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Event done

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  • Event done

    Have gotten all prizes. Are you all considering adding more prizes like last week??

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    Yeah. They should add more prize tiers because you maxed this event. Another unselfish topic


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      would like to see the prize tiers squeezed a bit closer together making them a bit easier to reach and get some decent prizes (for the non spenders) and extend the event to 2,500,000 by adding a 2 million a 2.25 million and a 2.5 million (for the spenders)


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        Originally posted by HydraBBQ View Post
        Yeah. They should add more prize tiers because you maxed this event. Another unselfish topic
        I simply asked as there are a lot of people that have exceeded the max prizes. Whether they do or do not extend anything I will still do what I plan to with my base.
        For future reference take your negativity elsewhere It's not needed when a legit question is asked. And I bet you didn't talk shit to people who asked when PG ended up extending the event prizes last week.
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        • NukSooAL
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          I'm sure some where grateful that they did but I don't recall anyone asking for it on the forums.

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          I completed the event in around 2 hours without spending a penny. I agree with the OP, more prize tiers need to be added.


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            As free player's it only takes planning and saving to Do good in events. I only had 50 days worth of speed ups and I was able to reach the 1.5 mil tier easy.


            • defpolak
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              The only way to get the points you are claiming by spending no more than 50 days is from the the new levels on farms and mills. Upgrading from 36 to 40 you will get 1.4 million points for about 28-32 days depending on research. If you can't max those out to 45 you could probably start with level 30-32 farms and put 10+ levels on each and still accomplish what you are saying but the new farm levels are the only upgrades that offer the points per minute you would need to accomplish that. Even if you do not boost your last two upgrades, just start them for the points, you still need 1.28 million or more from 50 days (most points on an upgrade are from level 45 standard defenses which give 111k each).

              I agree you can plan and set your base up for good event points with minimal boosts needed, but toting 1.5 million from 50 days is only possible because of the new levels added to the farms and mills. And even then only once.

            • alan2016
              alan2016 commented
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              Did u mean simply upgrade farms mills from 36-40 give u 1.4m pts? Id upgraded mine from 31-39 plus a few other upgrades I only got to 1.1m

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            I got to 720k without spending anything ... so yeah some events are easier than others.

            As a hint for PG, i'm not going on with event as I have to get 5 more prize tiers for any more sigils so i'm not going to bother.