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Beta event: Dragonriders

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  • Beta event: Dragonriders

    PGJared Hi, I filed a ticket a couple days ago. I attacked a base in the beta with 20k ships for the dragonriders event. I wiped, and earned about 18.4k GP. The problem is that I received no points in the reward tiers, and did not contribute to my teams total. Support verified that I attacked with a dragon that had a rider, but they haven't restored the missing points. The event is almost over, might you be able to help out? I have screen shots of my conversation with Support if that helps.


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    Hey Carbaryl,

    I'm not sure we can grant points for beta events at this time, but I'm going to look into it and see what can be worked out.


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      Thank you for the quick response.anything you can do would be appreciated. I knowingly sacrificed those ships for the beta event, it would be great if I could get the shards I earned.


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        Would it be better if this were posted in the beta subforum rather than in the regular subforum?



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          The forum was hidden from me for a couple days so I posted it here You are right though.


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            Yeah, this should be in the beta subforum, but it's fine. I looked at the issue and spoke with the relevant people on the team to get some traction on this.


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              You only get points when leveling up and using that VP> however if the rider was Grogg, he doesn't need VP to level it so you dont get points for levelling Grogg.. (im not sure if this is your problem exactly). But i waited for event to level Grogg only to find that out... I was annoyed...