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Pvp portion broken (again)

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  • Pvp portion broken (again)

    Went from <1 minute to 3 hours. No pvp at all.

    This thing is always broken. Every time. Without fail.
    PGJared PGDave Echo

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    Some teams did get it apparently and now they have a points advantage. How are we going to fix this?


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      We busted our ass grinding these small islands to be number 1 and now we get surpassed by 20k points because we didn't get a pvp battle? This is ridiculous. I spent rubies on chests to get inner fires and ran a ton of runs.


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        Now we are in 3rd due to this.

        THE PVP DETERMINES THE EVENT. Now we are in such a deficit it's going to be near impossible to catch up.


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          Time is of the essence. Mitigate the damages and resolve this issue ASAP.


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            • Lx460
              Lx460 commented
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              This is what it says if you can't read the pic.

              Hey LX,

              Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry for the confusion.
              Unfortunately, since there are 25 teams in a league, there is always going to be a team, during the pvp part of the gauntlet, that is going to end up without an opponent. I'm sincerely sorry that it ended up being your team for that round, but this is totally random.
              Your team should have an opponent next turn.

              Thank you for playing War Dragons!

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            Same thing happened to us. We are the #2 team in the league and are around rank 17 in the event lol. Sometimes PG your stupidity amazes me.


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              Lol. I like that message. It's almost like "sorry, this is war dragons, someone's always gonna get screwed".

              Sorry LX. Good luck. Maybe it will balance back out


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                Here's the kicker! There are 24 teams in our league! Try again at making an excuse.


                • AcrobaticAttackCatSnacks
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                  Hahahahaha. That's rich. Man. :/

                • SilentOne
                  SilentOne commented
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                  Are you sure two teams aren't on the same number making it look like 24 in the league?

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                It'll get fixed "next time"


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                  This happened to us when we were back in diamond a tonne. We missed 3 out of last 5 one time. It happens. Nothing can be done of course. So just keep burning stuff.


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                    Done. I am done. This is the last straw.

                    Why should i even bother?


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                      The two main problems with the randomness in these events are that sometimes the same teams get the no opponent round. Other times the same teams get matched up multiple times and if the one team doesn't have a chance against the other they are at a disadvantage over multiple rounds.

                      There should be less randomness, all teams should be matched up once throughout the course of the event and all teams should miss a round due to odd number of teams.
                      Alternatively shrink leagues to 24 or increase all leagues to 26, 28 or 30 so that we have equal teams per league.


                      • War fan
                        War fan commented
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                        I've been bouncing around sapphire leagues for a while now.

                        ALL sapphire leagues have 24 teams.

                        There is absolutely NO excuse for no pvp matchup.

                      • SilentOne
                        SilentOne commented
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                        We have 25 in ours

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                      I am going to try and look on the bright side here to try and be a little positive, even if you don't want to hear it. PvP takes 8% of the VP from the team, so that means if one team will get screwed each round you had a good time for it to happen! This way you can steal more VP from people next time.
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                        Any attacks in the PvP do not register, even an hour later. What gives?