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Unable to contact support in game - game unplayable

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  • Unable to contact support in game - game unplayable

    PGJared Hi, thanks for taking time to read and help.

    Ign: gox1201
    I have an ingame ticket attempt, but with error im not sure if it went through. I have a helpshift ticket but no response

    I have a continous sync error in game, stopping all forms of play. Cant do events, xp runs, cant finish buildings, collect food or even kick dragon off perch. Currently I cannot stay in game long enough to see if I vave a reply from my support ticket.

    I believe the error comes from my perched rider at the top small island which has a rider with contsruction speed bonuses.

    could you please urgently check on this? Im a leader of a d1 team, and cant help in event, and once wars are live we are essentially -1.

    if you could perhaps kick the dragon off the perch it should correct the error I hope.
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      Wow, interesting. Thanks for posting the video


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        Add me to the list. I had it only when I sped up my tower but it finshed now and I have exactly the same problem as gox1201.

        Cant do event can’t fly my dragons can’t stay longer than 10 seconds in game

        CampusLifer PGJared PGDave Echo


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          Hey folks. I'm trying to get an engineer to investigate this case. It's the weekend though so responses are slow.


          • Warlord
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            Thanks. An interim solution would be to change the dragon on the perch so the buff from the construction time research isn’t active.

            If that doesn’t work roll the research back so we don’t have the 2 construction time reduction researches and credit the skill points back.

            Most favored solution would be that it works without the sync errors tho but at this stage I take everything what I can get. I miss out on 4 obsidian dragons in terms of Multis and on a lv 49 nec. That’s over 15 mil xp potions per day as compensation. We miss also out on individual prizes in event that’s just a catastrophe!

            Worst thing is we actually paid real $$ for these researches/skills.

            So please do what you can and keep us informed so my team can kick me if the problem persists. Tomorrow we have wars again.

          • PGJared
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            Your first solution is something we're looking into. Unfortunately the PX team does not at the moment have the ability to do that and needs engineering support. CL is looking into the issue and I'm confident we can have this sorted out by tomorrow at the absolute latest.

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          I believe this issue is the same as the one found in this thread:

          I believe i know what the root cause is, and I will start trying to fix it as soon as I get access to my development setup.


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            Fingers crossed 🙏