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Honest talk about the Feeding Event

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    Tiers should be similar to wood events. We're working off the same numbers in farm/mill production. They're way off. I usually hit the 450 sigil mark in wood events, which is usually around 8-9 million wood if memory serves me right. That same amount gets me to 225 sigils in this feeding event. On top of that, there's the stupid blocking of all resource boosts while storage is upgrading. It's not an issue with the building event, because I'm throwing speedups into it anyways, because it's a building event. Storage is always last, because of it's ludicrous build time, and it's usually not complete by the start of the next building event. If I want to boost food for this event, I have to waste speedups plus the food boost for less than 1/2 the prizes. Not worth it.

    Nobody would complain if you added prizes to the top, without nerfing everything below it by a factor of 2-3. No matter what the top tiers are, there will be whales that will spend their way to that limit. Normal players shouldn't be punished for that.


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      This is the last week of the drakius event, and PG came up with the feeding event. That's ok, I just have to level up a few times so that my divines can level up. I leveled from 71 to 77 for this event. I do buy packs for events btw. However, this event is relatively unfair for people like me who are either in the lower levels or do not spent gems. How are we suppose to farm up to 10.79 million food to even reach 450 sigils. I have been using food packs and farming for food and I have only reached 170k point mark. Truly PG, this event has shown that you only care about the top 250 players and not the rest of the population. Instead of adding more tier prizes for cash spenders, u decided to screw those who choose not to spent on the game. It is the population that keeps the game going, not the top 250. Try keeping the game alive with only the top 250 users.


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        Look at how the rubies are distributed according to points. You can obviously see whoever did the distribution of the event prizes was really in a hurry... specially right after 1 mil mark.


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          The milestones are utterly ridiculous. Last time Emeralds had just been released and there hadn't been a feed event in forever. That's why some people scored so high then; it was artificial inflation.


          • EmrahT
            EmrahT commented
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            Yes we all said that but look they dont listen us....
            All people safed there packs for hoping such a event will come, and had xp packs aswell safed for long....
            Its is normal that in "first day" it all can happen, afterall its not a energy event where you play pvp... its similar to breeding and fortification, that can be done inside hours... everyone know this..

            Sad ist... even if last time 2M was max... inside it there was 500 sigil "more"... and now it isnt anymore... it is just stupidly high because some big spenders have money too much... I dislike this and told it PG... but Mrs and Mr xyz think they know all better...
            If i remember right... last time with "a bit over 1M we got 2,2k sigils", as i did...

            Sad for majority of community ... PG-Team sadly wont wake up here... :/

          • Indi123
            Indi123 commented
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            Don't hate the player, hate the game. Yes, some people scored really high last feeding event, but as PG are so fond of telling us, one type of player isn't representative of the game and shouldn't be pandered to (in this case, the whales who transfer XP with rubies). This event has been ramped up so only those with infinite resources and no mind to care about wastage, can come close to maxing the event. It's just a clear cash grab from PG.

            I don't mind spending money on this game, albeit in nowhere near the same quantity as the aforementioned whales. Breeding, fortification etc. I get a stronger base or a better dragons out of it. Hell will freeze over however, before I spend my XP potions on unlevelled green dragons, rubies on transferring XP or precious food packs on useless benched dragons.

            I spent 3 hours farming food this morning. I would say a good half of those bases showed 50k or so food but I came back with zilch due to the STILL broken food protection. That's time, boosts and resists wasted. Just another reason why this event is a joke. I'd love to see it benched permanently.

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          Echo EggToken
          Where are you ? Please look at that "single rank".... You see how wrong you did with that uprage of the rank ?

          Most player cant reach that max,... and have just reached that old max tier.... where rubins and safed packs are doing it... Not the hunt and farmphase...
          That high point players are no measure for how that game is going...

          You as PG got very much feedback and i explained you Echo why that people reached last time that 2M quick , and that types of event after people sold all there things can reach it quick with rubin and packs just...

          From Feedback you people should decrease this ranking ... majority dont care about that top 100 players... the world overall is bigger.

          Tell us, what will it be ? Noone can deny how bad the Feedback since this whole season is... so i wait for your response.


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            I'd like to address the absence of farm production boosts this time around. This was the one good change that made this event playable for the vast majority of us because it made up for the fact that there is no food to loot after the first 30 minutes of this 5-day non-interactive slog.

            And now it's conspicuously absent.

            With nothing to loot (and thus little incentive to fly for xp on non-xp bases) and inability to war, the only thing to do is press the 'send us your money' button.

            It's like really expensive, more time-consuming iTunes with cooler graphics.

            I've been playing other games for the past three days and War Dragons has become an afterthought this week because once again this event SUCKS and I refuse to give you a dime for it.

            Do better, dammit!


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              Originally posted by Echo View Post

              #4 - Yes the glyph is underwhelming. More information to come here, considering providing everyone an additional better rune if they attain it that prize.
              I assume we've reached the stage of out of sight, out of mind on this since the event and prizes have come and gone and no further mention of it?

              Disappointed, as usual. Not surprised, but disappointed.


              • Echo
                Echo commented
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                The mythic glyph is being replaced with an earthquake glyph, the legendary glyph is being replaced with a rage rune starting with this fortification event. In the upcoming weeks we will credit people who already claimed them with the replacement runes.

              • Warchant
                Warchant commented
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                Echo that wasn't the question, it was the 2 crappy poison runes from personal and rank prizes in the feeding event. The subject of this thread.

              • Echo
                Echo commented
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                Ah yes, i've been reading so many threads got them mixed up. No the rune for feeding won't be updated.

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              The reason why the last feeding event was successful was a perfect storm of two factors IMO.

              1) It was shortly after a breeding event. This meant that people had new dragons to level.

              2) During that breeding event, the emerald mythics came out. So a bunch of people had some pretty hungry dragons that have a large appetite.

              If you want my honest opinion, I believe the breeding and feeding events should be combined. People feed their dragons during the breeding event to get those dragons breedable. Having a "Breed and Feed" seems like it would be great. Just find a way to scale the points so they match up better.


              • Mechengg
                Mechengg commented
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                Breed event
                Feed mini event

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              Interested to see if any of the feedback was taken into account or if its another "Buy 2 packs for top tier" and don't open chests event.

              My money is on the latter.
              Last edited by Warchant; 08-15-2017, 10:50 AM.


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                Wow you went digging... 😁

                Agreed. I don't know of any feedback that has been implemented since i started playing 18 months ago unless there was a demonstratable, tangible impact on PG's bottom line.

                Player experience be damned.


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                  Why don't they bring back the XP event? Different Point Scales on Higher and Lower levels - to make it fair. I'm already breeding on breeding events and building on building events, I don't want to lvl up dragons on feeding events. This means you have to wait to make your dragon more powerful, you won't be able to do the daily xp multipliers if they aren't strong enough. It would be a lot more fun if we could do it anytime we want.

                  And I don't agree with the breeding and feeding combination, because it takes a while for dragons to incubate.


                  • War fan
                    War fan commented
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                    XP event doesn't earn them any money-- no need to buy gold chests, since you're just flying your dragons like you normally do.

                    Feeding, though, needs food, which will probably show up in gold chests as scaled food packs.

                  • Sabin76
                    Sabin76 commented
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                    The problem with scaling individual rewards to level is that level is not static. Doing that would move the incentive to increasing level during the event instead of just being a high level in general. That would put extra stress on resources and timers, and put money spent in front of longevity where it is now somewhat equal in value.

                    I'm sure someone could come up with some complicated mechanism for mitigating that, but then we would be playing with fire in terms of new bugs introduced, etc.

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                  Finally they - PG - no longer bothered to hide how money hungry they are anymore. A feeding event ( the only way to score big is to buy xp) just before the 2 final weekends double sigils weekend. Lol. Someone is laughing watching the money rolling in. Lol.


                  • DirtBanga
                    DirtBanga commented
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                    But xp potions dont give any points

                  • War fan
                    War fan commented
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                    True, but for those without rubies, it works too, since you can now feed your dragon.

                  • Dakhunter
                    Dakhunter commented
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                    but you have no food to feed those hungry dragons lol

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                  I'm sorry but this is completely stupid. The severs update targets only every five minutes??, I have better things to do that raid time after time to come up empty because the PG servers can't handle more frequent updates or those in charge are too stupid to realize how short the food is during this event. For god sake please get a clue.


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                    Hated when you took it... now hate that it's back, no food to support event unless you buy lots packs.... hmmmm


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                      Sorry, but I have to disagree with some of the negative feedback on this event.

                      Last time was bad, yes, but this time I think prices are pretty decent. I'm a non spender, yet I've more than 600k points this event (I had around one mil food in pack before event start). I've not spend any rubies, neither on xp or gold chests, yet I've earned around 7k eubies and 2k sigils. I'm not going to reach the last few tiers, but I never expected that. There should be tiers you can only get if you spend, just like you shouldn't expect to get all season dragons (Though it's getting pretty hard just to get one now).

                      Feeding event is one of the events I like the least, and I hope it doesn't come back too often, but I think the prices and tiers were good. Hopefully pg don't increase them next time, and only add new ones for the big spenders. As discussed on other topics; if even hard work (and evt. spending a bit of money) doesn't let you progress, then why should you bother?
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                      • Mechengg
                        Mechengg commented
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                        I agree with this completely. Free player who just rolled over 1M points at the end of the second day.

                        If i'm not mistaken from my memory, they have drastically reduced some of the tier prizes in value from the last event. This event the 450 sigil mark is at 450k points, last time i thought it was around the 1M mark. I didn't compare the cumulative total (did anyone else to see if they "adjusted" accordingly?) but at least i THINK i'm earning a good number of tokens/sigils/rubies from my prizes this time.

                        Tip: Spend 1000 rubies on a food boost. Use food to feed perch every 20 minutes when it goes below 95% fed. Receive ton of points/prizes. Very easy consistent point scenario along with the ability to raid and use packs to increase points.