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[UPDATE] April Feeding Event

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  • [UPDATE] April Feeding Event

    Some News from the War Dragons Event Team:

    With the revival of the Feeding Event, we've seen greater participation than we expected! Since many of you still have a lot of food and a lot of hungry dragons, we are adding more prize tiers to continue to reward you for your efforts.

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    Might be nice if those new tiers were a bit more reachable. Jumping from 2m to 5, then 10, then 18!? Nice gesture, but for all practical purposes, not really helpful for most.


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      Yep I think this update only caters to those at top 1 to 100.


      • SuavGlav
        SuavGlav commented
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        I think PG refers to them as 'the player base'...

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      I don't see why it shouldn't cater to the top end players. I made it to the 1 million prize point, I never reach this far in an event.
      Clearly the prize tiers weren't high enough to split the payers apart from the players and there should be a group of prizes that the majority of us never expect to reach.


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        I hope next time you run this event , tiers stay the same... It's not easy to reach 2m points.


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          It's the fact that they say "to continue to reward you for your efforts." that slaps the face. I used a lot of food packs, took advantage of some lucky raiding, and spent a lot of rubies transferring xp to reach 2 million. I was content that I had maxed out, but I am, indeed, one of those who "still have a lot of food", and I thought it would be great to have more prizes to earn. However, finding out that I would have to DOUBLE my score in order to earn even the pittance of tokens and rubies they were offering for the next level kind of took the shine off of the news. This isn't going to "continue to reward" me, or anyone on my team.

          They announced these new levels to everyone, as though everyone would benefit from it. jb121285 is right. These additional levels are for the top 1%, no one else. ☹️

          But thanks for the hollow gesture PG. At least it makes it look like you care...


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            What's hollow about it?
            Just because you won't now reach the final prize tier?
            Those who have enough capability to reach beyond should very well be rewarded for it.
            13 players have made it to the new top prize. That's what PG should be aiming for. Top prize for top ten players.
            Right now there are over 1,000 players who reached the original top prize tier, that was set too low.

          • PogTheWarrior
            PogTheWarrior commented
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            Hollow in the fact that they make this big gesture, announcing to everyone how magnanimous they are in adding prizes which practically no players will attain. It makes them look like they are catering to the entire community when, in fact, they are catering to the elite 1%.

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          "With the revival of the Feeding Event, we've seen greater participation than we expected! Since many of you still have a lot of food and a lot of hungry dragons, we are adding more prize tiers to continue to reward you for maxing out your credit cards. "

          There, corrected that little mistake at the end.

          (Because I'm free play this event and even with great team help and still 20 odd feeds to do, I'm only at 600k points, there just isn't the food out there to hunt normally.)
          Last edited by Flames0; 04-15-2017, 11:03 AM.


          • Flames0
            Flames0 commented
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            Try reading before you go insulting people. Nowhere in my post am I crying about anything, just stating a fact that the top tiers are for spenders, correct?

          • cbwolfe
            cbwolfe commented
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            NukSooAL Fort event scores 10 lumber per point. Not 20. Where do you get your false numbers? Are you actually PlayerJ?

          • NukSooAL
            NukSooAL commented
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            cbwolfe TBH I thought you where with all your obvious trolling. Hey if I remembered it wrong it was a mistake nothing more try not to be such an ass in the future.
            Last edited by NukSooAL; 04-17-2017, 06:56 AM.

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          Thank you very much for this structure for feeding event. This extra bonus is a nice help, and surely last feeding event there wasnt some items to get over it.
          Lately the totall level and pack size was much weaker, with a similar starttier.

          This is "now" a event this time, where players who work for, and maybe had some last packs from last breeding event, can get nice prices...
          Nobody need to be sad, for those who havent got 5,10,18 million points, the bonus from it is not better. Just think about what you have within 2 million points,... and what added 3 would bring you!

          EggToken I was firstly worried about that after we got told , that this event wouldnt be more and we mostly spent our safed packs and xps... that it will be like last time, painful and stressful ... but now it is clear that it wasnt that ... .Thank you for that . Its better then a energy based fight event.... For those who can , they get that points with there rubins... and others who like to fight, fight for, and steal...

          Maybe i wont get 2 million, or just half, but for me it was a amusing good event. From what i got, and what i brought for !


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            To be honest, I'm the biggest cynic and the worst critic of PG. But this should be present every event, simply because the global prizes are a complete joke. Global prizes are absolute SHIT for the effort and time and expense required to be there, there should always be super high personal prize tiers that are worth the trouble.


            • Robert M.
              Robert M. commented
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              Think about it this way. If I'm global number 77, I'm scoring higher than 99.8% of all sapphire and diamond players alone. 330 rubies, 150 sigils and a mystic fragment are basically nothing at all to a player who regularly scores that high. It's not even a bonus. It's a tiny little joke Prize.
              Last edited by Robert M.; 04-16-2017, 12:29 PM.

            • Owlrager
              Owlrager commented
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              Global prizes used to be much better than they are now. But theyre decreasing over time like so many other things.

            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              Agreed on the Global Prize part.
              But if they want to better cater to their top spenders they should make them feel like they achieved something by being global #1-100.
              Should be a win-win as the top 5 will try to outspend each other for an actually rewarding prize.

          • #10
            The added tiers are the last thing anyone should be complaining about. Nobody got nerfed, prize tiers weren't retroactively increased, or anything like that. If you didn't reach the top, it didn't affect you at all over not having them. It's sort of like the global prizes, in that they might as well not exist for most players, and you can ignore them.

            Now, if in the future, they run the event again with those 1M and 2M prizes migrated up to the 5M or 10M level, THEN there would be reason to complain, but not unless that actually happens.

            With the ability to use the food wasting pedestal, that helps somewhat with the negative motivation to starve dragons. I had enough hungry dragons from the ongoing food shortage that I wasn't even remotely close to needing it, but apparently some people did. That being said, my biggest complaint is that you can't boost production with storage upgrading, and I had like 18 days left on the stupid thing when the event started. You should be able to put those on from the farms/mills.


            • Mechengg
              Mechengg commented
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              Putting production boosts/protection from farms/mills would make far more sense, or at least have the menu accessible from both locations (storage and farm/mills). If both of your farms are upgrading anyways there is no sense in your boosting them right?

            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              But who upgrades two farms or mills at once without speeding them up? That would be intentionally forgoing up to a day of resource production and would really make no sense at all, especially during an event where every bit of RSS counts.

              I like the idea of boosting mills/farms directly but then there would be the problem of the duration of the boost not being visible while RSS is hovering over them.
              Another reason to introduce the 1 tap for options and 2 taps for collecting RSS request...
              Last edited by MareZ; 04-20-2017, 11:46 PM.