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Pvp portion broken (again)

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    ok, when the PVP says less than 1 minute then jumps back to next PVP 3.1 hours, exit event and re enter the PVP will be ongoing. its disappears very fast , so be quick, if you can get 4 attacks in, you are lucky.


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      No response at all...

      great at customer experience.


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        Post in jarads special service section, since he and pg has been clear they are not reading this forum


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          I hate the fact when you have if equipped, your first to attack, finish attack, reload becuase it takes about 5 years to register and then you gained nothing And lost 4/20 energy and if.
          Commend my persistence ^.^


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            I absolutely hate this game and the fact that it became an addiction. I've been slowly weening myself from it and allowing my anger and distane to take over. Even before the grand Joeseph boot of 2016 it's been over for me. A company this size requires better customer service other than dangling Pixxell on-screen once or twice a week to keep the kids "excited" while she answers no questions and tosses out cool kid catch phrases. Here's one for all you older cool kids. War Dragons has jumped the shark


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              Originally posted by bilbo View Post
              Post in jarads special service section, since he and pg has been clear they are not reading this forum
              PGJared has been clear he doesn't read the forum? What does that mean?
              "The only winning move is not to play" first Wargames, and now War Dragons

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              • PGJared
                PGJared commented
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                I'm honestly not sure what they're talking about, as I read the forums daily, and not just the Support Interactions forum.

              • aldinach
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                Good, thought I'd missed some announcement that you weren't reading any more. (Even though you've kept me hanging for weeks on my gold chest poll)