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Cheating in war?

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    I don't think it's cheating. Just a smart way to avoid defenders. I've seen a lot of players done this.


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      It's a normal strategy. Player A starts an attack, player B backs. Player A quits while player B is flying, starts a new attack while player B is still flying. Player C backs up the new attack. It's all within the rules of the game, unless you want the first attack to be instantly cancelled when player A quits, and player B is in mid-flight(take that up with PG, not player A).

      I'm usually player B


      • NinAK
        NinAK commented
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        Lol this thread omg, so bail and reattack is cheating now? What next wave attacks are cheating because it's hard to defend all of them?

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      Originally posted by Matcava View Post
      It seems to me the slightest problem, Absolutely no cheating, maybe a sort of decoy.
      There are definitely worse things in my opinion.

      This is not really fair:
      - Declare war 2 minutes before the start when in Europe It's late night;
      - Attack ahead of war;
      - Do not update the game.

      Airplane mode, this is cheating, just my opinion.
      Airplane mode must. E removed from this game . It's a cheat. Not everyone can do it . And it's taking advantage of a loop hole .


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        To answer OP, it's a tactic or strategy, not cheating, as has been pointed out multiple times. Ergo, PG will have no problem with anyone using it.


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          Seems most here are of the opinion that "all is fair in love and war" and as such every dirty trick you can think of is ok.

          It it smells bad any way you look at it. But it's been allowed for so long now don't expect to see any changes.
          What, me worry?


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            I honestly don't think PG will officially address this. Why would they? It's just unwanted drama that they can avoid by what they usually do best, ignore it lol. Sad but true.


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              The usual response from PG is if anyone can do it. It's not cheating. It's only cheating if a few can do it. Or something to that affect.
              I stumbled onto this tactic by accident only because I couldn't launch enough wave attacks to shake defenders. It's not hard to duplicate and easy enough for others to duplicate. But I don't see why we should have to explain how it's done. You either need to get into a team that can explain it to you or figure it out like I did.
              Just saying.


              • WolfDemonsPup
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                As failed to actually read. I get pissed at your ignorant arrogance.

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              Are we forgetting that war is won by strength and intelligence. The word "tactical" was is used in every military on the planet... war is not about what you think is fair. If there is a tactic that can be used. USE IT (Except airplane mode). That's what war is about .... strategy and tactic not just strength. It doesn't matter what PGs stance is on this. Every high level teams use all these tactics. So either start doing it or don't rank high. Your decision


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                In my opinion this is not cheat, and maybe that player its me. :-)

                and yes this is tactic for beat high lv with defenders.

                but when opponent know system he Leave battle when i quit and this is again in defend when i attack the same player. So this is an old tactic ;-)

                very problem is this: when someone find another player more strong than him, he talk about cheat.



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                  this should be a perfectly legal tactic being that it does not inhibit the opposing team from defending. This is completely separate and different from airplane being that those you cannot defend and its definitely a exploit. This is just smart tactics