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Live Event Issues (Updated 9/14/17)

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  • Live Event Issues (Updated 9/14/17)

    Conquer The World Event Issues & Questions

    If you're experiencing issues with the event, check below to see if it's currently being worked on or if there's troubleshooting steps. If you don't see it listed, please contact us or let us know in the forums. Thank you and good luck!

    * Blank Event Map (58286) - RESOLVED. You can now attack bases in the event map.

    *Teams starting out with the wrong amount of land (some teams started out with 21k acres while others started out with 42k acres) - RESOLVED. Every team starts out with 42k areas and this was resolved and the number was updated for everyone shortly after attacks were made.

    * Players earning resources from event attacks (DRG-58288) - RESOLVED. Resources should no longer be rewarded after event attacks.

    * Player not receiving half the points after losing in a Mega Attack (DRG-58289) - Not a bug. Mega Attacks are working properly. If you are receiving less points from a Mega Attack, this means that the player you're attacking (the defending team), has less than 5k acres at the time. This is a mechanic in the event that prevents stealing massive amounts of land from really weak teams-- similar to how high-level players earn less for attacking lower-leveled teams.
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