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Tug of War (capture the flag) event is not enjoyable

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  • Tug of War (capture the flag) event is not enjoyable

    Hi all,

    I dont know how you guys feel, but i really start to dislike this event. I am level 101 in a platinum league and its just boooooooring. one has to scedule a 4 hours window in the day for this event to get reasonable points. and then you just hit base after base, and it just makes no fun at all. A easy way around this would be a multiplicative valor and time boost in order to make a super attack not a absolute waste of energy. here an example for maxed time boost and great valor active:

    20 energy are consumed in 5 normal attacks on bases giving 100 points:
    5 x 100 x (1(normal attack)+1(time boost)+1(valor)= 5 x 100 x 3 =1500 points

    20 energy in a super attack with additive boosts:

    1 x 100 x (4(super attack)+1(time boost)+1(valor)= 1 x 100 x 6)=600 points. 900 less than with normal attacks, thats 40% of normal attacks and not the ususal 80 %.

    How could it be better?

    like this:

    20 energy are consumed in 5 normal attacks on bases giving 100 points:
    5 x 100 x (1(normal attack) x (1+1(time boost)+1(valor))= 5 x 100 x 3 =1500 points

    20 energy in a super attack with multiplicative boosts:

    1 x 100 x (4(super attack) x (1+1(time boost)+1(valor)= 1 x 100 x 12)=1200 points. That would be the usual 80% of max points for a super attack.

    This event is boring like this. It is getting work and not fun.

    Please change something about that.



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    Other option is to make it only a couple of days long.

    I agree that this event is dreadfully tedious after 48 hours, and actually impossible to do very well in for many people with jobs, families etc. causing limited time per day in game.


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      PG won't change this event in anyway what so ever. It has been designed to use up all your energy packs, inner fires, heal pots, and if you're in the higher leagues dragon boosts. Until you eventually run out.
      This way PG gets you to take out the fantastic plastic to buy more, because the sad thing about it is you still fall into the trap of wanting the flags on your base. Wake up people and start playing events smart.


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        Very true...While this energy events... our chat is very quiet , instead of different times... This is bad for the activity at total... people get cold about the feeling and the game itself.

        Its a pain to play this event,.... just for some sigils people play hundreds of energy down ... its more work instead of fun...
        I really wish PG could have something against it ...

        At the moment i just play until a target .. and stop then... train a bit baby-drags.. not more...
        I dont now what we can do more...

        We ask for different kind of events which was in past... but PG Team dont really do that... probably the gain is lower then in this kind of events. Lets call the problem by its name !


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          I hate this event. I dont wanna sit and attack 50 times and only get 15k points. That sucks.


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            Originally posted by Captainhook_0 View Post
            PG won't change this event in anyway what so ever. It has been designed to use up all your energy packs, inner fires, heal pots, and if you're in the higher leagues dragon boosts.
            worth repeating.

            but you forgot time. it's been designed to use up all of your time as well. with very little return on investment.


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              One thing that REALLY sucks about this event is that without the valors, there's not way to put decent points on the board. IIRC there was some bullshit limit set that you can't get valors out of chests if you already had valors? If this is still the case, it's complete crap.

              I personally am level 110, pay for elite only, and am typically 'very active'. That said, I typically open around 15-20 gold chest in an average event (diminishing as the rubies in prizes seem to be decreasing). I had zero of the 100% valors going in, opened 13-15 gold chests, and got zero valors. That's crippling in this event. Sure, I could burn all my inner fires, but that would screw me for the next energy event that requires them. Sorry for my team, but I practically sat this event out. I hate to say it, but I am feeling this way more and more these days. ANOTHER friend just quit the game for similar reasons... it's getting lonely and boring.

              You know the game is in a shit cycle when FORTIFICATION EVENT is as much/more fun than some of the majors.


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                Yeah, it's a social game but anti-family game as it requires so much time that it's like your second job.
                Something like blackblood where you can do it at your own pace would be fun. But PG doesn't like anything fun that doesn't generate $$$.


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                  Maybe if we all say we love the event then they will take it away. It happened to the Original Blackbloods, Skirmish event and the original XP event.


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                    This event is garbage. The game is glitchy. Has "lost " players boosts and support of course is WORTHLESS

                    All i I can say is if you spend money on the game you are part of the problem. They won't ever fix shit or change shit until the money is effected. I can't even get the moderators on this forum to answer me under support interactions.


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                      Have to admit i first loked the event but it is too tedious. Requires more energy than any other and desperately needs the KOH quick attacks.


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                        This event is very tedious. Add to it the lag time between each attack and you are looking at a time-suck slog. It's not fun anymore.


                        • VentureBros
                          VentureBros commented
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                          Completely agree. I usually achieve the 450 sigil reward. With this event I opted not to bother. I can't take multiple 4 hour blocks to score well. I'd rather farm food than play tug of war.

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                        This was the worst event ever for me for a completely different reason. It broke completely, with me spending a solid 30 minutes trying to load one base and failing. Lost combo, wasted 100% valor, and gave up on the stupid thing altogether.

                        I did have a nice weekend other than that. If the game isn't fixed (as in playable again) in the next patch, I'm calling it quits for good.


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                          This event puts the "UCK" in "suck".

                          • It's ALWAYS on. There's no break between rounds, and...
                          • There is no round scoring recap. With the usual frenzy at the end of a round, flags are often up for grabs and the outcome is in question until the last attack, but there is no way of seeing what the final score was and why you didn't get a flag you thought you had.
                          • There is often a large disparity of team ability in Sapphire league, and strong teams routinely, mercilessly, beat the snot out of weaker teams. We had three teams this last event with ZERO team points. It's not like they weren't trying, but they could only win a few flags each round, mostly from each other, and they lost dozens to everyone else.
                          • It becomes tedious repeatedly attacking the same bases over and over again each round.
                          • Five days of constant attack/defend invites flashing like a strobe at the top of the screen.

                          It's hard to rate the worst event when they all seem to have gone downhill lately, but this is certainly near the bottom.


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                            I maxed it and I agree 100% it was extremly tedious, I honestly hate this event.

                            I never understood why everyone is ok with super attacks giving 20% less then regular attacks in other events not this one. I brought this up a few time in the past and usually players start defending PG but I really think that if you increase the energy you wadger then your reward should be greater I mean PG even changed the event banner color to try to pull more defenders so to me it appears they wanted to further increase risk.


                            • vin28
                              vin28 commented
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                              I am not ok with super attacks giving 20% less. But we are forced to use this because just don't have time to spend 200 energy which is the least you have to spend to get any sort of decent points due to valor and bonus meter.

                              200/4 = 50 attacks (tedious)
                              50atk *4min/atk = 3Hr 20mins
                              If the points dont reflect you have to close and reopen the event which can increase the time required to 4hours at a stretch (within a 6 hr window they provide so you cant just start whenever) I am sure if you have ever tried this you will have a cramped hand by the end.
                              Now you choose for how many rounds in an event you want to/can do this.

                              200/20 = 10 attacks
                              10atk *4min/atk = 40mins (with event restarts 50mins) This is more manageable

                              So you see they are pitching value of our time against us. They are just giving us more reasons to sit out of events thats all....

                            • Mechengg
                              Mechengg commented
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                              Oh, i see. I think it's a fair trade off in order to save significant time in the game. You can save 80% of the time you spend in the event, so if that is worth 20% of the points to you then its a trade off that the individual player is willing to make.

                              My hatred of this event is that for the 80% of time you save in this event, you also lose ~60% of the points or so i believe. That is a huge trade off to me as a free player, i'd rather grind away with my few measely energy packs that i have saved up rather than have the inconvenience. I'd love if they would at least offer the super attacks at the 20% reduced points trade off that they offer in other events. I might be more inclined to use that feature at a certain point if i'm going to exceed my 450 sigil target each event. Save myself a bit of in game time

                            • NukSooAL
                              NukSooAL commented
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                              In other events I'll use supers to, tug of war is brutal I had 2m medals last week from grinding this event lol. but my point about supers in general was it is basically gambling right but when you increase your bet you decrease your winnings