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Team Gauntlet VP Calculations

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  • Team Gauntlet VP Calculations

    Hey everyone,

    As you know i'm a numbers guy and I was actually prompted by a teammate to look into something and made a small discovery and wanted to get some other teams to check here and see if i have made a reasonable assumption or not in my quest to dig up what is really going on here.

    How to calculate VP earnings:
    Your VP you earn from a PvP island are as follows

    VP = Static VP (from table and you earn this no matter what once the island is defeated) + Dynamic VP (8% of the losing team's VP but if you win only)

    To determine the static VP you earn for defeating an island you simply look up which island your team has defeated (furthest along) at the time PvP is defeated (not started) and use the number in the PvP Island Worth Column. The chain islands is what determines the Static VP as well as PvP difficulty for your point scores in this event. AKA you earn more PvP points the more island you have killed.

    The Problem
    VP won from other teams is not 8% of what you view from Team Ranking

    "Your team has won 686049 VP (462049 STOLEN from LesVolturis)

    LesVolturis VP: ~10.6M
    Give or take at the time of defeat. Before or after defeat/points are updated won't make a difference if we are simply looking at order of magnitude here, it is still around ~4.3% of their VP that we stole instead of stealing 848k like one would assume based off of the team numbers. 4.3% vs 8% really should make a difference later on when everyone is grouped together.

    Underlying Problem
    I believe that the underlying problem is that the VP listed in the team rankings does NOT include losses stolen from other teams.

    A little bit more about it:
    - I have never seen a team VP score go down, no matter how "laggy" the current system is. Everybody still seems to climb.
    - If we look on the battle screen, our VP differs from our listing in Team VP
    - This number goes up & down accurately with wins and losses from PvP
    - We actually beat the top team in our league one time earlier in event (they had more than 2x the VP of everyone else) and that is when i checked to make sure that the 8% was accurate. They had never lost a PvP event to that time so my calculations showed us getting the full 8% which is the way it should be since their listing of VP both on the battle screen and team VP screen was equal (no minuses for losing island until this point).

    Rulith Team VP = 7.85M
    This differs from the 10.6M that is listed in the picture above

    What you can do for me/us

    If you lose a PvP island, please post the following information from after your battle.
    Your Team VP (battle):
    Your Team VP (ranks):
    VP Stolen (in chat):

    I think that all that needs to be done is that the rankings page needs to accurately reflect the battles page but will need to confirm this

    Thanks everyone!!

    Last edited by Mechengg; 07-24-2017, 05:08 PM. Reason: Added info on calculating VP since it appears not everyone knows how it works...

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    I have done the maths on this one and KotH and cant get either to add up

    I dont think its lag and I suspect the description of the mechanic is just wrong.

    Remind me next time and ill look into it - one more pvp event left and traditionally event ends right as it starts.


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    It's Pg math Logic man. 😂


    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Lol i actually have a viable alternative and easy solution man!

      come on and let us help out the programmers point to the correct number so that people are properly rewarded

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    Do you have any numbers on the amount of vp the losing pvp team gets for completing even after your team has won? I'm starting to think that the vp a team "steals" is a percentage of the total vp a losing team acquires if they finish off the island afterwards. In your above numbers, the stolen vp seems close to 7% give or take of the total vp your team won from defeating the other team first. I think if you can get raw data of the amount of vp the losing team got afterwards from that battle, it might start to explain the vp equation better. Basically, if you add the stolen vp to the resulting vp of the losing team, how close are the total vp earned in that battle for each team? Sorry if that made it more confusing, this whole process is somewhat confusing lol.


    • FoxMcFoxington
      FoxMcFoxington commented
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      Sorry, I meant pvp values. I think the reason there is no decrease is because even if you defeat team X first, they still get vp for eventually defeating Rulith on the pvp island. The vp that you steal by beating them first, seems to be a percentage of the total starting value of the vp rulith is worth, to that team likely based on rank. Like, beating rulith won't give a team 10mill vp necessarily. There's some arbitrarily assigned value that is calculated at the start of the pvp portion.

    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Take a look at the "PvP Island Worth" column.

      Every PvP event will have this value (not arbitrary, but is given by the progression of how many islands are completed. Additionally, it is not determined by when the PvP STARTS, but by when it is finally defeated) as the "static" portion of the VP won. Then the winning team gets an additional 8% of the losing teams overall team VP points.

    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Additionally, the maximum this value can be is 224,000. In the previous example shown above, they lost 462k extra VP. This 224,000 points does not make up for this loss unfortunately, and it does not explain why the battle and ranking screens are different.

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    I'll get it started. This is info for our competitors. Works out to be ~5% which is not accurate

    Their Team VP (ranks): 10.5M
    VP Stolen (in chat): 517,106


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      I don't have any numbers for you but I have witnessed team points decreasing after PvP. We were in 3rd, after PvP we were still in 3rd. (I'm assuming) PvP ended between teams 1 and 2 and team 2 dropped to 3rd spot, pushing us up into 2nd.


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        Each team has a public and secret score. Public is what you can see in the team rank tab. Secret is VP when you have the world map up.

        Public is all the points you have received from each island.
        Secret = Public - losses (PvP island VP stolen).

        8% loss is also taken from each teams secret score.
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          Here are some numbers for you:
          They stole: 225,055
          We earned when finally destroying their island: 224,000
          Our battle map VP: 2.99M
          Our ranking VP: 4.41M
          Their ranking VP: 6.34M (may have changed since end of PvP, didn't check right away 😣)

          I do have another question to raise, though:
          My team has beaten Gustav island more than once, but we still haven't seen a PvP island chain difficulty over 2.10, so is it possible that sapphire caps out at 2.1? (We're in Sapphire 2

          Finally, if our public VP (ranking VP) doesn't decrease with losses, why should we care about the losses? Our ranking vp determines our ranking in the event, no?