 380 odd players (130 base points) for max points all event; With at least half of the guilds defending (this is another discussion); this is fairly painful way of doing the event.

          Means I have to organize a backer for each major hit, else I risk losing points/energy/money

          Now if I had used super attacks, it makes very little difference (I would get 850-900 points per attack, using *3* inner fire); so 4500 points would be 100 energy, 15 inner fire
          BUT I did not need a backer each time, as I would be hitting bases with a bit lower rating (125 base points). It is not possible to get backers for hundreds of attacks.

          So in the end the mega attack worked well.


          The timer falling away created a major issue for anyone not using mega/super attacks. The normal attacks were essentially a massive waste of time. This should have been addressed by scaling rewards back appropriately. An attempt was made, but the calculation was off.

          Rewards were scaled back around 30% points needed, but the bonus timer + greater valor loss was much more. If they had gotten the math right, it would have worked well.

          E.g. Old normal attack with 3 inner fire yielded say 2.5x points; new normal attack with 3 inner fire yields 1X points.
          They should have scaled rewards back to to be old reward 2.5x points; new reward 1x points.

          Why they had to get the most basic math wrong, I don't know


          • FangTheWise
            FangTheWise commented
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            ah ok thanks for clarifying that.

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          The mega coins are crap. I've witnessed people lose connection, and then lose their coin. I've witnessed defenders ruin a mega attack and the attacker was screwed out of over 3k points. The ability to gain that many points at the end of a round is unfair and makes an already crappy event that much crappier. Events need teamwork and coordination, not a bottomless bank account. Get rid of the mega coins. They are crap.


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            I would also like compensation for all my valours that have disappeared.didn't have any greats but stacks of the normal ones


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              A couple things that would make it better overall.

              Risk in defending. This should be true for all PvP events. Each defense costs energy 1/4 the value of the attack. Not the cost for attacking, but the point multiplier, so normal 1, super 4, mega 30. You'd be notified if you were defending a super/mega. Each defender adds 25% of the base amount to the value of the attack. If the attack wins, the defenders just lose the energy. If the attack fails, the defenders get however many points the attacker lost by failing the attack.

              Specific to tug of war, you should get some victory points for the amount of time spent at +1000p against other teams. So if someone tries the strategy of staying at -2000 and mega attacking at the last second, they'll have been losing those points that entire time. The end of the round would still be worth more, but it wouldn't be absolutely everything. There'd be some strategy in whether you attack early and maintain a lead, or rush a team at the end of the round.


              • Chromat1
                Chromat1 commented
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                Nice ideas!

              • laserlight
                laserlight commented
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                I've always wanted to see PVP points for defending, just like I've wanted to see points in the fort event for contributing resources to other players to upgrade their towers. But, I don't think we will see either of those ideas ever. Here are my reasons why:

                PVP Defense Points:
                I would be fine with rewarding defenders if they risked as much as the attacker. Defenders aren't risking the loss of points or energy, so it's imbalanced relationship. It currently takes one hour to regenerate the energy for one attack and you can defend against roughly 20 attacks in that same time frame, you need to reduce defender points to way less than a 1/4. Also, you need to factor in the risk for attackers. Most players try to attack bases bigger than theirs for more points. If lower level player attacks are being actively targeted for defense points they will earn fewer points per event and they will be a bigger target for defenders. I believe it will encourage a caste system in the Platinum+ leagues. Yes, you can have backers, but the increased strain on teams to constantly escort will have a negative effect on the amount of lower level players welcomed in higher tier teams. I'm not arguing if that is a good or bad thing, but I would bet good money it would reduce the number of players below level 100, in Platinum+ leagues.

                Tug of War:
                What is the goal? To neutralize last minute mega attacks? If you're up 1000 points, you would need to generate at least another 3000~ points to block one mega attack. Would this also give teams stacked with high-level players an advantage, if they can cap low-level team flags early in the round?

              • Kittens
                Kittens commented
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                The 1 energy cost would mean 4 defenses per hour, and be the risk for defending. That cost to defend would also be what pays for the 25% bonus points, to keep the same overall balance of energy/points. As it is now, the risk is *entirely* on the attacker. This would just add a risk/reward element to defending. It doesn't really add any risk for the attacker that didn't already exist, just to the defender that now actually has something on the line when defending.

                And yeah, the tug of war suggestion is to nerf last minute mega attacks without messing up individual scores. I can't think of any way it changes anything about the balance of high vs low level teams, just the strategy in how the attacks are timed. Team whalenought is going to win the round against team doinit4free every time, and it's just the teams that are already really close together in the rankings that would be affected.