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We need bonus food production

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  • We need bonus food production

    I can only speak for myself but I am getting RSI hitting attack list refresh to find any scraps of food I can send to my team. Nevermind trying to find a few million to actually feed a dragon on my roster!

    I think its time to rename this event for what it really is the "expensive pay to level dragon event"

    "feeding" is all smoke and mirrors. No one in the top 2000 is there from feeding dragons.

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    During the weekend you will get more gaza8143. Plus the trick for hunting is to use someone smaller than you and you backing them.
    I usually do that with my teammates and we farmed 2M food before in one night. Just saying food is still out there and not that scarce


    • gaza8143
      gaza8143 commented
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      Unfortunately I play on Android and unable to follow ; ( Generally if I follow an iOS player I will drop connection if the person I am following dies on or before the middle island. Android to android works fine for me but only a small percentage of my team is on android.

      Honestly I have pressed refresh around 400x in the last 2 days and I am mostly seeing zero or sub 10k food.

      I have seen 50k a few times but when I raid I generally receive zero. So I think the combat system is not pulling current data. ( for example I book mark the base with 50 k food , raid it get 0k food, my bookmark still shows 50k food and 2 hours later the bookmark still shows 50k food.

      While I had 7mm food in packs this earned hardly any points. Spending rubies has already doubled the amount I had in food packs.

      Even if by some miracle I was able to raid 100k food a run for 10 runs in a row with no base refreshing it would be difficult to feed any dragon needing 1mm or more food.

    • Dakhunter
      Dakhunter commented
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      I'm on Android too and never had that problem. And yes. It did take me sometimes to find good resources during daytime (KEYWORD HERE). But not as that servere.
      Maybe it's something about your device memory that makes the game unable to catch up with server (happened to me on my z1 as well, kept dropping everytime I followed someone)