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Event fatigue??

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    If they make less events, season rewards must be cheaper. 50% cheaper


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      They are not going to make less events. They have figured out that the chest lottery is a cash mine for them and the events will keep rolling every week.

      All most of us seem to want is a return to the three day event weekend and not the current two day non event break in the middle of the week.
      What, me worry?


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        Not only are the events longer also the minor events have a too short cycle now since dragon training event is removed and since minor blackbloods still aren't back as a standalone event. Would love to see a 6-8 week cycle for fort and breeding since demands for egg tokens and timers are much higher now. If they remove 1 day from each event the burden is also heavily reduced.

        About wars: during minor events wars are still enabled. For me that works fine enough. I think it's good that wars are disabled during big events since those events can be intense. But 1 day shorter events will give more war time and more relaxation.
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          I didn't see anyone comment on the OP's remark about wars being locked down, so I am going to jump in there:

          Unfortunately, those of us wanting wars seem to be the minority, as it appears most teams are very content staying in the top league they are dominant in - at which point to stay in that league, they either have to lose wars on purpose or cut out wars altogether. I would imagine PG has seen a decline in wars, and increase in event participation (and spending), and has adjusted their model accordingly. Wars are fun until you hit Sapphire - then if you want to have a war you are forced to either bully some weak team back down or get hammered by the many many super strong teams avoiding Diamond. It's too bad having lots of wars will get you to Sapphire in a hurry.

          In regards to the duration of events - aside from not being able to have wars (which a lot of teams are more than OK with), gameplay goes on as usual during events, but with the bonus of chest drops. I personally love the chest drops, so I like long events. Gotta be honest, I haven't attacked in the event since day 2, but I am more than happy for it to continue so I can get more chests during raids and XP runs


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            if the event was too short, players would not have the chance to 'rack up' the prize tiers. shorter event, the comment will be: you didn't give us enough time to complete the event, the old saying, dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. lol


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              A happy medium would be actual weekend events. Start the chest hunt on Thursday. Event, Friday Saturday and Sunday, shut event off Monday morning or mid day.

              Gives us plenty of event opportunity, keeps to a relative time frame of an actual "weekend" event, and gives plenty of times for wars and or rest.


              • Frequincy
                Frequincy commented
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                Should post this in Dec Request

              • AcrobaticAttackCatSnacks
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                Ok. Done. Sort of lazy like, but done. Lol

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              /agreed on the chest drops. They are the only thing keeping my inventory stocked. That and buying 10 gold chests at a time so I can be competitive in the event...😳

              Of course we push in the events. We want to keep up with our compadres and raising our standing relative to the other players is only natural too. More importantly it's the one place where time can partially offset the $ other players spend who don't have the time. Shorten the event and players with $ will have an even greater advantage.

              One drawback to all this is for players who don't have either time or $ to do well in events. They run out of spells and boosts and progress very slowly. But, that's the nature of the player base in any game. Asking for changes to be made to the game so players are unnaturally equalized regardless of the effort they are willing to put in is never going to happen.

              Having said that, already with a minimum of $ and time a player with gold dragons can easily get gold event dragons and so on.

              Alter the the length of the events and this balance falls apart. Your asking players who like to excel in the the game to accept a handicap so you, OP, can be more competitive, whether you intended to or not, imo.


              • Jess
                Jess commented
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                Seriously? I think you have no idea of how much effort the OP puts into events every week. You are being incredibly naive.

                Some of us compete against each other, the damn stupid constant divines are not the reason for competing, they are just a side issue that aren't necessary to anyone yet some player keep clamouring for them incessantly.

                I agree with the OP. personally I prefer the days when we all had a breather between events and we could all just enjoy the team and game. Now? It's just constant event.

                At the upper end the fatigue level is becoming noticeable.

              • Baladir
                Baladir commented
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                You're right Jess. That was a totally unwarranted comment directed to the OP. It had nothing at all to do with the reasons he gave for his desire for shorter events and presumed a reason I had no basis to believe he had. My apologies to you and the OP.

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              I would not want to wait 8 weeks for another breed event. Getting one new dragon a month (current breed event cycle) is not bad imo, although they need to make the tiers more appropriate or give out more tokens to make max tiers achieveable.


              • CaptainC
                CaptainC commented
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                Well I for one don't speed up hatching my dragons most of the time. I need time to train and feed them even if I'm only going to use them for breeding. As a result I still have unhatched dragons from the last two or three breeding events even though I spend tokens on research eggs and eggs for builder upgrades.

                I'm all in favor of only having a breeding event every 6 to 8 weeks.

                Funny thing is I can remember a time not so long ago when we had to beg for breeding events.

              • Jess
                Jess commented
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                Don't agree at all.

                Starting out I could save enough tokens that I was breeding the 'breeder' dragons between the breeding events, level them up and then have enough tokens to breed the good dragon/s during the event.

                however as I levelled up I realised I had to save more and more tokens to breed any of the dragons so I might as just wait for the breeding event. That is the only reason I started leaving breeding until the breeding events.

                In my Alt account I smack players over the back of the head (figuratively speaking) if they hold up their progression in the game due to an event. At the low level there is no need at all. It's just plain stupid.

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              the problem with shortening the events is that some players have different work/family schedules. some players prefer the events to be weekend-only, maybe start on Friday and end on Monday, probably because they work and they have more time to play on the weekends. but what about the players who work on the weekends? or the players who do crazy things like spend time with their family or their kids on the weekend?

              regardless, the reality of the situation is money/revenue. as already pointed out, the gold chest slot machine makes money, so the longer it's sitting there tempting players the better. also, the longer the event goes, the longer the competition for global ranking goes, which means the top players are spending more to keep or get their ranking.

              frankly, I'm surprised that events haven't been changed to run constantly. 7 day events, next event starts as soon as the current one ends. rotate major and minor, wars are disabled during major, not during minor. oh and they'll throw in the world map as well and create some goals/events/wars for that, too.


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                Ugh...don't even suggest that Clay! But it's very short sighted of PG to set this hyper pace that burns players out. Having 2 events every month would let people gear up and go all out with sufficient time to chill in between. They'd retain more players that way...


                • Dragonlords15
                  Dragonlords15 commented
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                  I was thinking the same thing Seppy Personally I enjoy the inbetween the events time but sometimes it's good to have a week off without an event. This will recuperate players from the burden events can form.

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                Just fix the derm super atacks with Valor and bonus meters! 5 attacks are ez, 50 takes hours. This game is ultra repetative enough already...


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                  Events are fun... at least they used to be. Problem is nowadays we have: Breeding/fortifications/conquest, wash, rince and repeat. No more training (because there is no more food available after a few hours... exactly the same as fortification/wood but this is ok 😅), no more "Olympics like" event for a long time, and of course no new event type (why pg should spend money in researching new event since the players keep playing/spending same as always?) Could PG be researching new maps, new depths to this game? New island's design, new strategies?
                  Or are they going to go on with the 3 events, few new dragons every season and that's it until the day war dragons is not making enough money and they shutdown the servers...
                  I truly wonder what they are planning.. keep this game growing and improving or do the minimum just to get all the money they can until it's over?
                  The last months seem to prove they have chosen the second path.. Unfortunately.


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                    I miss that "no healtime" weekend... or a double XP event or bigger bonus for XP at weekends... like other doubled things where we have advantage...

                    but however... wars should be playable much more then 2-3 days... honestly ...


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                      I feel like events are getting repetitive with the current system cycling through. You might want to have no major event for some time and focus on other things instead to comeback with an amazing major event.


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                        if they gave us more egg tokens, more rubies, and more timers in events I bet we'd be more willing to put up with constant events and non-fixed bugs/features and a laggy game.