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Greetings Dragon Lords! Over the last few months we've done lots of work behind the scenes redesigning the forum and will be migrating over to our new forum software in the coming weeks. During this migration, the forums will be set to "read-only" and posting will be disabled. We expect the actual migration to take between 24-48 hours. Please watch for additional Announcements soon with more details!
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Support dropping case after threatening and insulting player

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    So, you seem to be a bit mistaken about the purpose of this subforum. The point is that if you feel support wasn't helpful, you can post here and I (the head of support) will personally review. If I've already reviewed, posting here is just airing laundry.

    "Do I not have a right to seek help if I am denied it without so much as a reason..." You were provided a reason. I specifically said why I was going to close your ticket, and you failed to adhere to what I stated.

    Since you aren't taking the actions I've provided you to get your issue resolved, I'm going to close this thread out. Reopening it or continuing in this regard will result in a forum ban.