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Food production boost?

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  • Food production boost?

    Anyone else notice that all of the rss boosts in the season lines are lumber production boosts? With the exception of the end of the top line of Kinnara 2.0 (30% for the season - and I won't go into why that is garbage) every single boost given is lumber.

    Other than during fort events, I have never heard anyone say there just isn't enough lumber in the game. And even during Fort events lumber generating and raiding aren't that bad - a few boosts across the team and you're golden.

    I know the food situation has improved somewhat since the farm upgrades but it is dropping again gradually (as more people get the big hungry beasts). Why take the boosts out of their usual spot in the season lines?? The LAST thing this game needs is more lumber.

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      Yes, strange, considering that we always hear how PG employees play the game regularly, and yet there's always a massive disconnect, this being just one example of many, between what we need to happen and what actually happens.
      It must all come down to money grabbing, in the end.


      • Dakhunter
        Dakhunter commented
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        Lol. They do play the game. But they are still in the gold tier. How are they supposed to feel the food drought when all of their dragons can be feed by just one or two shipments

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      I think this is actually Kinnara 3.0 we are on now. Let's not forget Rave Kinnara.
      What, me worry?


      • DaBomb
        DaBomb commented
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        I stand corrected! Actually I've put acid-trip Kinnara out of my mind as it was, imho, the beginning of this dark downward spiral 😔

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      Anybody know of a way to actually use these boosts as you wait 3 years for your storage to upgrade?


      • CaptainC
        CaptainC commented
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        Maybe they will create a dragon that eats them.

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      EggToken likelihood of fixing this?


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        Agreed, almost everything about the new season tiers is a disappointment, so honestly no surprise here. Even if this was fixed (which I highly doubt), it would cause too many bugs and glitches later on.


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          A food production/protection boost would really be useful during this current training event... but I see none to claim in the season line except for one divine...? So if you pick the wrong food boost... ! Give us food boost please!!!


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            U will have food boost during weekend


            • SuavGlav
              SuavGlav commented
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              we didn't last time...

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            The production boosts are still broken after a year, causing farms to have no protection if you are not in the game. These were introduced to help the rss situation during events. Would be good to see them either fixed or a temporary solution to help during events.


            • Indi123
              Indi123 commented
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              It's almost like their function is more to help the food economy by feeding raiders from fat farms than actually helping the player using them...

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            I have never been able to use a food production boost as my storage has been upgrading constantly for forever.


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              They did eventually appear in the Zamrok line but guess anyone who committed elsewhere (to, for example, get a dragon they could actually rely on 🙄) was out of luck.

              This event, if it must exist, should be paired with Breeding event to give everyone something to do after the few minutes autobreed takes to do its thing.


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                PGJared EggToken Looking through this post it seems that probably a lot of people are having trouble with even ACTIVATING production boosts, due to the glacial pace of upgrading storage.

                Would there be be any possibility of adding an option to boost production from the farm/mill management screen rather than only in the silo?