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KoTH Event Calcuation's

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  • KoTH Event Calcuation's

    The reason I am making this thread is to show my evidence.
    I told people I got a 25-50% return on Breeding Event.
    They said I was lying.

    I told people I got a 40% return on KoTH.
    They said I don't know what I'm talking about.

    Well guess what?
    I have saved my calculations this time Lady's & Gentlemen.
    You can see them for yourself.
    I will say I do spend cash on the game.

    However, I didn't spend a lot on this event.
    The reason why is because it is a sad situation.
    You will see in my below results etc.

    I only put the rewards which I like.
    I arranged them in the order which I want the most.
    I don't care about the other stuff.


    I started at 0.
    I like seeing how far 100 energy gets me.
    So, I used up 10 boxes + 1 Legendary Siege
    The last achievement I got was the 28k.
    I added up the total at the bottom.

    Do you see?
    I used 10 boxes.
    I got 4 back.
    I have at least a 40% return on my initial investment.

    The rubies can convert into boxes.
    When you run out of boxes, you use 200 rubies per box.
    I put the conversion rate of how many they would turn into.

    However, I am not going to use my rubies as boxes because I still have to get my Legendary Siege back.
    The rubies later on down the road can help me get it back from the gold chest.
    I will wait till I get enough for 10 gold box to get back my Legendary Siege.

    Now the decision - I can do this again or not.
    I was planning to get 100 more energy.
    I was going to have to buy a Legendary Siege from shop.
    However, I am very discouraged.

    I think if I try the same thing as before.
    The 10 Energy pack + Legendary Siege will do very bad.
    I think I will only get 2 prizes.
    Take a look below:

    KoTH 2.PNG

    I think the game changed the achievement tier points.
    I don't remember it going up so high so fast.
    I thought I could get more prizes.
    However, I think I can only get 2 if I try again.

    The Green Total amount is how much I would be investing and getting back at those 2 specific achievement point tiers.
    I use 10 boxes.
    I get 0 back.
    I have at least a 0% return on my initial investment.

    The Red Total amount is how much I would be investing in all from both charts.
    I use 20 boxes.
    I get 4 back.
    I have at least a 20% return on my initial investment.

    It is kind of funny.
    You get crushed as you go higher.

    You can see how PG did bad business between the 28k -51k AP step.
    10 boxes + 1 Legendary siege gets me 0 return.
    In addition, I only make 175 sigils from it.
    I think it might be more beneficial to bypass the event process and buy straight gold boxes.
    I don't know that is what I think.

    Am I upset about this?
    No! Why?
    Because I got 40% return!
    Did you see?
    • If you have any tips
    • If you see something wrong in my calculation
    • If you are getting different amounts for 100 energy than I am

    Let me know in the comments.
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    Maybe it is
    because you are a lousy
    so am i
    but i used 100
    energy and
    1 legendary
    and i got
    80k of points
    so good flyers
    should get


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      Very Interesting Baldrick37.
      Yeah, I didn't come close to 80k from 100 energy.

      I didn't even get half. lol
      I must be doing something wrong.
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      • Baldrick37
        Baldrick37 commented
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        Don't know ur level and ur league. But maybe the league u are in is too high for your level

      • DracolichKing
        DracolichKing commented
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        Hi J, if you try to optimize the personal achievements, I have to say 100 energy for only 28k points is very inefficient, you can get at least double if some forts last for 2~3 hours, and triple amount if they last > 5hrs. Of course, if your lvl is much lower than your target opponent team and are attacking those low lvl players in top team. It is an acceptable payout.
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      Yeah your return will vary based on the level of bases you're hitting, the bonus meter percentage at the time, the amount of wall hp of the particular fort, and if you stack your sieges for the entire duration. I suppose 40% is decent but sucks in comparison to past iterations where using 100 energy would easily yield 10-14 energy refills from personal achievements and bronze chests alone. Not to mention the reduction in rubies from the prize tiers. Using same formula I finished the first day slightly over 92k on one account, 70k or so on my mini in platinum league. Bear in mind I also used a 10% siege stacked with my legendary.


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        every game I have ever played before has rewarded event participation. Events were a positive attribute to them . To kind of elaborate on this. They were set up for you to "gain" at the end. Because a happy player base that WANTS to spend time in the game to EARN a profit. It was possible. As time is the single most valuable currency in life. I understand pg has to make money. Make the events profitable to players. And you will see the game come back to life with participation. People will be eager to participate. And excited about events.... people will spend because they are having fun...

        maybe this is being done done due to the lack of server quality?? Hmmmm. Like possibly they are making the events less appealing because they know they can't handle the server influx at event start.


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          You all have very good points.


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            this event is really more about luck you need to be in a league where some teams will try to hold fort for to long. I have not spent on this game besides elite yet but like you I like to save and invest my earned items, rubies wisely. Last season was possible to earn a large amounts of rubies almost every event save gold chests for major event only and use only when you need energy pack or bonus item like gv,seige etc do not try for inner fires instead consider them a bonus if you need epack because they are mostly for cash players IMO.


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              IF is more useful than before because PG has changed the formula to calculate points since the last 2 energy events in winter season. Before that, IF only gives you extra base points and won't stack with other multipliers. But now, every multipliers are stacked with each other (including time bonus and IF). So 1 IF means 1 extra attack.

              Assume that the base points = 100 and you can get 300 points with full buff on time, gv, etc.
              Previous: 1IF=400 (300+100), 2IF=500 (300+100*2), 3IF=600 (300+100*3).
              Now: 1IF=600, 2IF=900, 3IF=1200.

              So you can see the value of IF~ And I think that's one of the important reason that the personal prize requirements for the last 2 energy events are much higher than before. PG try to encourage people to spend more on gold chests for IF
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              • NukSooAL
                NukSooAL commented
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                Since if are a consumable spell and they only give you 20 at a time usually with lowered drop rates it would IMO be foolish to buy golds just for them unless you are a spender, which is why I suggested treating them as a bonus if you need epacks.

              • DracolichKing
                DracolichKing commented
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                Yep, you are right. Nuk. I won't bother to buy gold chests only for more IF. What I mean is the bonus from IF is not that awful as before~ At least, I think they are better than super attack now for people who want to save time~

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              28k points for 100 energy is low PlayerJ. Please read the entire response and consider giving us this information below so that we can help you to succeed.

              Since it is relevant in determining how to suggest items to optimize your point achievements here are a few questions:
              1) Was this done on your silver league alt account?
              2) What level is this alt account?
              3A) What level blackbloods bases (tier 1 through 5) can you hit solo without team backup?
              3B) What tier bases were you hitting PvP (tier 1 through 5) were you hitting for PvP?
              4) Were you hitting blackbloods bases or did you wait for PvP bases to show up?
              5) What level are you % wise on the other team? AKA are you hitting the very top player on the fort? Very bottom? Middle? 75% of the way up the levels? etc

              My information:
              1) Platinum League
              2) Level 94
              3A) I am able to hit Ashengard easy in platinum
              3B) I try to hit the top tier bases, their multipliers are higher than the other bases (1.50 & 1.40)
              4) I hit blackbloods with my initial 16 energy until all bases had been taken. Once PvP started up and shields went down i did 100 energy and got ~68k points from PvP bases
              5) I typically hit the highest or second highest players on the enemy teams, so my bonus factor is 1.2-1.25 typically

              There is a way to optimize points, to maximize each of the following in the calculator:
              Base wall HP Destroyed: Hit PvP rather than blackbloods (different for each league i believe, platinum PvP is 150)
              Attacker Siege Boosts: Equip all 3 boosts (max 2.60)
              Fort Bounty Multiplier: Hit higher Tier Forts (max 1.50)
              Time Owned Multipler: Hit bases that have been held for longer (Not sure on the max but i've seen 2.00 personally)
              Defender Level: Hit higher players on the team (max 1.25 for highest player on opposing team, 0.75 for lowest player)
              Time Bonus: Keep attacking within 30 minutes so this never resets (max 1.75)

              Additionally, attack once for 4 energy, then raid 3 times only. Don't keep pressing raid until you hit 8 energy spent per attack, cut it off at 3. While 2 gives you 2% better points, your siege weapons will wear off before you can attack that many times so 3 raids only (so it shows that the next raid will cost 5 energy) is the BEST VALUE for spending energy. This allows you to spend 10 energy per target, so 10 targets hit per round. It gives you 3 minutes per attack assuming you equip 1 legendary, 1 epic, 2 rare siege weapons at the same time which is completely do-able even with event lag time.

              I was getting around 2k points at the end consistently due to all of these items nearly all being maxed out and using my energy the most efficiently. See below for a chart of hits that i did:
              KOTH optimization.PNG

              Additionally, if you link your attacks from one day to the next (start attacks 30 mins before reset, then get another 100 energy for 10 packs right after reset) you can keep your time bonus at 75% so your initial attacks do up to 2500 each!! It adds quite a few more points than this example above and nets you about 82k points
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              • jb121285
                jb121285 commented
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                I was a bit depressed on the points I made after reading this lol. I used 400 energy points and only managed to get to 190kish points. I do 4, 1, 2, 3 attacks which averages 2.5 energy per attack or sometimes I do 4, 1, 2 which averages less than 2.5 energy per attack, I aslo did some few 4, 1, 2, 3, 5 attacks as I am already burnt out from playing and just wanted to spend all my energy. After looking at your table, I noticed that I have maxed out every bonus possible except for one thing. Time owned multiplier. I only do 1k to 1.3k attack on max pvp bases. I am also in Platinum, and the teams in our league are very active. So bases are taken down fast so you would rarely see bases with good time owned multiplier bonus and hence I am only doing 1.k to 1.3k atks.

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              Yes you were lying(poor choise of word.probably you beleived what you said) about breeding. This event is the most unstable event in terms of points. Depens on luck. Last time i used 1 legendary siege and 20(200 energy) energy pack and during that time got 195k points. Yesterday i used 2 legendary and 58 packs (400 energy) only received 290k. I havent examined your post yet. No matter what it doesnt justify your obvious wrong statement about breeding event and tower xp calculations.


              • HydraBBQ
                HydraBBQ commented
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                I meant prize tiers not dragons.Btw Using 10k rokens gives you 500 points. There is no way you get 5k tokens back. Whatever i wont read the remaining post.Also i agree when you invest more gain percentage will decrease.
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              • PlayerJ
                PlayerJ commented
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                I know what you ment HydraBBQ.
                I was explaining why the other guy was wrong.
                Now you understand why his breeding idea is wrong.

              • PlayerJ
                PlayerJ commented
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                I meant prize tiers not dragons.Btw Using 10k rokens gives you 500 points. There is no way you get 5k tokens back. Whatever i wont read the remaining post.Also i agree when you invest more gain percentage will decrease.

                I was showing you an example.
                I didn't use only 10k egg tokens man. lol
                My gosh!
                I used more egg tokens than that.
                I got 25-50% back on my investment.

                The only way for me to show you is to show you the actual figures.
                However, I deleted them once the event ended.
                I didn't think I would need them any more.

                There is an amount which exist which gives you nice return.
                I can't remember it.
                It been days ago.
                All I remember was 25-50%.

                You are under the impression.
                I am getting 5k egg tokens from achievement prizes right?

                "Well I am."
                I am getting egg tokens from prizes.
                However, you forget I get Rubies + Sigils + Gold chest from the same prizes!

                "Season" path gives you mythic fragments + egg tokens.
                I can use the Sigils which I got from the prizes to give me these items.
                You have to factor all of the stuff into your return.

                Rubies can also buy 10 gold chest.
                Gold chest give you egg token drops.
                I can use the rubies I got to buy 10 gold chest.
                They have to be factored into the return.

                All of this comes from doing that event + unlocking the prize.
                I have no reason to lie about it.
                It happened.
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              Yeah, I see area's which might of messed me up.
              I think I got probably half the amount you got on in your charts.
              • Attacker Siege Boosts:
              • Time Owned Multiplier:
              • Time Bonus:

              I think those 3 things might be the main cause.

              You know it is kind of funny.
              I have the other Siege Boost.
              I didn't put them on.

              Next Time!
              Good thing about this game is there is always a next time.


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                It also depends largely where you are in the league vs. the other players/teams.

                Yesterday I managed to get around 100k points from 1-hour hitting legendary-epic-normal siege stacks, attacking non-stop, for only 100 energy.

                We are the top team in our platinum league and im around level 127, being able to hit everyone in the league up to and including the couple of level 200's.

                This evening my first 200 energy netted me only 95k points, mostly due to crashes etc, yet then when the reset happened, and by some sadistically bad luck, most bases were captured and shields activated. The bases that were left were so low paying, that I only got 54k points from my next 200 energy (I had sadly spent my sieges, and decided to rather blow the points, than get nothing from the sieges).


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                  After, I did my first calculation's.
                  I wasn't planning to use any more energy packs.
                  However, I am weak!
                  I'm so weak.
                  I couldn't help it.
                  I tried to resist.
                  Half price dragon and all.
                  You have to understand.

                  I told myself 40% was good.
                  I told myself not to do any more.
                  I manage to get all the way to 45k+ before I gave out.
                  It was a struggle!

                  Than I messed up.
                  I used 20 more boxes.
                  I had a 10% return.
                  It is nasty!

                  KoTH 3.PNG

                  However, I was spared by a miracle.
                  It was from the heavens!

                  You can see after using my 20 boxes the total in green is my nasty return + use-age.
                  Than I decided to open up some Chest.
                  I got the Bronze Chest from the attacks.
                  It helped me get back some Sieges.

                  Than I normally save my Gold Chest.
                  However, PG has changed Gold Chest.
                  They no longer can be saved till end.
                  I decided to use my only 1.
                  I did my magical Sigil Dance to give myself good luck!

                  I didn't get any Sigils.
                  However, I did get 15 more energy boxes!
                  It was a miracle.
                  It helped boost me to 70%!
                  I was doomed!
                  I was going to have a 20% return after using double the boxes.
                  Oh, it makes me sad thinking about it.
                  Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

                  Let this be a lesson to you people!
                  This is what you don't want to do for King of The Hill!
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                  • Mechengg
                    Mechengg commented
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                    Okay you have explaining to do.

                    You got 93k points this entire event and a good event is getting one gold chest, are you seriously down in silver league with a level 65-75 account? Tell me if I'm even in the ballpark of if i'm out to lunch.