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Killed 75.6% of island. Still didn't get it.

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  • Killed 75.6% of island. Still didn't get it.


    Ok we have been adjusting our strategy with this current event to keep up with the constantly moving goal line. We made it our goal to take as many top islands as possible...cause, well duh 😉. We expected to turn islands over to blackbloods to keep them out of the hands of our enemies. So we've been grinding and took the top three islands and one of the islands on the next highest level. Then we targeted another island on the same level. We killed 75.6% of the island and instead of turning the island we already held of equal value over to blackbloods, the island we just conquered was given to another team. And it happens to be the second place team, our main competition and the exact team we were trying to protect the island from. I feel this hobbles teams who actually strategize around these events and rewards other teams unfairly. I'd like clarification please so that we can plan accordingly. I realize this ship has sailed so to speak, but can we expect this issue to be fixed the next time this event runs?

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    I know from experience it really sucks when that happens.


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      I received a very detailed and well thought response to my ticket in game. Shout out to Armand for throughly explaining how islands are rewarded! We will be making adjustments to our strategy 😈


      • Sandberg74
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        Share on Line please

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      Your team had not 3 islands before right ? I guess thats the max number for it.


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        You can hold maximum 4 castles. Read rules correctly


        • EmrahT
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          Well 4 then... true true... some big teams who using tons of ressources and already had some... somehow forgett it ...

        • Ksa
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          OP understands this rule. They expected to have the excess island returned to the blackblood pool not given to their opponent.

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        This happened to our team 3 times last night. The fort we took was in 3rd tier and we had 2 4th level and 2x 3rd level tier forts already. I would have hoped that we could hold onto the new island (less bounty = less chance of being hit right away) and lose one of the other tier 3 forts. However that was not the case and was given to a team that killed 7% of the base, our main competition.

        Perhaps PG could tweak the rules a bit for next time where as whomever wins the base wins the base, and then if you have over 5 islands the longest time owned island in the lowest tier is the one that is given back to blackbloods. It gives SOME benefit to teams with 4 bases to hit forts still.