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Account banned since 19 September

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  • Account banned since 19 September


    since 19 September my account GoodOldBill7DS can no longer access the game. When I try to launch the app a message appears saying that the account is suspended for violating Terms of Service.

    I contacted Support and they answered that "It seems you have been banned for cheating or exploiting (playing the game in a way that was not intended by the developers)".

    Since I never cheated or exploited, I asked them for more details about their allegation. I received an answer stating they can't give details due to security reasons.

    I thoroughly checked both the Terms of Service and the Rules of Conduct, but I found nothing that could explain what's going on: I never did any of the things listed as illicit.

    I contacted Support again and they said they will review my account, but they can't give me any prevision about how long it will take.

    Last message from Support on 27 September says "Since we haven't heard back from you in a while, this conversation has ended." I replied to the message but received no answer.

    They gave me no further notice about the promised review.

    After 14 days I still don't have a clue about why my account has been banned.

    Can someone help me?

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    If they don't respond and you really didn't do anything wrong take it to apple


    • LordKaiS
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      apple wont do anything, this is between the player and the app developer.

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    you need to tag CampusLifer


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      Thanks for reporting this. I'm having someone on my team investigate the account.


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        GoodOldBill7DS I've reviewed your account and I'll reach out to you directly via PM.
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        • GoodOldBill7DS
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          Hi, I received your PM and sent my answer.

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        @GoodOldBill7DS good luck, Bill. I have been fighting for my account since August 18th. I hope you get more of a helping hand than I have. I have submitted all the cooperation and information that I could find, and I am still without satisfaction. I have DONE nothing, either, though there is constant accusation to the opposite. I sure hope you aren't a victim of the same issue I have had.