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  • Training/Feeding?

    EggToken PGJared
    So does this mean it's back in the event lineup or was it a tease just to have one?

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    My guess is it'll only be in event line up shortly after the release of new dragons/tiers.

    Otherwise pg won't make much money during the event cause the top spenders will already have all expert dragons


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      The feeding event seemed to be received pretty well, so we'll occasionally have more of them in the future, but not very often. I think that this is one of those type of events that feels more fun when it's not every month.


      • Slytha
        Slytha commented
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        "so we'll occasionally have more of them in the future, but not very often" hahah very euphemistic way of paraphrasing what monkey said:"My guess is it'll only be in event line up shortly after the release of new dragons/tiers. Otherwise pg won't make much money during the event cause the top spenders will already have all expert dragons".

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      EggToken I bet most would disagree with you. It was always fun building up XP for dragons and waiting to feed during this event. It also kept the game more balanced because not as many people spent to immediately level up dragons as soon as they had the XP. It was accrue XP, level dragons, breed, repeat. There were many more evenly matched players over a monthly period back then. Of course I can only speak for myself. BTW, shouldn't PG be getting the opinion of the player base as to what they think is fun to have more often versus deciding for us because of what you think is fun to have more often?


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        I agree with Egg, disagree with Dave... not fun building up XP and not feeding my drags, I want to level them constantly. Sure I can build XP on some crappy drags to feed every few months if needed, so an infrequent timeline is good


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          I also don't think it's fun holding off on feed dragons just to feed them, or shitty dragons, just for points. I would much rather have a flat out xp event. Lemme grind for XP please.
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          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Okay, maybe not directly divided by the max XP you can earn for a player level, but somewhere in between 1:1 and 20:1 would be a good ratio lol. Or just make brackets for either player level or XP earned. There has to be some type of middle ground here which gives higher level players a slight advantage (20%?) but encourages grinding at all levels and to be able to provide reasonable prizes all around for players.

            Similar concept to the Base HP for forts during a capture the flag event, sapphire level teams base HP amount is higher than gold base HP amount which means that they can earn more points per attack. AKA Sapphire may be worth 120 base points, platinum 100, gold 80 before all attack modifiers are added (or something to that effect).

            Perhaps this is something you/I could work on to come up with a reasonable way to break this down if PG isn't already got something in the works? I know how you love your spreadsheets :P

          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Hey Red,

            Try this on for size. See what you think about the following formula being used to calculate event points. Plug some numbers into your spreadsheet like i did with mine and with the exception of levels 1-3 (anomaly) it provides somewhat close to a decent XP curve purely based on player level and XP earned in a run. The 0.08 and 0.001 are empirical figures from tweaking.

            Event Points = 100 * [(XPrun ^ 0.08) / (Playerlvl ^ 0.001)]

            Some examples from the spreadsheet:
            Level 10: 161 Points for a max run
            Level 34: 180 Points for a max run
            Level 63: 194 Points for a max run
            Level 120: 217 Points for a max run
            Level 150: 233 Points for a max run
            Level 186+: 251 Points for a max run

            This would give mid level players ~80% of the points that a max level player would get for grinding, regardless of how much XP was actually earned. It would give very small players a chance at ~64% of the event points that a max level player would get. Since you are saying that higher level players can rarely get max XP, if they got 80% xp they would earn the same as mid range players but they could make up most of that xp by doing some runs with expert dragons as well which give a 1.2x XP factor.
            Multipliers would also work in this case, giving 5x the event points, 4x, 3x, etc.
            Elite may be something that they want to leave out, but like other events such as fortification having an Elite account certainly does help your building abilities so they may choose to leave that one in.

            Feel free to point out anything wrong you see with this initial brainstorming session

          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Player level modifier converges to 0 the more and more i think about it, with the static XP numbers above level 186 i should just completely remove the player level & modifier from the equation. Once you reached level 200 or 300 you would then end up getting less points which shouldn't be the case.

            Points = 100 x XP^0.08

            I will re-start this topic below so i can post my chart/graph

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          I guess it's ok to run this like once a season but Joe was absolutely correct that having it as a regular event promoted gameplay that was unsatisfying and unfun.


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            TheRedDelilah, I do agree with you that the XP event was the most fun of the iterations. Everyone attacked constantly and you actually got something out of attacking versus hoping that you would get food or wood that showed up as being there but might not really be there.


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              XP is better than food in every possible way.


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                Agreed. Max one feeding event per season but rather bring back XP events, Original Black Bloods or anything fun.

                Or how about a medal event instead of XP event so we won't slap the same max XP base over and over but need to attack players?
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                  I liked it but was annoyed that they told us before we wouldn't have them any more and then didn't compensate us for spending all our food/money during the breeding event. I'll still be feeding my dragons but will be holding more food packs just in case ...


                  • MareZ
                    MareZ commented
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                    I don't want to start another huge debate but Joseph said it likely will come back as a feeding+XP combination. They didn't make this combination happen but it did come back and I've been saving food packs since then. The problem is rather that it's hard to find those vital bits of info that are often buried in the comments.

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                  Personally I hate the feeding event. I want it back to a pure xp event again. Running my dragons like crazy to gain xp is fun. Hunting page after page of opponents trying to find food isn't.
                  What, me worry?


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                    Feeding event just plain sucks - and that's coming from a free player (aside from elite) that has always done well in them.

                    I think the only reason they will use this format rather than an XP training event is for revenue.


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                      Yes I agree with the majority in some type of Exp event be put in place instead of the Feeding event. The Food shortage issue prevents the feeding event being enjoyable to the free/semi-casual spender.
                      Address the Food shortage and mabe please your gamers a little isn't a big task, but as we know the almighty big fish's always prevailšŸ˜¢


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                        Updated Idea

                        I would LOVE an XP event, but the points per XP earned should really be somewhat normalized against player level. It seems like PG has done a decent job at finding a function for determining XP for each individual player level and it's fairly consistent throughout the spread so i figure why not just bring the numbers into a reasonable factor of each other so that it doesn't end up being 10 or 20x easier for higher level players to max out the event and hard grinders and spenders will have a much better time doing this event and be rewarded slightly less but still an appropriate amount.

                        Anyways this is what i've come up with and here are a few reasons behind what i've done:
                        - Low level players (1-70) will still be able to get quite far along in the event if they put the time and effort into grinding. They will earn maybe 60-75% the event points per run that a high level player (186+) will and this sits about right with me.
                        - Medium level players have a pretty steady increase until about level 132 or so when sapphire mythics start coming in and the points jump up a bit there.
                        - High level players i've been told may find a bit of difficulty in hitting max level bases by themselves and may require backup on some of their attacks. They are also typically the heavy grinders & heavy spenders of the event so this justifies them getting 25% additional XP over a medium level player for sure. They also have more expert dragons that they can use to farm multis with per day (5x, 4x, 3x) and the experts give an additional 20% XP bonus for every attack so this also helps to justify the point numbers i've given
                        - Research is NOT included in the numbers below and is a BONUS. If you have spent the tokens on research it should benefit you for this event
                        - Elite account is NOT included in the numbers below and is kinda like have an extra building slot in Fortification. If you pay for it, it should help you out (DRASTICALLY in this case for event). Alternately PG could be kind to all players and not have elite count for points but i doubt it.
                        - XP boosts are NOT included either, you spend the rubies on them and save them up, they will help you in this event.

                        - Event tiers are what PG will have to determine from their data on the min/max/average number of runs players do per day and how much they want to push stuff. I expect tiers would cap out at ~1.5-2.0M based on the highest column i have x 12 equivalent multiplier runs per dragon x 1.75 for elite x 30 dragons per day x 6 days x 1.2 for expert drags x 1.25 (additional 25% pain in the ass PG factor). The may add up to 2.5M based on +100/200% spell boosts they want to sell. Your average ordinary very active player mid to high level range would probably be able to hit ~780k if they did multi runs for 10 roster dragons and 10 previous expert dragons per day which seems about right for the 450 sigil mark and would put this right around the feeding event scores.
                        XP Event Concept.PNG
                        XP Event Concept2.PNG

                        Thoughts/opinions/obsurd yelling at Mech telling me i'm all wrong?

                        Last edited by Mechengg; 04-21-2017, 04:13 PM.