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Summer Season Sigil Cost Ripoff

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  • Summer Season Sigil Cost Ripoff


    Adding costs to last season I understood as the Emerald Stone was added. However. I am now seeing the following increases to name a few:

    Emerald Stone:
    • 4,500 -> 5,000 AND no additional prizes in this claim. Just the stone

    Four Prizes between Garnet & Emerald:
    • 20 Gold chest: 800
    • Portrait: 830
    • 4000 Embers: 830
    • 4000 Egg Tokens: 830

    • 705 -> 800

    What is this blatant increase for? Is this a joke?
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    Not to mention..... terrible divines as well! This by far is the worst season pg has ever came up with!


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      I agree 100%!!! This is getting crazy. You can tell this game is rapidly turning into a "spend your whole paycheck or buzz off" type of game.


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        Agree with Red, was coming here to post the same thing. So almost 4k increase from garnet stone to emerald and we get less for it.. seriously wtf EggToken PGJared Pixxel CampusLifer Dragon Punch Echo

        If we go through the entire thing, how many more are we expected to come up with? Let's be transparent here for once.. right now this seems insane and all the more reason for me to take my 1k/mth elsewhere.


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          Things get out of control after platinum stone:
          530, 530 then directly to 700*x


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            The prizes are also nerfed. Last breeding token prize was 4500 now it's only 4000. There used to be two prizes of 20 gold chests now only 1. The last mystic fragments prize used to be 40 now it's only 30. Why must they screw us every possible chance they get.


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              They have reduce the amount of prizes we get and increased the number of sigils to get those reduced prizes. Are you f*****g kidding me pg?


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                Where is the table? I don't have an event in game yet. That being said fuck this shit and fuck this season if this is all true. The dragons are shit and the cost jump is just over the top extreme.


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                  Two much bigger jumps:
                  350 jumps to 530
                  530 jumps to 750

                  Sigil costs per tier, inclusive of dragon/stone vs previous seasons:
                  dragon: 1,550 = -85
                  to green: 1,420 = +55
                  to gold: 5,370 = +750
                  to plat: 2,650 = -260
                  to sapphire: 6,310 = -205
                  to garnet: 3,100 = -425
                  to emerald: 8,290 - +3790 up from 4,500 - maybe they meant 900 for the stone?

                  That equals 28,690 in all, up from 25,030 = +3660.

                  So, pretty much, getting gold is much more expensive. Getting garnet balances out that previous cost. Emerald is broken.
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                    Nvm my event showed up finally.

                    5000 tokens for a emerald stone AND YOU TAKE AWAY THE BONUSES OF LAST SEASON FOR CLAIMING IT?

                    Is this a sick joke? Are you guys high? Someone spike your coffee with Ativan and Klonapin and y'all decideded when you were high as a kite this was a good idea and people wouldn't notice?!


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                      PGJared - you keep talking about being transparent but you honestly have no idea what transparency is. Transparency would of been sending out an in game mail or posting on the forums saying you would dramatically increase sigil costs, nerf the summer dragon capabilities and throw in heaps of extra junk the majority of players dont need or want. That would be transparent.

                      If I am at the lake and I can see fish that is transparent. You guys serve up a muddle quagmire that stinks of a 50's outhouse.


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                        So the first 8 steps are 100 sigil, then the next 5 steps are 150 sigils (before 145)...
                        The next 6 steps are now 190, before 185... The next 6 steps are 280 sigil high... before it was 255.

                        6 steps after it the price is 350 sigils per step... before it was 315... After it there are 10 steps with 530 sigil, before that price was 485...
                        After this we have 9 steps with 750 sigils per prize , 2 after saphirstone... before it was 670 until saphirstone.

                        Next 3 steps are 800 worth , after 2 of them you get garnet stone... before between garnet and saphir was 1 prize more, but until garnet the price was 705 sigils.

                        Last 3 steps before emerald stone cost 830 sigil... and emerald stone 5000... before we had this... only emerald followed garnet stone... and inside this 4500 sigil was already 25 goldchests, 25 12h time and 5k token... so in average it was a much better deal for that stone, because it was already expensive!!!
                        Now maybe you think some prizes are better ? Well mystical fragments was 78 per line ... now it is decreased to 68...

                        So last Season totall line until emerald stone was 24960 sigil .... this season its 28410 ... and has less prizes...

                        Well some other things got up... but for me its bad at all...less breed stuff...
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                          What is wrong with the decision makers at PG? I can only assume the intent is to keep increasing costs until even the big spenders give up and move on to something else. Or perhaps it's just plain old-fashioned greed. I particularly like how they've dropped the additional prizes from the emerald stone. Did they think no one would notice?! PG, you never fail to amaze. Smh.
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                            The extra 25 sigils (total... went from 2,250 in KOH last month to 2,275 in CTF this weekend) we get from maxing the individual prize tiers in the event should cover it ... right?? 🤔


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                              40 mystic frags before plat stone removed , 30 mystic added after sapphire stone. Lots of gold chest removed.(45 if i remember correct for a branch , 20 between plat and sapphire , 20 between sapphire garnet , from 25 to 20 for emerald.)


                              • EmrahT
                                EmrahT commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Yea thats most stupid thing... we was able to get 78 mystical fragments before platin...
                                So we could use sigils to get them... but what they did... they changed it a way so we get them not anymore at good rate ! -.-