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Why are chest drops down so drastically?

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  • Why are chest drops down so drastically?

    I'm getting maybe 1/3 of the chest drops that I would normally expect. Any reason?

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    Dont you know Christmas is coming, and PG wants a few thousands USD bonuses for their staffs?


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      Ive noticed it too and have come to a conclusion that its probably because of all the players who whined and cried about having excess sigils so the chest have be nerfed to heal that wound. Now this season whoever has excess sigils wont get an exchange rate


      • Dr4kE
        Dr4kE commented
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        Excess Sigils because of bronze chests? Do you actually think before say something?

      • Frequincy
        Frequincy commented
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        I run anywhere between 200- 300 chest a day as a free to play player grabbing 150-200 sigils a day on bronze chest alone so do you wipe you mouth before u speak your ass aint the only thing shitty

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      I have been keeping records for 9 months and I actually believe part of the issue is player driven. For example there is a 14% chance of bronze 1% chance of silver per monument. 9 months ago 7 monuments would give an almost guaranteed chest each run. And you would often see 2 or 3 in a run.

      Alot of bases I see are 1 or 2 islands long so that means a 15%-30% chest drop rate - in other words I now need to hit 3 bases for on average 1 chest.


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        I am getting same amounts I always get 1-3 average per run, sometimes 0 sometimes 5, most often 1,2, or 3

        this is attacking anywhere from slightly above my level to 100+ levels over me, I'm level 167


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          I agree, player driven. Many boasted how much they farmed in front of pg face. Pg obviously thought "fuq this. We aren't having this. If you want it. Pay for it. If not. Gtfo".
          Commend my persistence ^.^