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BS Wars being declared at last min!

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  • BS Wars being declared at last min!

    Wars that are declared last min then people attacking a min before the war starts so that defenses dont count is BS! PG you need to fix that crap! Wars arnt competitive at that point it just becomes a useless tool to cheese egg tokens. Any attack that starts before the war starts should not count for the war!

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    Haha we just had that. Clever buggers had 65 flames on us at war start didnt even see the banners


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      Nothing wrong to have a team with lots of people on at the start of the war. That's called the perks for being active. There's nothing broken here and hence nothing to fix. There are bigger things to worry about PG. It's called timing and the teams that are best at it should relish in the victory. Early bird gets the worm. I would consider organizing your own team members and launching a counter offensive wave. Then, while the other team is waving you guys fly undefended. May the best communicator win!


      • Forrestt
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        The point is that there are players across the world that are sleeping at that time and cannot be online without notice. Then there is no chance to win because the other team can get their flames before the war starts.
        So you randomly wake up at 3 am and decide "I wonder if a team was *very organized* and declared war on us 3 minutes before start time. I have work later but oh well, gotta stay *organized*!"? No!
        "Perks for being active ". No, more like perks for being awake.
        If you're going to post something like that, think about the big picture. He has a point. Agreed it's not priority but IS a problem and is not right.

      • DirtBanga
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        Well actually the real issue OP is talking about is the fact that enemies exploit and attack before a war has even begun, and the attacks still count.

      • Jess
        Jess commented
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        Every team I've been in has players from all over the world so that's not an issue in this case.

        We've had the tactic used on us in my current team & we've used it in return.

        Personally I don't have a particular issue with it. That particular tactic certainly hasn't caused us to loose any wars.

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      Your not getting the point. We were defending! But we did not get the defense points and they got the attack flames! Complete BS because they launched there attacks before the war start, but by the time the attacks ended the war had started! So why do there attacks count but our defenses dont?!


      • Mechengg
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        Maybe instead of defending you guys should launch your attacks at the same time? Just a thought lol

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      There should be a reasonable notice for wars. Guilds are international. Declaring war 1min before the timer is an exploit.


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        I'd say it's not an exploit but a sound strategy. It gets used on my crew. We use it on others. For those who play tabletop games it's not far different from getting a surprise round.


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          Why don't your team do the same thing counter attack them 1 min before war startsπŸ˜‰


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            LOL. Saying this tactic is okay is like saying it's okay if a boxer starts throwing a punch before the bell rings. As long as the punch lands and knocks the guy out right as the bell is rung it's all fair and the boxer should win.

            But wait... in boxing they call that cheating and the guy throwing the punch would be disqualified.

            All in all though the OP makes a good point. If attacks started before the official start time count, so should defends. If not then it's time for PG to do the right thing and get rid of this loophole. Or even better fix the broken defend tie breaker system.
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            What, me worry?


            • CaptainC
              CaptainC commented
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              They don't have to cross a line. There's a penalty for illegal motion in the backfield. LOL

            • TakMannar
              TakMannar commented
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              Lol Captain that just highlights why I commented that I'm not a sports fan. 😁

            • Panda
              Panda commented
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              Depends on the league...Arena football that's perfectly legal 🀷*♂️

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            I would like to know how many of the people that think that this is a fair strategy for "active" teams are playing from europe?

            I don't think its fair to expect european/african teams to all be online at 2-3am just to stand a fair chance.

            Would the North American teams be happy if the wars started say 9pm european? Eg you all have to be online at 1pm or so?

            Even then 1pm >>> 3am

            a few options would be:

            A)make wars start 12h (or insert different hour value here) after being declared

            B)attacks starting before war is active doesnt count

            c) team that gets declared upon gets to designate war start time

            presumably the attacking team has the advantage already, else they wouldnt have declared on said team, but rather a different target
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            • DirtBanga
              DirtBanga commented
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              It has nothing to do with the timezone. If teams are going to keep all their members in the same timezone for a 24/7 game then that's a strategic fail. As CaptainC said it is all about the fact that enemies are allowed to attack you for war flames before the war has even begun!

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            It's simple really. PG should just turn declaring wars off a set period of time before that days wars are due to start and then turn them back on again as soon as the wars start (so any wars declared then would be for following day). Declaring wars even 10 minutes, let alone 1, is not fair warning, particularly for non-diamond teams who often won't have a lot of players on at war start time.

            Alternatively, it could be set so rather than turning wars off, any wars declared within a set period of time to that days start (eg 1-2 hours) will instead become declared wars for the following day.

            e.g. Wars normally start at 10am here in Australia. Let's say the set period of time was an hour. If a war was declared at 9.35am, that war would start the next day (in 24hrs and 25 mins, rather than 25 mins). However, if the war was declared before 9am, it would start at 10am that same day.
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              We already have a thread asking for a different start time for wars or a cut off time so that wars must be declared well ahead of the start time. Let's keep this to the debate over if this last minute declaration tactic is fair and should continue to be allowed please.
              What, me worry?


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                I understand the last minute declaration / 1 minute pre war attack conversation form both sides. As I have been on both sides. However, even though the banners pop up green in the minute before the clock actually starts, to my knowledge the defenses count still if a defender jumps on it. As long as the attack ends after the war timer starts anyway. Which is also the only way they can get the flames.

                if you aren't online then you cant complain because either way you are not defending if it is 1 minute before or 1 minute after the clock starts.
                if you are online, just defend the green banners and catch the defenses as well. (Unless something has changed, but we have gotten defenses from those in the past)

                as far as whether it is a tactic or an exploit, I have to agree with CaptainC on this one. It is a cheap way to exploit a glitch in the game for the advantage in a war. However, until it is fixed, be prepared for them as you know it is happening and use them yourself if you want because you cant stop others from doing it.


                • TheRedDelilah
                  TheRedDelilah commented
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                  That would mean defenders have to stay for the whole attack. I like that.

                • GodofNoobz
                  GodofNoobz commented
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                  I'm with Soooky on this one, for me personally it's not so much that they start the early attack it's the fact that we are there defending and our defense points don't count but their five flames do count.

                • DirtBanga
                  DirtBanga commented
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                  Agreed. If it's a war attack it needs to begin after the war starts, and the banner needs to reflect this.

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                Top teams have a good mix of players across all time zones. Work on recruiting people who are on at start if your team is getting easily beat by these tactics.


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                  It's within the rules of the game, and can be used equally by all teams, so it's fair game imo. We've had it used against us, used it against others. It's just the way things are. Also keep in mind, if you use the tactic, you're very vulnerable at war start, because you have fewer defenders around, and another team could declare and hit while you're already flying. Now, if PG changed the system to not have those attacks count, or require war declarations to be done x hours before war begins, or it rolls into the next day, I think those would be good changes. But as long as the system is designed the way (and it may take a lot to redesign it, judging by how the defense count works in general) there's no reason teams shouldn't take advantage.


                  • vin28
                    vin28 commented
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                    The point is not all teams can do this equally due to timezones, which makes it unfair. Its just the way things are is a really bad excuse not to change for better. Unless of course PG doesn't care how it affects people outside American continents.

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                  Not speaking as an official PG response, but just my own personal opinion: I think this is a fine tactic for war done within the rules laid out.


                  • Spooky
                    Spooky commented
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                    I'm really not so fussed about this issue but can you confirm that launching an attack 1 minute before war starts is working as intended? See below. I'm just curious.

                    1. It shows up as a green banner attack
                    2. Since it finishes after war start, attackers can get war flames.
                    3. Since it starts before war, defenders joining earn no defense points.


                  • DirtBanga
                    DirtBanga commented
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                    CampusLifer, when I logged a ticket with support regarding this issue it was stated that it is a known issue and PG is working on it (in the last few days). I'm not sure if they just wanted me to go away or this is the truth, but would be interesting to know PG's official stance.

                    Is PG's official stance that
                    - war attacks can begin before a war even starts?
                    - defenders cannot defend those attacks?
                    - those war attacks do not need to present as war attacks (they show green banners)

                    Because that is the reality, and not a great design in my opinion. Perhaps PG should explain these unwritten rules in game?
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