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Honest talk about the Feeding Event

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  • Honest talk about the Feeding Event

    PGJared Echo CampusLifer EggToken

    So, I have some thoughts about this new iteration of the Feeding event vs the last one, and my first inclination was to rant. But you guys get a lot of that, so I'm going to be as eloquent as I can. It might sound like I'm writing to a 3rd grader, but my only options are to assume you guys just don't get it or to assume you do and you're thumbing your noses, or raising a finger, to the player base. Because *reasons*, I'm going to continue this exercise choosing the former.

    Let's start with the basics of why this particular event is a bad idea, this week, in the first place.

    #1 - It precedes rather than follows a fortification event. I don't care about a schedule, and I like surprises, but for many players, they have den/level capped dragons they can't feed in the first place until they increase their base. Sure, they can do it out of event, but timers are precious, especially to non/low/mid spenders, (of which I am not, if that matters)

    #2 - This is week 2 of 2 for the discount rate on Drakius in the Summer season. Yeah, I know, he's probably worthless like Abraxxus, but that's not the point. Sigils were honestly relatively scarce in week 1, and there is literally no reason, feeding event-wise, to open gold chests this week. Ok, maybe for some food packs. Maybe. Until you realize the massive changes to the tiers from the prior iteration of the event. More on that later, but I stand firm that there is no "playing" this event, it's too hard to score on food alone, xp pots don't add value (directly) to your score, and the only legit way to score is transferring/buying xp. So, you're buying packs this week for rubies. Not to use on gold chests, but to transfer xp. The only saving grace to it is that it's over quickly. Regardless of which seasonal divine you go for, there's not alot of incentive to open chests this week, IMO. But I opened 30 anyway and got 950 sigils out of 31 chests. That isn't going to get me too far down a branch.

    **Disclaimer, I know some people like this event for some reason. Well, at least they did until this version.

    Ok, now, what have you done to it?

    #1 - Last iteration, to just gem the xp, it cost something like 20k rubies and you got 12k back in prizes to top tier it. Net loss 8k rubies, but the usual prizes made up for it. Probably not a great event for you all, but palatable to the players. No idea what the top tier was, but not 5M. This event, is a 48k ruby net loss (maybe closer to 45k as I did go over top tier a bit.) A 600% increase for the exact same prizes!

    #2 - 5M top prize, you don't have to gem it. Just use food. Uhhhh. 5M top tier. 10 food = 1 point. That means 50M food to reach top tier. And 50 players on a team x 50M food? 2.5B food? Just lol PG. The event is poorly designed and the prize structure is as well. It needs to minimally include xp from pots and earned xp to some degree. Like the very original.

    #3 - Since gold chests are less useful in this event, sigils minimally, but other prizes as well, need to be scaled higher in the prize tiers.
    *Rule of thumb, if you increase requirements vs last iteration, increase the rewards for achieving them. Don't make the money grab so blatantly obvious. I'm all for you guys making money, but come on.

    #4 - Glyph rewards. Progression = Poison something, rank = poison something. You guys realize that nobody uses Ballistas, right?, because they still are worthless, right? Where are the "we hear you want more rage glyphs" ? One event with rage glyphs since that comment, in 5 months. One. Well 2 if you count the mini event, which I don't.

    I'm sure there's more but I sense sarcasm and snarkiness coming on. Will edit as needed later.

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    #1 - There have been two fortification events since the last feeding event. That's 2 events of time (2 months) to upgrade your previous den level.

    #2 - Drakius is actually incredibly powerful, certainly above average and in my personal opinion stronger than Abraxxas. If you aren't inclined to spend, you can always use the additional food boosts during the event to get a few prizes for free even if you don't get them all


    #1 - How many sigils, chests, and other items are you getting in in progression. There is considerable value attached to all of those items... 12,000 breeding tokens... rubies.. >2000 sigils. These items give permanent lasting progress in the game. Yes it is more difficult than the last event though.

    #2 - The last iteration of feeding was the first time that we ran in a very long time. We made the progression prizes a little too attainable compared to how hard it is to get in other events. This was a bit of a course correct to get progression prizing at an appropriate level of difficulty at the top.

    #3 - Chests stay consistent event over event in their value outside of the promotions like super sigils. They also contain content relevant to the event, this event has food for instance.

    #4 - Yes the glyph is underwhelming. More information to come here, considering providing everyone an additional better rune if they attain it that prize.


    • MikeGoN2GetU
      MikeGoN2GetU commented
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      Gaza, food boosts work perfectly fine. Yes it doesn't protect your farms. so make sure you empty them regularly.

      Echo - sorry but you are incorrect. Drakius is not a good dragon. And your prizing correction was WAY off base. I understand that you wanted to raise it a bit. But you raised it too much.

      In general 98% of diamond players hate this event and 80% of the rest of the game also hate this event. Please stop bringing it back.

    • NUM1PHAT
      NUM1PHAT commented
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      #1 - Those fortification events are "regular" and planned for. The feeding events are on a whim. 6 months, then 2 months.......

      #2 - Drakius SHOULD be powerful and SHOULD be above average. He's a Divine. And if he's stronger than Abraxxas, in your opinion, that isn't saying much as Abraxxas wasn't that good. He definitely didn't hold up to his "Lore". This "Bonus" branch is an obvious attempt of PG trying to milk money. As others have previously stated, use up all of your Sigils on this Branch that means nothing in regards to progression and spend more to make up ground.

    • F.Mimi
      F.Mimi commented
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      1. den is max dragons are experts, the ones that I can level are locked because I don't have second garnet dragon (and with those tokens payout no chance to get it soon ). So how can I score in this event ? Why did you removed earning points by earning xp from attack ?! Any suggestion Echo ?

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    Echo thanks for the reply

    #1 - True, there have been 2 fortifications. but there has also been 2 new months of dragon training. It's not a major gripe of mine personally, but I know several that feel this way. Maybe someone who has more of a horse in that race can expound on this one.

    #2 - I think you completely missed my point. To yours, I hope Drakius is more powerful than Abraxxas. Abraxxas is by far the most underwhelming Emerald dragon to date. Truth being told, that isn't setting the bar real high. I want Drakius to be good. I am getting him. My point is, this event basically says if you want to max the event, and don't have 50M in food packs, just hand us $200-$250 and we'll trade you top tier prizes. Which last time, (for the same prizes), cost you under $100.

    Typically, in an event that costs $200 to obtain top tier, that is achieved by immediately spending purchased rubies on gold chests. In said gold chests are items to help you score in event. In this case, purchased rubies must instead be used at a ridiculous rate to transfer previously earned xp to a new dragon. So there is no getting non-event specific items from chests as an ancillary prize.

    For example, an inner fire event...I need 200 inner fires to complete event. I buy 2 packs, use he rubies on chests, get some amount of inner fires, and some amount of stuff that will be useful down the road in another event (or in a non-event specific way), like egg tokens, timers, building materials, sigils, etc. In this event, I can't afford to play by the rules of the event AND open chests to get sigils. This is especially bad during week 1 or week 2 of a 2 week Drakius discount period. So, basically, this event gives customers far less bang for their buck, as personal progression prizes are roughly the same as in other events, but ancillary chest rewards are far, far less.


    #1 - I have maxed the event, and typically max 9 out of 10. There is considerable value to the items, but not relative to the cost involved vs other events due to the explanation involved above.

    #2 - The last iteration may have been the first time it ran in a long time, and needing to course correct is understandable if prizes were too obtainable. My point is, if you are going to make something more difficult, more costly, then rewards should increase by some degree as well. There was a 600% increase in ruby expenditure vs last iteration. There was not a 600% increase in rewards. There wasn't a 60% increase in rewards. Don't take me for a fool.

    This is a simple concept that I think there is a basic failure of PG Developers to understand. It's just like the response to the mini event feedback here by CampusLifer

    where they openly question the player's response to lackluster rewards because it's a new event and prizes shouldn't be too good due to potential problems with a new event, which is great, if say, it didn't cost as much energy as a regular event. Make the mini event cost 2 energy instead of 4. Or make prizes not so hilariously low while we use our energy at the same rate that would net us better prizes in a regular event.

    Just like the feeding event. Hey, we raised the bar (significantly), but we increased the prizes (significantly) too. That's a good look. That's what developers that respect their players do.

    #3 - Chests stay consistent. Ok, if you say so. Sigil drops seem...lower. Just sayin. And as stated before, there is no way to play the event and get non progression sigils at the same time like there is in EVERY OTHER EVENT. Breeding event - need some tokens, get some sigils, etc etc. Doesn't apply here.

    #4 - Glyphs underwhelming - glad we agree here. Hoping for good news in an update here.


    • Echo
      Echo commented
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      Thanks for the reply...

      Will take the feedback into account for planning in the next Feeding event in what seems appropriate. I will put out a reminder that we had a huge number of people blow through the 2M prize in the first day of the event, so much so that we had to add 3 more tiers after the event started (5-10-20 million respectively) as we obviously missed the ball with setting prize tiers too low. Will do a cost analysis versus other events in the potential difference in overall cost versus rewards to make sure if you're smart about it, that it isn't super out of whack.

      In regards to Assault, it was the first go, and if you played it the F2P model you could still complete most of the bases, so the prizes were basically free. That being said, we are definitely going to make adjustments for the next iteration, so stay tuned for that, at the very least I expect it to be more rewarding.

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    gaza8143 I totally agree with you. That response was not very customer friendly. I was capped a couple hours ago with 3 levels to go to upgrade my den. I spent a lot to get there very quickly... which is annoying because I now have less to use on the next fortification. There are a lot of people that I have talked to that agree that this event was poorly timed. Period.


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      The problem is pg added more prizes last feeding on top of what was there. this time they cut down the prizes on the whole list and included the prizes upto 5mil points. Why change the early tier prize amounts? Just add the same way u guys did last time. Now all the lower lvl players are screwed. Be reasonable on the prize distribution and be fair to lower lvl players aswell. Don't just design the game for players over lvl200 there are thousands of players in this game that don't have that kind of lvl to feed dragons with 50 mil food. For an average lvl player they can only get 5-10 of those tiers. Don't Forget the fact that there is 0 food boosts in the seasonal branches. I usually would be able to get 4-5k rubies out of this event and get to 450 sigils but now I fed all the dragons I have saved from this event and I'm way far from getting to that point. Also your rubie distribution on the prize list sucks bing time 300 sigils to 700 something than back to 275 something like that... why?


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        Anyone have information about prizetiers from last food event ??

        This looks crazy much more then last time...
        It really is sick, like they want people force for spend more ... :/

        Beside that, wasnt last food event 500 sigil more to get ?? I remember that i hadnt reach top tier... even without the added ones later, and got about 2,2k from personal rank... Now that is taken out , and prize tier is much much higher for much lower amounts ??
        Last edited by EmrahT; 06-15-2017, 02:07 AM.


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          Originally posted by Echo View Post
          #1 - There have been two fortification events since the last feeding event. That's 2 events of time (2 months) to upgrade your previous den level.
          So you actually are encouraging people not to feed dragons as we train them.
          There might have been two fortification events, but if players are smart they aren't holding back their dragons levels after uncapping from a fortification event, just in case another feed event comes around.

          This is a ridiculous event, it surprises me that PG is actually giving prizes for something which we should be doing as we're able.
          And yes, I feel the same about the fortification event, hoarding speed ups so we can grow quickly once every four weeks or so, another crazy concept which stops people from growing at a more steady pace as they're able.


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            I am in the top 400 players (1.45mm points - il be lucky to hit 2mm ) for this event and boy do my prizes suck!!

            The 'millions' of players below me will be lucky to claim a bag of peanuts. Its stuff like this that leaves a really bad taste in peoples mouths.

            Sure 2mm wasnt too bad last time but couldn't you of left the prizes as were and add more tiers?

            I see some people have 20mm points but those 4-5 guys are a tiny minority.


            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              Yes that is very painful and sad.... PG always watch over this "stupidly high spending" people , and dont care about us other...

              When we "WON" a bit more... they look how to decrease it next time, that is what it feels like

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            Maybe I'm wrong, but in the last feeding event there was a x2 - x3 farm production boost right?
            Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.


            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              I am not sure... but i remember that somehow too..
              If that is the case, it is worse for this event situation for all.

            • SilentOne
              SilentOne commented
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              Probably only active on the weekend

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            Matcava this was my recollection too. It didn't seem quite as bad as anticipated last time because there was food around in the optimum farming hours. Now bookmarks of mine which usually have 150k+ food every time I log on (since PG thankfully improved the food economy), have zilch this morning. I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than waste rubies gemming XP on dragons I don't use. Event is over before it barely began. Zzz.


            • Matcava
              Matcava commented
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              Practically this time you can only use the transfer xp button.

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            Ok found. This was your commenti Indi123 in the last feeding event:

            "but the food production really helped and there was a lot of food around."
            Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.


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              Just to pick up on one point made by Echo :

              "I will put out a reminder that we had a huge number of people blow through the 2M prize in the first day of the event, so much so that we had to add 3 more tiers after the event started (5-10-20 million respectively) as we obviously missed the ball with setting prize tiers too low. "
              Not sure what huge is in this context but I seriously doubt it could have been THAT many finding and spending 20 MILLION food or equivalent in one day.

              But, be that as it may, I am fine with adding new tiers, you guys have to encourage spending, but PLEASE do not remove intermediate tiers in the process - there must be hundreds of players who have now seen a double whammy of more sigils needed for divines PLUS the top sigil prizes being moved way out of reach for a vast number of them.


              • Baldrick37
                Baldrick37 commented
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                99% of those were caught cheating and were banned after the event ended...

              • War fan
                War fan commented
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                And yet, somehow, their 2M count wasn't adjusted.

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              Warchant thanks for trying.

              These people remind me of some former co-workers I used to have to deal with. They would spend half a day in a meeting and all they got out of it was the free donuts.

              That at being said, I'm still hoping some day we will see this event return to the xp event most of us actually used to like.
              What, me worry?


              • CaptainC
                CaptainC commented
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                Honestly I'm shocked it doesn't cost 10 rubies every time we fly a dragon now.

              • gaza8143
                gaza8143 commented
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                CaptainC don't give them any ideas!! PG version will be 50 rubies for first 5 flights then 1000 for each subsequent flight

              • War fan
                War fan commented
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                Only JoeBot wanted the xp event (as we did).

                PG won't, as there's more money made from people buying rubies for xp transfers (and maybe a food pack or 400).

                Too cynical?

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              Originally posted by Flames0 View Post
              , I am fine with adding new tiers, you guys have to encourage spending, but PLEASE do not remove intermediate tiers in the process - there must be hundreds of players who have now seen a double whammy of more sigils needed for divines PLUS the top sigil prizes being moved way out of reach for a vast number of them.
              that's the real issue with all of the events and prize tier increases. PG changes the tiers by increasing the amount required AT SPECIFIC TIERS, instead of adding in more tiers, with more prizes. they basically scale all or half of the tiers to fall along some (probably internal) curve so every time they increase the max, it pulls several or all others along with it, making all of the tiers more difficult. I'm sure PG has all of the metrics, and it isn't always about total number of players who max the event (I understand in many games the whales pay almost all of the revenue, and the whales max the events, and making them spend more to max it makes PG more money), but about what percentage of other players reach various other tiers. anyway, what I've seen in several other games isn't a total restructure of prizes, but instead a gradual increase of the max required, while not changing significantly the intermediate tiers (i.e. they simply added more tiers with more prizes on the top end for the next iteration) while also combining that with very nice global rank prizes. maxing the event and competing for global rank and global rank prizes is what I see as a revenue generator in several other games. not sure why that doesn't appear to be the case here. there are "easier" and "less insulting" ways to prod your whales for increased revenue, at least imo, while also not screwing over your middle class spenders.


              • Dravoz
                Dravoz commented
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                Echo this is what we need a response to

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              EggToken PGJared Echo CampusLifer

              You really shouldnt wonder about the 2M which a "huge number of people" as Echo said, did in first day... The reason is simple... people was holding there packs for , and bought more and more for. As you know xp transfering can gain quick thousands of points, so you shouldnt wonder that people did that and that in first day...

              Its not a energy event where the progress is depending on time.... As in breeding and fortification people can do most in one day... fortification was in past for me after first day over... breeding after first 10-15 minutes often.

              What i want to say is... the old "rank" was fine... 2M max had 500 sigils inside... 450 sigils much under it....Now you took everything up and made it really expensive... is that fair ???
              As you see that "spenders" can do how they like in first day again... Compare it...

              People, cmon and dont make it harder and harder... Look where we are... Tug of war was painful and hated... The Minievent wasnt as many of us wished at some points, but ok... Now a good event is made bad again.... And that after all problems with the new saison , the dragons , the prizes... The problems from past season...

              I really wish that you PG-Team take that on your table at your meeting and go over it... Not only your balance... look at the point what is necessary for it , look at the people!