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  • XP Pots

    EggToken Other than extreme there any reason why XP pots don't register points in an event that involves Training your dragon? I feel like this is a bit misleading...

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    I wouldn't call it greed at all. Everyone is in the same scenario, and you aren't forced to play. So...


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      pots are not rubies - PG wouldn´t make money. Simple as that

      I was pissed last feeding event after spending 500k XP potions only to notice it didn´t affect points.


      • UncleTieDye
        UncleTieDye commented
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        last feeding event they counted,I used all of mine then and have been saving for this event. First ones I used in this event gave points and now they do not give points

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      I think it would be great if they counted towards even points, they don't have to count as much as XP transfer for rubies but they should count in some way.
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        Makes sense that they should!


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          But it's a feeding event, the XP you earn during a feeding event is not relevant other than the fact that it gets you to the next level to be able to feed.


          • Indi123
            Indi123 commented
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            Or daylight robbery.

          • Flames0
            Flames0 commented
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            If that was true, then why do we get rewarded for spending rubies to transfer xp?

          • gaza8143
            gaza8143 commented
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            Flames0 - you are correct if you are refering to all former iterations of this event. Last time the cap was 2mm with decent prizes so you could spend rubies for prizes. Not the case anymore it is now a 'terrible' rate of return on consumables spent.