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event fudged up once again

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    Same in diamond ....clear winner on 2 islands .....and we are not g thing our VP points .....another bad event which will probably lead to reset which will disadvantage us players that can't sit on here all day


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      Better not keep hitting a fort after it shows <100 hp left and you do more damage then that on it.

      Continously hitting it for points and not having to wait for a delay shield to come down(because the fort doesn't destroy) means your siege weapons can be used for their full time for once during the start of the event. This also could be classified as exploiting a glitch to acquire more points.

      In similar words, in a post campus lifer created about pg starting to ban cheaters more, exploiting a glitch to advance a player further ahead is a bannable offense.

      Yet, when I asked pg about event situations like this they would not respond if this is something they are starting to ban for.

      So, ill play it safe and not partake until it's running smoothly or only hit forts that have high hp left.


      • YellowMonkey
        YellowMonkey commented
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        Owlrager lol I was actually being sarcastic. But at the same time urging caution.

        I don't care if people keep attacking the forts that don't die or not.

        I just know in the other thread eggtoken said depends how far players get ahead by exploiting the glitch of they will ban for it or not....and that was to respond to a comment I made about similar event circumstances.

        Basically eggtoken said not to risk it. So, my sarcasm was we are being told "not to" yet at the same time that means losing out on our sieges times and event participation time.
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      • Captainhook_0
        Captainhook_0 commented
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        I've noticed attacking a fort just as it is being conquered. And it falls during your attack rolls back your points and reimburses your energy. So those that are attacking an island will probably be wasting their time and heals when the roll back kicks in.

      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Why would you waste energy packs attacking blackbloods islands instead of waiting for higher scoring PVP ones?

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      SilentOne that's why I was being semi sarcastic. This one post basically says it's not cheating but at the bottom says don't risk it. Owlrager sorry if I made it seem I was going on a rampage lol. I was just trying to point out players have no clue what we are suppose to do in these situations because of this screenshot post.


      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        It's all good YellowMonkey because half the time it's the blind leading the blind.
        PG doesn't seem to know what to do in half these situations either!

        BTW - I'm not sure who is leading who, but often feel that no-one is getting anywhere!

      • Owlrager
        Owlrager commented
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        Ok phew! I was like, oh he has completely lost it now 😂. You do make some valid points, its hard to know what to do at times.

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      Timestamp of the bug is at 5:45

      @PG PGJared CampusLifer EggToken

      here is an example of the bug. A team in my league started to acquire points after we "took the base" which made check out quickly what was happening so i tried to raid and was able to attack again successfully.


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        There was some server lags that caused ownership of a number of forts to lag for an excessively long time. The problem existed for roughly 60 minutes before it was resolved.

        -Some forts would not transfer ownership and would show as <100HP for a long period of time in which players could continually attack the fort and be awarded personal points, but team ownership would not transfer.

        -Players were awarded points, and PG cleared the lag issues so that fort ownership would properly transfer. The teams what should have taken the forts per the event rules, were awarded the forts.
        -There will be no reset or changes made because of this, and players are not considered to have exploited by continuing to attack the fort.


        • YellowMonkey
          YellowMonkey commented
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          Thanks for clarifying echo. Players need to know how to handle these situations in the future. Eggtokens response in the other forum topic(screenshot in my prior post here) made me hold back from starting event.

        • Sandberg74
          Sandberg74 commented
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          Did the teams that eventually got the forts, also get the VP for the time, where it said <100 ?

        • Echo
          Echo commented
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          There were no victory points awarded for the time the fort showed <100 and was not conquered. This should not impact overall VPs during the whole event though for the following reason.
          Let's say on average you hold a fort for 5 hours before it falls. That 5 hour period of time still awards the same victory points if it started an hour later than it should have. The fact that the fort was awarded late does not prevent a team for holding the same total of 5 hours.

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        But what about those of us that didn't have that glitch in our league? Now it's unfair to us because we didn't have an unlimited source of points. Wow gosh pg you guys are ridiculous. 😝