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War Suggestion: Defense Counter

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  • War Suggestion: Defense Counter

    PGJared EggToken Echo Dragon Punch

    I've said this before, but I'll put it in a stand alone topic. Very simply.

    Count the defense at the end of the battle.

    This would fix the "issue" with pre-war attacks not giving defense points, would fix people just joining an attack then leaving, etc etc. Make people stay the whole flight.
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    Better still, only count successful defenses.
    Not that that will stop the pre-war attacks, but as has been said elsewhere, it's not breaking any rules, everyone can use the strategy.
    And if all the pussies keep breaking this game down to make sure no-one can get the jump on them, there will be no strategy left.


    • TheRedDelilah
      TheRedDelilah commented
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      I love all kinds of strategy and will ensure I do everything I can that's clever for my team. I think I would enjoy only counting successful defends, but I see pros and cons to that. For instance - a team with a level 300 and 49 level 10s could then beat a really hard working team of 40-200s since no one would stop the 300 (if they actually had dragons).

    • SilentOne
      SilentOne commented
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      That is very true.

      The whole reliance on defences to win Ties has made Wars a difficult thing to solve and let the best team actually win.

    • elements1
      elements1 commented
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      That was what it was before there's too many loopholes with counting successful defenses, such as force closing the app after 70% this was the best way to do the counter

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    Yes, this is a good idea.Combined ideally with a war banner colour change during countdown. Give us the same brown banner during countdown that we get during war time.


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      It took us 3x different iterations to work through the various airplane-mode-ish exploits in defense counter. The current incarnation is the one we have the most faith in.


      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        Could you clarify something for me, please. So if the defense counter racked up at the end of the flight (or when the attacker stopped flying/quit/crashed), are you saying this is one that could be exploited?

      • BlazeXX
        BlazeXX commented
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        There are three that I'm aware of
        1) Mode that kicks defenders and the attacker runs the base un defended
        2) Mode where defense banners never appear
        3) Mode where 3-4 dragons can get 5 flames

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      try something completly new?
      how about food spent in total (that way the most "efficient" Team wins, using smaller or less Dragons to attak)?
      how about killed Dragons?


      if you wanna stay in the same System then defense use the data they use when deciding who is MVP? Like rage spent, activated supershots etc.

      Point is - as good as the idea sounds: think of the consequences arising from that ... and I donĀ“t like it.


      • odie1993
        odie1993 commented
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        killed dragons would not work as people would just swap right before death or swap and bring in a high level to run the whole base.

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      So CampusLifer what is this current incarnation you have faith in?


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        It comes down to a bunch of shared state stuff.

        As soon as the defenders join the attack, they can tell the server "I was defending this battle #4334343" right away -- so even if they get disconnected that will be logged.

        If you do it at the end of the attack, by then some set of the players could have disconnected by then --- either legitimately or illegitimately.

        You could try to do all sorts of stuff to try to record the defense at the start, store it somewhere and then apply it retroactively when the attacker finally finishes the battle, but there's a bunch of reasons that could get messy too. What if the attacker does something where they disconnect their wifi and "never finish" the battle? What if they use a hacked client to change the battle # to something totally different by the end of the battle so you can't pair it back to #4334343? These things could all be worked through, but it would take a bunch of iteration and expose us to a bunch of ugly exploits while we're going through it..

        At a high level, it's possible to do it. But it introduces a ton of risk --- and the gain isn't that huge. I wouldn't touch this until we've already done a bunch of lower hanging fruit.
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        • TheRedDelilah
          TheRedDelilah commented
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          I understand. Thank you for explaining.

      • #8
        That's not to say it's not a good idea --- the rules of the game would be way more clear if it worked the way you described.. The underlying hidden architecture of our "battle rooms" makes it messy..... for sure the entire "declare war right before the clock strikes 4pm" tactic is based on a quirk of our synchronous battle architecture.