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Once again we are losing a war to a team exploiting the airplane mode glitch

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  • Once again we are losing a war to a team exploiting the airplane mode glitch

    EggToken CampusLifer Why is it that nothing is being done regarding this exploit?? I am sick of this shit. Now after league restructure wars will be even more important.

    This has been reported since October 2016

    I had even suggested a logic to counter this February, that was 3 months ago
    Originally posted by vin28 View Post
    Exactly my point instead of determining whether the player disconnected legitimately or not, take away the reward by doing the following when attacker dragon dies
    HTML Code:
    if (dead attacker is main attacker){
            if (back up availiable AND has not attacked){
                    use backup
            else if (dragons used < 3){
                    use next dragon
    else if (main attacker still availiable){
            if (dragons used < 3){
                    use next dragon
    end attack
    Support clearly doesn't care when we report the team to them?

    Give me a straight answer why does PG condone this exploit? If not give us a timeline when will this be fixed not the "looking into it" crap.

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    Maybe they do not want to fix it.

    Seem like the only answer why a core part of the game still has exploits.


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      Another exploit that should be stopped now that defense point is so important. No attack should be allowed 3 mins before war starts. Some teams are attacking 1 or 2 min before war starts so that defense is not counted but the flames are counted since the attack is finished after the war has begun.


      • Marvin Lamb
        Marvin Lamb commented
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        I disagree here. You need to be prepared and organized as a team to defend these sorts of attacks. It takes all of 5 minutes, so not that hard.
        Last edited by Marvin Lamb; 06-03-2017, 07:17 AM.

      • Baladir
        Baladir commented
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        Agreed Marvin. This is very easy to see and counter. Attacks count when they end. To do otherwise would make the countdown clock at the end of the war in error imo, although I am not a programmer. Given a choice I would rather the war end when it says it does

      • GBill
        GBill commented
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        Nonsense Marvin. Attacking before the War officially starts is an exploit, used by cheats. Sounds like you use this particular exploit.

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      Hi. Our R&D team is aware of the issue. An engineer has looked into it. It's a relatively dangerous change to touch these low level networking code, so even when engineering is done it will need a lot of testing and won't be quick turnaround.

      We generally do not to provide an ETA because of shifting priorities and unforeseen changes.


      • vin28
        vin28 commented
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        Thank you! this is the first time I have seen confirmation that PG is even considering this as an issue. So far we only had a few support responses saying its all fair play if you can do it too.

      • Spooky
        Spooky commented
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        Glad to hear this, though it and other war exploits (slide into my PMs if you need details) have been unaddressed for going on 6+ months already...

      • Goober
        Goober commented
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        I have an easier fix. Ban the players using the exploit. Taking advantage of an exploit is a violation of ToS. If you start banning ppl for doing it, then it will stop.

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      If PG knows about glich why not post how its done. Everybody will then know how its done and level the playing field. I belive some would use some would not. Problem solved . Cant complain if everyone knows how to use.


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        To be clear, there are at least two different "exploits" around airplane mode. Our team is currently looking into fixing the first of the two. We have not yet begun work on the second one. We are first working on the one which is less dangerously prone to bugs in the core networking layer.

        I understand it's confusing, but I won't be describing which exploit is which --- because that would involve describing what the exploits are and how to use them.

        I definitely understand the argument that everyone should be able to know; maybe that's true. It's not my place to unilaterally decide our policy in this kind of situations so I'm going to stick to the precident set by PGJared/EggToken on this issue.
        Last edited by CampusLifer; 06-09-2017, 10:29 AM.


        • nubianiti
          nubianiti commented
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          My friend Obgyen who can't post on the forums himself would like to know. What about the people using the glitch now that have been reported with video evidence and nothing has been done, because technically you're confirming that this is a cheat and basically and people should be banned.

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        Sorry, it's not my place to decide that policy.

        For what it's worth, we change things all the time which we think make the game imbalanced --- doesn't necessarily mean it's a cheat necessarily.


        • SuavGlav
          SuavGlav commented
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          I call bullshit.

          That's a cheat, as clear-cut as any I've ever heard of in any other game. They're using a tool or function outside of the game's environment to alter it's state in an unintended way to force an advantage.

          Get in a room with whomever DOES make the policy decisions and get them onboard and start banning ppl taking advantage of it.

          We've all been super-appreciative of your efforts in particular in scrubbing the game of cheaters and hackers CampusLifer -- don't negate it all by shrugging your shoulders at this and saying 'sorry guys it ain't my call'.

          If you care, MAKE it your call.
          Last edited by SuavGlav; 06-26-2017, 05:50 AM.

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        CampusLifer You guys really should fix this.
        Last edited by Dragon Punch; 07-12-2017, 12:47 AM.


        • Lx460
          Lx460 commented
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          Even with no defenders isn't much of a danger except to boats and monuments.
          Last edited by Dragon Punch; 07-12-2017, 12:47 AM.

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        • FoxMcFoxington
          FoxMcFoxington commented
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          Clearly you're one of the shitty fliers that needs airplane mode to win lol. Play candy crush, that way you can continue to cheat and no one else will care 😂😂😂.
          Last edited by Dragon Punch; 07-12-2017, 12:48 AM.

        • Igster
          Igster commented
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          Sorry mate, I don't use airplane mode cheat. I only have one account, play on one device. Don't spend, either - THAT is cheating, not true gaming.

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        So let's get this straight, PG has created a system for wars in which defending is an essential aspect of winning in many circumstances.

        We now have a lovely exploit using airplane mode which allows players to fly a war undefended.

        PG Staff as usual are being very quiet and unhelpful in regards to when they will come up with a fix.

        I say lets all use it and make the whole defence requirement irrelevant!


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          Hi. I'm not sure what you mean about being quiet. I've commented on this thread previously, addressing what you're asking about. (Someone is looking into one of the airplane mode exploits and it's gonna take a while to fix because it's a dangerous part of the codebase to change). Details above.


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            3 weeks ago yes, and it is becoming a more widely used issue, so you either need to fix it faster or remove the fact that defences win wars.

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          I wish the issue had impact on some low level payment code.
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          Check the Fortification Event Planner Tool forum thread


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            So let me summarize, pg knows about both exploits. Pg does not think they are good for game, so will be making changes. But og does not believe they are cheating, since it is not banning those using it repeatly.

            i hope you realize you are making wars a silly game of who can most effectively use known exploits.

            I wish you would take a hard hard line that this is cheating and ban or warn/then ban players doing it. I think it would open up 3-5 new teams to come to diamond. But wait, I am not sure PG wants to ban top spenders.


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              We definitely don't like banning anyone --- but I have, in fact, banned many high spenders if they engage in anything which is my own domain of "clearly cheating using hacked software" --- modifying their app software to perform illegal actions.

              You can read about it:

              pertinent snip from that thread:

              • I am working on server-side validation which detects and stops invalid inputs.
              • These invalid inputs could only happen if the player in question is using a hacked app, or if they have a hacked operating system which allows them to hack the app's behavior.
              • I am locking down all the different exploits as quickly as I can --- but there's still a ton of work left to do.
              • Closing these security holes is very detail-oriented and careful work --- if I mess up it will start blocking/banning people who are playing in a legitimate manner. As such, it doesn't go as quickly as some other coding.
              • As I'm doing this, I permanently any players I find who are hacking in this way --- using hacked a modified client.
              • If I see clear evidence, I ban permanently. If the evidence is not yet clear, I don't ban at all and wait to see if more clear evidence appears later.
              • Other people who work on the game may use banning tools in other ways for other types of reasons. e.g., at one point I believe people who are reported for the first time for certain types of objectionable chat content receive a 1 month chat ban. I don't personally work on that and I don't have details on what they do or what their policies are.
              • For my own domain of hacking work (impossible actions requiring a hacked client app), all bans are binary: Perm ban or not banned at all.
              • For sure I'm a human being and I make mistakes sometimes. My error rate is pretty low, but every mistake is taken seriously and I try my best to improve.
              • There are lots of other questionable player behaviors which some people would considering cheating (e.g., attacking a minute before war begins). That is not my own personal area of focus --- I'm working on stopping 100% clear cheating which involves modifying the client app to do actions which are normally completely impossible without a modified app/operating-system. As an individual, I have opinions, but those kinds of things are not what I'm focused on. I personally have my plate full trying to whittle down the list of 100%-clear cheats involving hacked app clients to split my focus on setting the policy for these less-clearly-cheating situations. Hopefully at some point in the future I'll be done locking down the server security for the hacks in my own domain and be able to weigh in on that. In the meantime, I leave it to the rest of the R&D team to decide what policy and action to take on that.


              • SilentOne
                SilentOne commented
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                Doesn't using airplane mode clearly come under the last point in this list?
                Afterall, it does involve modifying the app to do actions which are normally completely impossible.

                We can't hide our attacks or kick people out if we play the game as intended. Therefore airplane mode is a modification.
                Therefore it is a hack, it is cheating, it is bannable!

              • CampusLifer
                CampusLifer commented
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                I definitely think it's an annoying exploit, but I think there's a pretty clear distinction between exploited allowed by using the functionality included in every single person's default version of iOS created by apple and hacked functionality which is only allowed if you jailbreak your phone and either install a hacked operating system or hacked app.

              • Buck Rogers
                Buck Rogers commented
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                CampusLifer so basically you are admitting that you split hairs when it comes to punishing those who exploit the game. Basically, exploiting the game due to a bug in the code is not high priority (and may be overlooked while we pump out new divine dragons and) but its not okay to exploit the game if you root your device, hack the OS, or use some outside app.

                Exploiting the game is wrong REGARDLESS of the reason or how. All players engaging in this type of behavior should be treated the same - banned.

                Your favoritism toward some players' behavior is a primary reason we are getting frustrated with PG

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              i have no doubt anyone would question the amount of work you put in, however maybe the task is that large now it requires more resource until the problem at hand is fixed.

              At the moment anyone using this exploit is doing so against the TOS you set out above. Reading through these posts people want the airplane mode issue fixed, or wars disabled whilst it is being looked into. At the moment it is unfair if players or teams are using this exploit, however it is worse that you are aware and it is allowed to continue.

              what if these wars won and are costing teams from getting promotion or to lose players as they want to join higher teams. If this exploit is part of that then it's indirectly affecting a wider audience. Maybe suspending wars is not the answer or disabling defence counters, but what is clear is a huge exploit is directly affecting gameplay.

              Maybe consider a server maintenance to look deeper into this issue is needed.