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  • late joiners

    Sorry, if asked before, but please answer an "argument"

    If a player joins a team mid event, can they contribute?
    I am sure they can and only late joiners to wars are blocked, but other team members are disbuting this.

    We have a player who joined shortly after start and says their event attacks didn't count. Is it a glitch, genuine or bs?


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    I moved mid event, the 10k points I earnt in previous team don't show up in team contribution only the points I earnt since joining new team


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      Exactly what I thought was right. Player claimed couldn't earn points after moving to us as reason for zero score after 3 days. Doesn't fit with what I have seen, but as other officers are of the opinion that joining mid event blocks contributing to new teams score, I said I'd ask here for answer.


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        Unless it has changed again. Anyone that joins a team after event start(for major events) and had previous points on a different team, can NOT earn points for their new team.

        They can earn individual, but it won't add their points to a team's score.

        May be wrong or may have changed, but maybe PGJared can clarify.


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          If I were you I would ask for a screenshot of his ind points. This events points are based on how fast an island dies. Team effort. So if his ind points are high. Well. He contributed to your teams efforts. This is a pretty easy solution He would be attacking the same islands as you and taking the island damage. So his ind score would help the team.


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            It's event dependent. Some events lock out out from contributing points complete. Some do not. This event is one that doesn't stop you from contributing.


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              Once you change teams during an event you can no longer earn team points for your team.


              • IanM
                IanM commented
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                Not even the new team you join?
                Then the glitch is the other way around? The players I have cn join late and earn us points was the glitch??

              • PGJared
                PGJared commented
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                Not even for the new team. If player A leaves team X and joins team Y they do not earn points for team Y.