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Lvl 230 officer locked out with "general.LOADING" error; Tech Support has been AWOL

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  • Lvl 230 officer locked out with "general.LOADING" error; Tech Support has been AWOL

    PGJared , CampusLifer , Dragon Punch , EggToken:

    We have a Level 230 Officer on our team that has been completely locked out of the game since the latest update. She'll try to open up the game, and get a black "general.LOADING" screen and the game never loads for her.

    {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tImage uploaded from iOS.jpg Views:\t1 Size:\t38.2 KB ID:\t156375","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"156375","data-size":"medium"}

    These are her details:

    In Game Name: VioletTrout
    Team Name: HouseBlackfyre
    Devices: iPhone 6S, iPad Air 1
    Message Board Username: AzureCathid

    She's contacted support a MYRIAD of times, reinstalled the game at least 3 times, and still no reinstall has helped and the Tech Support has seemingly completely forgotten about her.

    This happens on 2 separate devices (iPhone and iPad), so this is obviously an account issue and not a hardware one.

    It'd be nice if someone in Tech Support would actually respond and help because so far this error has caused her to miss the last 3 energy events (including the current event), and half of the prior breeding event, as well as countless wars.

    This kind of treatment of a player, especially one who buys your elite account status and has been playing for almost two years, is COMPLETELYunacceptable. She's contacted your support and has gotten no help except the boilerplate "reinstall the game" reply which fixes NOTHING.

    I suggest that you get in contact with her to fix this issue ASAP, as this has been going on for far too long with no contact for her fix to be a work in progress.

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    Thanks I've sent this to our live ops team.


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      How did they contact support? I'm looking at our support portal and there's been nothing from that name for 55 days that I can see. Our team is looking into this error, but they need more info. Please have your teammate contact to create a ticket so we can communicate directly with them.

      If they've contacted support another way or on another account or something, please let me know so I can try to dig out their ticket.


      • PGJared
        PGJared commented
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        I even looked in our defunct old support portal that folks sometimes send to and I don't see anything.

      • PGJared
        PGJared commented
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        They also don't have an email tied to their account so my team can't initiate contact.

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      Then that is a fault of your system, PGJared . She's sent 5 tickets over the past 2 months, and they all replied with "reinstall the app". And she has emails tied to both her accounts, because she's received emails about past support issues. It's also very convenient that we cannot even send screenshots of the replies from support, because she can't get into the game to send them.
      And I know this is a fact because she is my girlfriend, and I've helped her to send them, and seen the report replies.

      I'll try have her send yet another ticket to add to the pile, but she's getting very frustrated with this amongst other issues we both have about how PG handles their player support interaction.

      You may have lost a paying player with your attitude. Which is such as shame, because I'm beginning to see a trend: "it couldn't possibly be our system, so that player is a liar."

      If I acted the same way in supporting the people that I handle IT for as my job, I'd be lucky if I wasn't fired.

      I may be angry and frustrated, so may she, but we're also paying customers, and this kind of poor attitude in response simply dumps fuel on that fire and helps with nothing.

      I think a bit of self examination is in order, Jared. You are constantly openly hostile with players and regularly unhelpful, and I know that the community here is rather unimpressed with it (SEE: banning users for making Aesop Fables allegories; Thread Necro Ban). Feel free to ban me for this comment if you wish, but in the end, reacting as you do to any sort of criticism undermines your position.

      CampusLifer , thank you for being helpful and supportive, and hopefully the live ops team will be able to help out with this issue, and we can get things sorted. I appreciate your helpful attitude, and for your quick response.


      • LordKaiS
        LordKaiS commented
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        when are you going to learn that being nasty towards people that you need help from wont get you far? he's simply asking questions and trying to get more info. your statement is more hostile than PGJared

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      Balerophon, all I said was that I looked everywhere I could and didn't see a ticket. I'm trying to get more information from your teammate so I'm trying to find their ticket. I never said they didn't send a ticket or that they're lying. I specifically asked how they contacted support to acknowledge that they did contact support, just that I wasn't seeing it. That's why I also asked if they contacted via another account or through a different means; so I could look their ticket up and try to get in touch with them to help resolve this issue.

      You can try to argue this with me if you want, but you're wasting time that could be spent getting help for your teammate. Instead you could let me know how they contacted support so I could look it up and try to get this resolved for them. If you want to waste more time that's on you, but my goal is to get this sorted out and get them back in the game.

      Our LiveOps team got in touch with me because they're not seeing anything wrong with the gamestate of the account and wanted to look at the tickets for that player. None of them could find a ticket either. So now we have people looking for more information on your teammate and trying to get this resolved so they can start playing again, but instead you're making accusations when you could just provide the requested info. At this point most of our team is gone for the night, but I'll be up for another hour or so if you decide to provide the requested info.
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        Might help also to make sure they have updated the most recent ios. I got the same error earlier today and i hadnt updated ios. I since have and no issues. Might be unrelated but worth checking.


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          I would like to add this has happened to me also since the update. I have been locked out with a black screen 90% of the time and sometimes I get a glimpse of the game but it's a frozen screen. I can hear the WD music in the background but the screen remains frozen forever. I have reinstalled the app numerous times as I can get a single log in after that; which often ends in a crash after a couple attacks. If I log out I can't get back in until I reinstall it. I tried updating iOS - no help. And last night even factory reset the phone. After the factory reset I was able to multi log a few times but then this morning I was getting the same freeze errors. Reinstalled and have been logged in and playing/afk for three hours because I'm sick of reinstalling and don't want to chance logging out.

          In Game Name: defpolak

          I will send a support ticket in now.

          EDIT --- lol...I crashed and now I'm reinstalling so I can get back in. fml


          • defpolak
            defpolak commented
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            Response already from support who told me to change graphics off (already tried) but also told me to close all open tabs in safari. I honestly thought it made no sense but figured I would entertain the idea and then just reinstall to get back in and tell them it didn't work. Closed the ONE tab I had open in Safari and the four tabs in Chrome . . . and bam, back in the first try without reinstalling.

            Graphics defaults back to checked, but have been able to relog multiple times with no issues. Even opened a few tabs and left them open and have had no issues. No clue why this made sense but it did.

            A HUGE Thank You to support for the quick response and solution!!!!
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          • PGJared
            PGJared commented
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            Were you getting the same error described above?

            "{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tImage uploaded from iOS.jpg Views:\t1 Size:\t38.2 KB ID:\t156375","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"156375","data-size":"medium"}"

            I'm glad the team was able to get you rolling, by the way. I want to see if it was the same error though so we can try to pin it down more.

          • defpolak
            defpolak commented
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            I never received an error message and I got passed the percentage loading screen. But then I was at a blank screen or the first split second of the game before the screen froze with music/sound playing normal in the background.




            EDIT --- I have no idea what this all means and it's not showing a picture or anything .... "{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tImage uploaded from iOS.jpg Views:\t1 Size:\t38.2 KB ID:\t156375","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"156375","data-size":"medium"}"
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