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Not enough time to get the top prize in this event.

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  • Not enough time to get the top prize in this event.

    Top prize is 229k points
    to get this many points would need to do 1900 attacks (229k points/120 points per attack).

    Each attack takes about 3 minutes, so 5700 minutes which is hour short of 4 days.

    So if you had enough energy to do 1900 attacks, would need to stay up 24 hours a day for 4 days to get the top prize. No time to eat or sleep.

    The mega attacks are not to be able to 'catch up' if fall behind, they are the only way to get the top prize.

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    Yep. Very disappointed in this event ... guess I will hold my money til next. And just burn my free energy... some will blow their wad on this mess. More power to them .... lol.

    Achievement awards should be easy to hit.

    The individual rank rewards should be what is really really valuable If pg was smart this is how they would get more from the big spenders.


    • Marvin Lamb
      Marvin Lamb commented
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      Oh, that is so true about the individual RANK awards. The top 1000 prizes always seemed pitiful to me for the effort needed to be in the top 1000. Maybe they just forgot the game is growing and that those prizes needed to grow too. In any case, i will never be there so ... reduce those prizes PG!
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    The top tiers were never meant to be earned, just bought. It's just that going through the formality of attacking has run into time constraints, where people are dumping so much money that they still can't spend it all attacking 24/7. That's why PG had to come up with a new technology to dump money into the event faster. That being said, the only way it affects most people are if the existing tiers got raised, like this last breeding event, or that stupid food event they ran a while back that had tiers 3x too high. We'd have to see what the tiers were last time to know if that's the case.


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      Please take note that we now have 28 prizes instead of 25 which you have always seen in events before. We actually reduced the point thresholds for all the regular prizes 1-25 and kept all the value you would expect in those prizes. To get the top tiers it is all additional value that you've never had access before, and isn't required to get all the value you would normally expect from this event.


      • CooolAid
        CooolAid commented
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        I think you missed the fact that we lost 50% bonus meter and 100% bonus from valour....It's become significantly harder to achieve those same 25 prizes we had before lol and because you added 3 more tiers, this is better for us? Really?

        Does 28>25 when the cost went up 150% during this event...

        You did not reduce point threshold by 150%, which is what we lost this event. Again your trying to say you made this event better for us by adding three extra tiers, while greatly increasing the cost of each tier.

      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        Please make it clear in game through colours that you consider the additional three prize tiers as bonus tiers.
        I think PG has fallen flat on the communications factor yet again.

        If you really think we will get the same or better prizes since the prize restructure and loss of bonus and valor boosts then that's great, but it seems most people on the forum are coming up with a completely different calculated scenario so I guess it remains to be seen if the players knowledge one ups PG staff on this occasion.

      • Danmc1xx
        Danmc1xx commented
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        Lol. But reduced obtainable points by 250% per attack. Come on man. I was born at night. But it wasn't last night. I can get 123 points an atk. Before I could get over 500. Go fishing elsewhere. I'm not dumb. And I don't appreciate being treated as such

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      In this event in the past I normally got to the 450 sig prize. I did the math and it will be a strech to make the 275 sig prize buying my normal 116 energy per day (13 packs)

      I think there are a lot of ppl like me that do the 100 energy for 10 packs and then wait for energy costs to reset.

      We lost a lot in this restructure.

      Before could use valors, time boosts, fires, excel spreedsheets and good old grinding to maximize points.

      Not anymore. Who called for the removal of the bonus meter and valors?


      • Lutrus
        Lutrus commented
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        It's not the bonus meter that is the problem, it's the reward scaling lost bonus meter removal. I'm all for removing the bonus meter, but only if it means the prizes are scaled accordingly, and it sounds like the prizes were not scaled enough.

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      Exactly what everyone is saying here. Truly unbelievable. I feel bad for the front line people that have to somehow make chicken salad out of this fiasco.


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        Last event the 400 sigil stage was at 96k every player in platinum with a level 20 amarok could get with some work 345 points out of each attack, this makes a minimum of 278 attacks in the event. possible. now we have 62k for the 400 sigil achivement, thats 496 attacks when you are lucky enough to hit for 125 points in each attack. thats 25 times buy 100 energy. i will only use the free energy in this event or you cut all price tiers by a factor of 2 or 2.5. you took valors and multipliers away and keep the tiers the same. how do you expect the comunitiy to react on this? it kills the fun when we cant get rewards for playing or we are getting very small rewards for playing. another thing you could do increase the prices by 2 or 3. 3 times more rubies and tokens and the rewards look reasonable again for the work you gotta put in.


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          Echo EggToken PGDave
          the reduction in point requirements for prize tiers is IN NO WAY equivalent to the points lost by removal of valors and bonus meter.
          I try not to curse on the forums- this math isn't even f#%*ing hard guys!
          Do better.
          Last edited by Argonaut; 08-03-2017, 01:07 AM.


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            Originally posted by Echo View Post
            Please take note that we now have 28 prizes instead of 25 which you have always seen in events before. We actually reduced the point thresholds for all the regular prizes 1-25 and kept all the value you would expect in those prizes. To get the top tiers it is all additional value that you've never had access before, and isn't required to get all the value you would normally expect from this event.
            actually, this is either partially inaccurate or a complete sham.

            This time the prize at tier 23 matches the prize tier from tier 25 from the past. So, have you added 5 new tiers... Or have you removed lower tiers?


            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              Its not like that... they changed the sigils inside the prizetier itself....
              So before it was like 25-25-50-100-125-125-175-200-225-250-450-500 ....
              Now after the 200 sigil step they changed it to 275- 350- 400-500..... on first view it looks nice , like a improvement...
              But the real situation is , they stretched the sigils up , so the 450 sigil prize before was like between 350-400.... and after it there was a big cap untill 500...
              With that change they made it more balanced... but to before it was easier to reach 1750 in totall ( until 450 sigils prize), then now for 1850 sigils... with 400 sigil prize... It is higher set, so you need do more for it.... for those who just was able to claim old 450 sigil prize its a decreasement...
              For those who would get anyway to that actual 400 sigil line... its a improvement of 100 sigils...
              Didnt checked the ordinary prizes between.

              Anyway , the current pointsystem have more sigils in them... but they are much harder to get.... because valor + bonusmeter are taken off... Which is a high loose for all of us... I calculated for myself that with same effort where i was able to get about 60k points... i probably will just get 25k points... so you can calculate yourself "where " this win for us player is....

            • wardragonslayne
              wardragonslayne commented
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              They might shift around sigils.. but they never do with rubies.. rubies at lvl 23 are the same as they used to be at 25.. so are the sigils as well as the 400 sigil tier, it's exactly the same.

              So if you look closely, the 23 tier matches the old 25.. and 20,21 with the old 22,23.. so it does appear to be 2 tiers missing

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            Its no wonder... nobody will be able to reach there prizes they was able to win before...

            Before i bought 100 energy before round reset... probably had 16 energy from start there too... and in next round i bought again 100-200 energy... so 316 energ to play down...

            There firstly i activated 100% valor... so i got double points... during that the bonusmeter was filling up after every win...
            I am not sure if the bonusmeter was 50% or 75%... it changed often...

            But at the end after some some more games i filled that bonusmeter too... so i was able to win over 300 points with each attack... I am not sure if it was not about 700 with 3 inner fire in a attack, for that i need that days screens i guess... because it makes a difference if boosts are additional or multiply with each other .
            So at the end i was prepared for 1 round mainly to use stuff ... and for a other day again like that!!!.....

            At the end of the day my target was 450 sigil prizeline... now it is a bit different... and maybe i had to use 600-800 energy for that which i bought...

            Now the whole story is different... for similar sigils i need more points, because sigilprizes are stretched over pointtier and changed a bit.

            The best i can win in average nearly is 120 points... not as before over 300 after a time.... if i am not wrong with innerfire it was 700... but anyway innerfires arent much to use...
            Well mostly i will get for 4 energy now much less points.... and the prizetier isnt easier!

            Well i looked for myself and what i can say is... that we get just near 40% of the points we was able to get before... So PG stole our 60%+ of points... and stretched sigils overall...
            Its a present for there "rich" spenders.... and against all normal players.... Damn it... really ruined!!! And they praise that shit Megacoinattack...


            • Isaiah264
              Isaiah264 commented
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              That pretty much summarizes it for me. Thanks Emrah. So without spending, I will barely get to emerald on one dragon instead of nearly 2. No wonder I am slowly losing interest in the game. It just becomes a tedious exercise in repetition, instead of any strategy or even fun. At least now all I have to do is span out how many sigals I will need for my one emerald stone and not really worry about anything else. Although the upside is it will save me time to do other things.

          • #11
            I am severely disappointed in the removal of the valors and the bonus meter. The 'Mega' coins are an utter joke. Their cost far outweighs what points it can give you. Even though I have always hated this event, it was at least playable. broke it. Great job, PG. You gonna remove the seige weapons from King of the Hill next? 😑


            • Wike2.0
              Wike2.0 commented
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              Don't give them any ideas.

          • #12
            You need 680 attacks with 3 IF each attack to get max points.
            That is 2040 IF for regular attacks and 34 HOURS non stop attacking to max the event. I don't even want to count the amount of energy spent, but it's a lot!

            PG went officially mental


            • #13
              Echo Please take note that after getting just one seasonal dragon to final stone, I am done participating. The exorbitant amount of attacks required is ridiculous. I'm done.

              What you've done is made people give up due to greed on the part of PG instead of continuing to try thinking they have a chance to complete branches.

              All I can say is thanks for making it obvious I shouldn't waste any more time or money this season. 👍


              • TheBulldog
                TheBulldog commented
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                I'm in the same boat lx. Got morph last season and just not bothering this time around.

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              Math to max event

              229k / 123 points = 1,862 runs at 100% destruction

              Using 3 inner fire the math is

              123 + 3 x 123 = 492 (equals a super attack)

              Means 466 super attacks or 466 runs with 3 IF = 1,398 IF

              229k / 3,690 = 63 mega attacks

              Energy cost is between 1,968 and 7,448!!! Energy.

              You think this is ok?

              Plus this is a BEST CASE scenario.

              100% on only the top bases no defender would mess an attack up.


              • War fan
                War fan commented
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                You only need 70% destruction for a win.

                But I agree that PG just made this really bad event even worse.

            • #15
              EggToken Echo PGJared Dragon Punch

              This is the most ridiculous bs you guys have ever pulled. Absolutely the worst crap I have seen in any game I have played. I'm with LX and done with this shit. You guys obviously have done your best to give the entire player base the middle finger.

              ​​​​​Look at all the postings, do you give a flying f? People are spending time calculating, being constructive and you just ignore everyone. Even to the point Jared skips over posts and responds to different posts because he wants to ignore anything not spun positively about this embarrassing point system. Embarrassing display by the entire team at PG


              • wardragonslayne
                wardragonslayne commented
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                So 1360 energy and 340 IF to get to roughly 85k pts.. just about 1/3 to max. Anyone from PG think, oh shit, we are aholes and FD up? Now would be the time to give your heads a shake ad admit you fd up.