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Rune prizes. Bad. Again.

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  • Rune prizes. Bad. Again.

    Why PGJared? Why would you ask the community about runes and then keep giving us crap as prizes? Fireball? That spell has been broken for a year. You people are insulting or incompetent. It's one or the other. Your "derpa-derp, making a game is hard" responses are getting old. You asked, we answered, and you ignored. SMH @ all of you. These Glyph prizes are dust. What a joke.

    Might as well put glyphs in chests since you only give shitty ones as prizes.

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    PGJared These runes are same as last weak's. That may be a mistake.


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      Personal Prizes: Fireball
      Team Prizes: Explosive Shield
      Global Prizes: Treb Resist

      I can't remember that we voted for any of these...

      Where are the Rage & Wisdom Glyphs???
      MareZ ~ lvl15X ~ Sapphire Legendary Dragons

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        I'm gonna be the devil's advocate this time, please don't bite my head off. These runes indeed are useless to us higher lvl players, but don't forget there are many ppl with Orange and Gold Drags would love them. Especially on Amarok for the shield which is the last and best warrior I think thus far.....I know there are ppl will disagree with me, but Tarand is a POS, I didn't even bother to lvl him up to Garnet. The only way really for PG to make everybody happy is to scale the event prizes different through out each league, but that seem to be impossible for them to do.


        • HydraBBQ
          HydraBBQ commented
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          This runes are exact same as last week.

        • LordKaiS
          LordKaiS commented
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          HydraBBQ, looks like somebody just copy and paste the old prize payout to this week LMAO, I wont be claiming anything until later on, maybe after the first day see if that's in fact a glitch

        • MaQleod
          MaQleod commented
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          Given the divines released recently (Tarand, Sage), and the number of dragons that use this rune (Amarok, Danzig, Hugin, Kaiju), getting a few extras of these is not a bad thing. Fireball is used far less often, but still appears on mid range dragons (nix, vulcan). Don't forget you can stack different classes as well, so if you have a rare, you can stack it with an epic, you can also use two rares if one is a rune and the other a glyph - so getting duplicates isn't always bad...

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        Well maybe one of these hunter will have fireball with 2 rage... or 2-3 rage white fireball... then i would understand that...
        Otherwise just platin vulcan of my ones can use it...

        I would wish too that more runes of which we voted for would come in... but maybe they just wanted keep them for chests... even that way its not often so i hope for next .


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          Terrible prizes as always. We need rage runes and glyphs very bad as well as new runes for new spells. All the existing runes are useless for platinum tier and beyond.
          But if making new runes/glyphs will make more bugs, please don't. Keep as it is then


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            they should either offer up a choice of 3 different runes in that rune tier, or allow the player to choose whatever rune they want from that tier once they collect the prize. I realize that would require a bit of coding to create a drop down menu or interface to claim the prize by selecting amongst a list of runes, but it would end the complaining about runes (aside from the request for new runes to coincide with all of the new spells)


            • Dakhunter
              Dakhunter commented
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              I don't think this would be feasible for PG. Can't you see they couldn't control the bugs after each updates let along fixing existing bugs.
              Doing this might introduce more problems on the table

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            EggToken A lot of problems could probably be worked out if PG communicated a bit more BEFORE they just did things. Not saying so they can get permission per se...but would save a lot of unhappy players later on and customer service would be easier I imagine.


            • EggToken
              EggToken commented
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              I don't disagree with this--I'm a staunch supporter of more transparency. This is something we're trying to improve upon with our pre-release notes and previews of features. However, some larger, long-term projects are things that sometimes don't get communicated. We don't want to jump-the-gun on something we're working on, scrap the idea, and turn around to find upset players that viewed the information as a promise. I do get where you're coming from though. Change can be difficult to get used to when you're not anticipating it.

              Back to the thread topic: Runes are not in the place where we'd like them to be, so we've been compiling the feedback and bugs that people are reporting to help us on the path to better runes in general. This is still a long ways off, so don't expect this to be something immediate! Just to be crystal clear: Still. Working. On. It.

            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              EggToken I think you missd the point when you tried to go back on topic. We know it takes time to fix broken runes or create new ones.
              I think the OP is referring to PGJared's Rune Survey! from January which raised our hopes of getting runes in event prizes that are useful for all players such as rage and wisdom runes. Most of your customers are beyond the Green Tier so all currently offered runes are trash and useless on higher tier dragons.

            • Dixwell
              Dixwell commented
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              Why don't you guys understand this? The game makes money off of GAMBLING. It's Kompu can't get exactly what you want, you have to pay to gamble for a chance to get the rune/benefit/token you want, i.e. silver and gold chests.

              Anything that changes this basic mechanism, which is how most "Free to Play" games make money, is NEVER going to be a priority. They'll throw us an occasional bone like some of the glyphs in the divine dragon paths, but mostly this is going to be totally ignored, no matter what Egg Token says.

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            The ruby prizes are pretty bad too


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              EggToken here we go again:
              Personal Prizes: Poison Striker
              Team Prizes: Cannon Striker
              Global Prizes: Lightning Striker

              Poison and Cannon Striker are absolutely useless.
              Where are the Rage & Wisdom Glyphs we voted for in PGJared 's Rune Survey?
              MareZ ~ lvl15X ~ Sapphire Legendary Dragons

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