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18 months gold chest analysis

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  • 18 months gold chest analysis

    I thought I would perform some analysis on gold chest drops over the past 18 months. Since this post is long it wont let me post pics but I have around 250 10x gold chest screenshots if anyone wants specific examples

    LEGY =Legendary
    EPIC = Epic
    RARE = Rare
    COM = Common
    ??? = No Dat
    na = drop not available

    ( I added some bronze drops for depth )

    Buffed Gold Chests

    Comparison of now vs 12 months ago

    12 hr clocks LEGY 15 v 10
    Eggs EPIC 1,100 v 1,000

    Nerfed Gold chests

    Comparison of now vs 12 months vs 18 months

    Energy Pack LEGY 15 v 15 v 20
    Energy Pack EPIC 4 v 6 v 8

    Eggs LEGY 3k v 4k v 5k
    Eggs RARE 300 v 400 v no data
    Eggs COMM 30 v 40 v 50

    Inner Fire LEGY 20 v 20 v 30
    Inner Fire EPIC 4 v 5 v 8
    Inner Fire RARE 1 v 1 v no data

    12 hr clock EPIC 4 v 5 v 6
    12 hr clock RARE na v 1 v no data
    12 hr clock COM na v na v 1

    1 hr clock LEGY na v na v 80
    1 hr clock EPIC 25 v 40 v 50
    1 hr clock RARE 7 V no data V no data
    1 hr clock COMM 1 V no data V no data

    30 m clock LEGY na v na v 190

    Dragon Buff LEGY na v 80 v 110
    Dragon Buff EPIC 25 V 20 V 30

    Health Pot LEGY na v 80 v 110
    Health Pot EPIC 20 v 25 v 30
    Health Pot RARE 4 v 6 v 8
    Health Pot COMM 1 v 2 v na

    Base Buff LEGY na v 80 v 110

    Minimal change drops

    3hr clocks LEGY 50 V 40 V 53

    Not assessed chests

    Wood and Food Packs. Due to how they scale with level I couldn't really tell if they were better or worse. One of my wood drops was legendary 50k x 20 packs which is better than now however other drops seem less.


    Event item - LEGY frags were 3x EPIC frags. Current currency is only 2x.

    Black Pearls are only 25% of the value of Ice and Fire shards

    Common Sigil drop nerfed from 30 last season to 25 this season

    Elemental Embers were 25% more valuable than sigils as a currency because they were also a consumable
    ( dual purpose )


    Forum post from PG 12 months ago saying frags were high value hence some reduction in value of other prizes.


    Generally chests have been nerfed over time in contents ( clocks, eggs and energy/inner fire ) and arguably diluted in value with the introduction of additional currencies.


    This double whammy of value decrease and dilution gives new players have a huge mountain to climb to have a competitive account that can contribute to the team - difficult to see new talent staying engaged long enough as there is no catch up mechanic instead the reward for effort decreases over time.


    Buff gold chests in value by 10% each season. Remove excess currencies. Stop the dilution of gold chests with new currencies and or add player flexibility to customize to a small degree gold chest drops

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    that's a good point regarding nerfing of chest contents combined with dilution

    way in the past, before fire and ice and elemental and black pearls, I don't even remember my drops but I'm guessing it was all drag/tower boosts plus heals plus timers and tokens. I'm guessing there was a much higher token/timer rate of return per gold chest open compared to now, which is also doubly worse (or more) considering the rapid inflation of timers required and tokens required.

    I remember back in the good ol' days when I ran out of wood before I ran out of timers. not the case any more.


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      I'm like 90% sure I had a screenshot on my old iPhone showing a legendary timer drop was 30 x 12 hr like 6 months ago. Wish I could access it.

      And where did EggToken say changes were happening next season and in what context? I must have missed this.


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        Thanks for your efforts Gaza. We all knew they had greatly decreased in value (in opposition to PG claims) but it is nice to see data.


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          Thank you for your effort.

          I hope admins see here one thing very clear! ... Things we are getting get decreased more and more... AND Dragon costs MORE and more..... same goes for Buildings... over 40days for higher level per level.

          For example , we had in bronze chest :
          -rare 15 min *100 ... as a rare can calculate what it means now days.
          - and other stuff i dont safed, maybe Gaza will find them somehow too.

          When we see now how at events rewards melt down... but increasing the tier... BECAUSE some spender always over do it anyway... it get bad and worse!

          - I really hope PG Team will admit and show a outway instead of not talking about this issue directly to us.


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            gaza8143 Thanks for the analysis, do you have numbers for mystic egg frags that used to be available in bronze chests about 6-8 months ago?


            • War fan
              War fan commented
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              Currently, it's 1 (if you're lucky).

              It used to be 8.

            • vin28
              vin28 commented
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              i am not sure but i think 1 was rare and 8 was epic and both used to drop in bronze chests as well. Now we have only 8 as legendary in gold chests.

            • itsjustjoe
              itsjustjoe commented
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              I got an 'Epic' Mystic Fragments X 3 in a gold chest last event.

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            Warlord some data from 250 screen shots over 18 months


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              Wonderful thx


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                Apart from the sign in front of the % numbers, it matches how the cost for everything went up 😁


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                  War dragons has become nothing more than one huge rip off, the level of greed from this company is beyond astounding...


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                    The counter point may be that there are more opportunities to get gold chests.

                    Personally, I like some of the new content coming out, which takes money to produce. I don't want to keep flying over the same bases month after month after month, and I think it is worth paying for something new. Even features like the world map, take resources whether or not it is a success.

                    Perhaps it's greed, but it may also be needed cash flow to continue growth and enhancements.


                    • gaza8143
                      gaza8143 commented
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                      Maybe some re balancing as well. 110 health pots a drop was probably too high. There hasnt been much of a change in the 3 months after I wrote this post.

                      I think timers and eggs are two drops that should of increased however.

                    • Hieronymus
                      Hieronymus commented
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                      I'd love to see other drops scale with level like wood and food packs do now. Especially egg tokens, mystic fragments and timers. I'm approaching the sapphire wall and not looking forward to it.