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Future of Sigils

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  • Future of Sigils

    I'm starting this here as opposed to the player request forum because I want to get a discussion going on how to best prevent the current excess sigil compensation backlash at the end of this and future season events.

    One idea, and it has been implemented in past at various points, would be to hard cap the amount of sigils a player can have at one time, namely sigils would be capped at the total number of sigils needed to claim everything from the season tree (approximately 63k this season, I believe). Once a player reaches that point, they stop getting sigils from chests (not sure how it would affect prizes). To me, this would seem like the simplest measure to implement. It could eventually be set up such that when a player claims a prize his or her own cap is reduced by that prize amount, ensuring that they don't ever have extra.

    I'm sure there are other ideas out there and ways that this one can be improved upon. What do you all think?

    PGJared PGDave Echo

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    So, we are discussing a few things for this:

    1) Exactly what you suggested above. Once you've claimed all sigil prizes the sigil options in chests become something else entirely.
    2) Creating repeatable rewards that you can burn sigils on.
    3) Creating a shop where excess event currencies can be used to purchase things.

    These aren't all the options on the table, just the ones I've heard the most discussion on. I'm personally campaigning for option 1 right now, but if players feel differently I'm open to suggestions.


    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      Doesn't 3) remind you of... the Salvage Shop that's being worked on and that was promised for 2.70?
      Would be nice to have an update on this. Maybe you can make it so sigils can be traded in through this shop unless you're implementing 1) or 2).

    • AcrobaticAttackCatSnacks
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      I though Joseph said the salvage shop was sort of his pet project. With his exodus, guess it's possible we won't see this anytime soon.

      So could we fix the invert runes instead?

    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      Don't you crush my dreams AcrobaticAttackCatSnacks !!!

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    Not that I'll claim all prizes and have any sigils left over, but I think option #3 is the most player-friendly option, assuming the exchange rate is reasonable.


    • FoxMcFoxington
      FoxMcFoxington commented
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      PG sold them to you as you have a 1 in Xxxx chance of getting 25-225 sigils. You took your chances. Don't be daft. You're asking for an exchange rate greater than the sigil claim rate for gold chests. Several people opened 10 gold and got NO sigils but your advice to them would be SOL. So what's the difference?

    • AcrobaticAttackCatSnacks
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      Unfortunately Joe, option #2 seems more likely of the three.

    • Kittens
      Kittens commented
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      A sigil drop past the max is a wasted chest regardless of the odds. Making the exchange rate 1:1 with what drops out of chests simply refunds the chests lost to sigils. So the "if no sigils dropped" argument is invalid, because if no sigils dropped, no chests were lost either.

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    Thank you for your swift reply.

    1) By far the simplest option to implement, and could serve as a stop gap measure leading to 2 or 3
    2 & 3) Honestly, these two feel way too similar, with 3 essentially being a bigger version of 2. Getting the exchange rate right is going to be the most important factor in making either of these options work long term but would also provide an option to players who don't want to go for the event dragons to use their sigils in the best way for them.


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      Can we just get number 1 and then turn number three into the actual resource exchange shop that has been promised but not delivered for months?


      • YellowMonkey
        YellowMonkey commented
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        This right here PGJared

      • PGJared
        PGJared commented
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        I'd like for number 1 to happen, but we're still investigating which option is the most doable with our current resources. No promises, but it's my favorite choice as well. As far as the resource shop, I'll chat with the team about it.

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      There should not have been any compensation for excess sigils and the reason being, First you bought gold chest which contained more then just sigils so technically you got what you paid for second , Its not right you got to use the sigils that you needed to collect all the prizes and then ask for gold chest for the extra left over , third it wasnt implemented to every player with a left over sigils PG needs someone to run this shit right ill send my Resume on thursday 😂😂😂


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        I would like to see an option, where i can toggle turn off/on sigil drops in gold chests.


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          A hard cap would be the easiest solution indeed, plus it is really easy to implement.

          It is understandable from PG's perspective up to some point to exchange in a curve as the more excess a player may have the less the value of seasonal credit (sigil etc.) appears to be given. After all the player continued to open chests for anything else but seasonal credit.

          In contradiction, each chest represents a fixed value thus those who would like to see a linear and fair exchange rate can be understood as well. The mentioned hard cap would definitely avoid this issue.

          Before going for coffee I'd like to suggest this PGJared

          Including a hard cap would be one way to go. This, however, would exclude the two other options you have mentioned and I am not sure how your team feels about that. Would it be possible, to add another option? I would like to suggest you to rotate/refresh gold chest drops with a different set of content like you do with value packs. This would give room for your two other mentioned ideas as you could have one drop set excluding seasonal credit. (If implemented I suggest to make those rewards exclusive like exclusive avatars, skins, mythic runes...)
          In fact, that implementation would be a bit more complex but still viable. Giving options for value packs of the same prize level is a good thing, it would be a welcome addition to go the same route with gold chests. I see benefit for both sides


          • War fan
            War fan commented
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            Your suggestion for a possible #4 is probably what would happen if you hit the hard cap (NEW runes, would be nice too).

            A possible way to go would be to move the rune chests to the rune tower, thus freeing up a slot where PG could install the non-sigil gold chests.