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50m food? Seriously?

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  • 50m food? Seriously?

    PGJared EggToken CampusLifer admin

    what happened with the feeding reward list?..... last event 20m food needed which was apparently "too low". 50m is absurd... not just hunting and team working it out etc.... who do I feed 50m food to? How about the Majority of players that are den capped?.... I hope you guys can see that 50m is unfair, next question normally at the "450 sigil" mark the personal rewards go by higher increments and used to give around 5-6k more rubies for players that maxed.... this time reaching 22m food used is barely 5k rubies..

    im assuming forums are obviously going to blow up because of this etc so just change it to 30m ish food now before you guys have to sort out god knows how many mails and complaints.


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    Hi. I'm sorry, I don't work on events. I don't have any context to answer this question. My role is working on coding our security layer, and I just answer questions I already know the answer to in my spare time after work. You'll have to wait for one of the official mods to research it and get back to you.


    • odie1993
      odie1993 commented
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      They never comment anymore CL. You are the only one that gives any insight at all for topics you know or have some insight to.

    • A1R
      A1R commented
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      CampusLifer I almost want to tell you to quit PG and tell everyone else to call it day as well. You guys have exactly ZERO clue about your customers and this game. I've seen a 3 year old assemble something from lego that made more sense than this shit.

      This is just pathetically saddening.....

    • Dravoz
      Dravoz commented
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      And where is our community manager? Is it still supposed to be EggToken? Because since the 'special chest' debacle he's posted next to nothing. CampusLifer, I appreciate you at least posting replies here. But if you can't answer the question can you tell us who should be please. In the interests of customer service, you might also tap them on the shoulder for us rather than just asking us to wait.
      Last edited by Dravoz; 06-14-2017, 08:02 PM.

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    This is madness.


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      Same BS answer, they don't understand who the customer is