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Wars need to be turned off cheating out of control

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  • Wars need to be turned off cheating out of control

    In 3 of our last 5 wars players have been cheating without going into how it is done low level players are able to solo L300 - 350 bases. While PG is doing a good job banning the perpetrators this is starting to cost us a lot of eggs and consumables.

    In all 3 cases PG has refused to reverse the war results despite admitting we were beaten by exploits / hacks and banning those involved.

    Problem is the hacking teams use burner accounts and they just make more and continue exploiting while being allowd to win wars.

    Throw in airplane mode and every other issue and I just feel that wars need to be disabled for a few months until all of these issues are resolved.

    This rampant abuse of this game makes my blood boil and its a factor to me searching the google play store to find an alternative game where cheating and exploiting is not tolerated.

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    We take cheating very seriously. I personally spend 100% of my work hours working on upgrading our code to fight cheating. I personally would argue we've made lots of strides in the fight against cheating, but in ways which are less blatant/obvious than the airplane-mode exploit but much more insidious. In the last hour alone, I have banned many many cheaters. I'm working as hard/fast as I can. That said, this work needs to be done very carefully. The false positive rate MUST be very low --- every single incorrect ban is a BIG DEAL. Honestly it's going to be a long road -- there's a lot to do.

    I don't think turning off wars is a realistic plan: it gives too much advantage to the people sitting in good positions if they just get to hold their spots unchallenged for the next six months.


    • gaza8143
      gaza8143 commented
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      CampusLifer thanks for all of the work you have done in this space, I noticed some big improvements over the last 6 months but the amount of cheaters seems to be a vottage industry again now.

      While cheaters are being delt with swiftly in my specific case, teams are still getting full benefit.

      If a team keeps using cheaters cant you do something about the team? Clearly many players think its ok to make alt accounts to cheat and benefit the guild and then just make new cheating accounts once the old one is banned.

      I think its time to penalize the team if that team has many banned accounts over X amount of time.

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    If all they need to do is create another account then simply banning them all isn't going to solve the long term issue.
    More time and people need to be put into fixing the code which is allowing the exploits and hacks to continue.

    Not too long ago PG was telling us that there are people who just want more shiny stuff so that's who you're catering to.
    How many of those people have been found to have been cheating?
    Why shouldn't the honest players who want a well coded game be given priority?
    Who knows, maybe even some who won't spend to keep up with the cheats will start to realise that spending can help you progress in an honest game when the dishonesty is removed.


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      CampusLifer I think the anti cheating work you're doing is great. I think the point I pulled from the OP is that, when a team uses cheating to win there should be consequences. I think most would be happy if you not only banned the player, but deleted any flames they had earned in wars.


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        It's so much more than that... the top player in build was a level 28 with 99.9 mil points. I had to point it out in my thread... now there are many 300+ level players with less than 10 mil medals... I know everyone can say. But they could be spending. It is possible. Yeah. But it's more possible for them to use a hack. Because at 10 mil medals I barely understood the game. Just saying. It's bullshit. Thanks for your time


        • TheRedDelilah
          TheRedDelilah commented
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          Indi123 - Very true. I think reaching 300 is significantly easier than each level there after. Would you agree? I am only in my 250s so I don't have that experience.

        • gaza8143
          gaza8143 commented
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          TheRedDelilah both of your examples are folks over 10mm medals. I am ok with people over 10mm medals at L300.

          I am only L200 and also only hit xp bases. For events I mostly do super attacks and 3 inner fire as well.

          I am on over 25mm medals which is low for my level. ( Some people on my team have done 40mm or more at L150. ) So a L300 on around 10mm or more is certainly possible.

          I hope your 10.6mm person is not cheating. ( your screening process probably better than my teams one.) We recently had a sub 20mm medal L330 join us and he was banned 2 days ago for apparently cheating , seemed like a nice bloke but obviously doing something shady. ( Not saying your guy or gal is cheating just that a recent example of where someone was cheating inder my nose and did not even realize. )

          I have spent 1.5k on one breed event and granted I received a lot of food packs I still was not food positive with that many dragons to breed and level. Maybe I had bad RNG or thr mix of items is a little different breed to breed.

          It seems hackers can get unlimited rubies but cannot get unlimited war medals.
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        • Indi123
          Indi123 commented
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          Yep @TheRedDeliliah - for sure. I was shocked at how much level progression slows. Although it suits me as once you hit the big big numbers (400+) it becomes so much harder to find res lol

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        If they show up there. Just imagine just how many cheats are hidden... I spend my money on this game. And to see that prizes and benchmarks are set with the results of cheaters. Being included just makes me sick...


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          Yea the amount of loopholes and exploits are horrendous! Wars are just the most rediculous un-fun part of this game where you just have to sit and wait to defend all day pff booooorrrring!


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            I don't think it's unreasonable to request that wars are disabled. Think of it in this perspective:

            Your team in 24/25 in the league and you lose 2 wars to this exploit. This directly effects your league standing, payouts, bonus, game standing. You then are left with 2 choices.

            1)Accept that you lost these wars to the exploit and the reduced payouts in events due to dropping league, which could have been avoided if wars disabled for a period until fixed.
            2) You also use this exploit to give you and your team chance to not be pushed out of a league due to other teams not warring fairly.

            If you cannot see that this is promoting a culture of cheating then I think it's time I hand up my wings. We are not saying that you are not putting in enough effort to stop this issue, but what we are saying is this issue is causing a high spread concern in the game. You previously disabled replays due to people exploiting a glitch that game free rewards watching a reply of your base.

            This exploit directly if affecting the rewards in game and as such should have wars disabled seeing as this is a huge part of the game, if not post like this will become more frequent. If you require taking the game off line for a few days to fix this issue or for several hours a day to get to the bottom of it quicker than the '6 months' you mention above then it surely has to be considered.

            The other option is to continue as you are but anyone found to be using this exploit should be banned. If you can not monitor who is doing this then I am concerned this game is potentially in a lot of trouble.

            Can we have an official response as to the suggested way forward with this exploit,



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              I agree completely with CL that stopping wars is just not feasible - it is after all WAR Dragons. However, teams need to be punished. A suggestion: if a team has a carefully verified cheater, then dock the team 250 points for each case. That should drop them out of whatever league they are in and force them to climb up again. It doesn't help the team they cheated against but any attempt to help those team will cause a whole new class of exploit behaviours.


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                If the wars aren't being reversed where is the punishment and incentive to stop ?


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                  People have wars in Event Dragons these days? 🤣

                  I am fortunate enough not to have been victim of the war exploits in this thread, but obviously cheating is rampant. As Dan and Gaza said - players in levels 250 and up with next to no medals may be theoretically possible. Maybe a handful have blown absurd amounts of money paired with a completely mind numbing number of repeated xp runs on the exact same base; but just because it may be possible doesn't make it even remotely likely.
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                    I'm not for turning off wars completely but if a team won a war due to a player or alt cheating, the rating and egg token loss should be reversed.
                    There needs to be some sort of action so teams can't use alt accounts to cheat because they don't care if that account gets banned, they will just make a new one.

                    We need sustainable anti-cheat measures.
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                      gaza8143 thanks for bringing this up, I think you nailed it! I´m personally still upset about the war "Grey Zone" like doing pre-war attacks... but the last days this problem got diminished but those cheating.

                      As mentioned before: it has nothing to do that we don´t appreciate your ANTI-CHEAT work CampusLifer but with every day this continues those Teams playing fair will lose more and more. War results not being changed although other Team has proven guilty? C´mon... tell me ONE COMPETITION in this world where cheating doesn´t lead to disqualification?

                      Also: no one said wars Need to be disbanned for six months. Hell I love wars and one month without would be boring as hell. Yet it seems the best Option to me if I look at our league and the arising amount of cheaters. So understanding that If it is NOT feasible for PG to stop wars, WHAT IS YOUR PROPOSAL/IDEA EggToken PGJared ?


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                        Disabling wars in "war dragons"? I can't believe this is an actual post. Yes fix the damn coding to stop airplane mode, that should be PG's #1 priority but stopping wars is an awful idea. Wars is the only part of this game that DOESN'T cost us huge amounts of money and is the whole foundation for this game.


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                          Dont know wht league u r in but recently we have had teams try to cheat in diamond. Each time entire league has teamed up and declared wars on these teams. Pushed them out of our leagues. Dont know if u can make tht work in ur league but worked in diamond.


                          • SilentOne
                            SilentOne commented
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                            Yep, great technique just push the problem somewhere else.
                            We got a message from above leagues when a cheating team came down to ours.
                            Did the same thing, half the league warred them, moved them on and passed the message on to the next league.

                            This however is not a good solution to an ever increasing problem.