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Wars are screwed.

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  • Wars are screwed.

    Wars are unfair tonight. (We are winning). But seriously unfair!!! Pg. do something about the servers tonight. Teams are gonna lose not because of their gameplay but simply because your servers are screwing up. And it's unfair to those teams .... The lag. The booting from defenses or attacks. It's really bad

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    Wars are never fair!

    Just think how the other continents feel... asia and europe gets always attacked after midnight


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      2nd night in a row for absolutely horrible servers. Cannot believe there was no response from pg at all. And
      no comments except the time zone comment. I AM AWAKE FOR WAR. AND THE SERVERS ABSOLUTELY SUCK AND IT IS BULLSHIT!!!!!


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        Ok. I'm sorry in advance. For the cussing. But seriously. What the FUCK ....... lost connection. Lost connection. Lost connection. Are any of you pg employees actually playing your freakin game. Because if u were you would quit!!!!! War dragons and wars don't fucking work


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          It s not only wars. I cant defend myself and teammates, can't raid. Game is unplayable. By the way we never have problem with packs , store is the only part of the game that never fails...


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            Same problems,, gave up.


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              Hello PGJared. What are you doing to fix this? This situation is untenable.


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                EggToken posted this earlier:
                We're currently investigating the following server issues and working on a resolution as soon as possible: 51817: Negative readouts in events menu (Sigils and
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