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Support dropping case after threatening and insulting player

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  • Support dropping case after threatening and insulting player

    i have had an issue that was pretty much solved until support failed to give what the promised. Then they failed to even read the issue. After using analogy of how blind they were being the threatened to ban me (a disabled vet who has multiple family members with disabilities from minor to major and who has dealt with prejudice up to and including physical danger) of being derogatory, prejudice and what ever against people with disabilities. Then after reaming them out and being fuming hot only ever using the word "ass", pointing out that they failed to deliver what's promised. Pointing that out multiple times was then basically called an ignorant, illiterate person and being talked to as though I were three years old then after telling them I would do as asked my case was just simply dropped. No responses went to check and it never existed. I have screen shot the entire case because last time this same individuals insulted my intelligence, my service in the military and after making fun of it proceeded to thank me for my service. I had spent over $200 that event then I was dropped and completely ignored!!!

    I want fair treatment and failed to get any there, so I am trying here then if this fails I will be contacting PG corporate offices and Apple and filing complaints with photographic evidence of the threat and derogatory treatment. So I am trying hear before taking it to them. Please there are many of us that are treated this way and your people claim to be for the gamers then prove it otherwise you are no better than the money loving game makers that have said the same!! I am not making idle threats but I will make sure that every player knows that this is how they will be treated if they do as I have done and prove PG support wrong by their own information!

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    Screenshots? I havent ever had PG support be disrespectful in maybe 50 or 60 tickets so I find it pretty difficult to believe. Unless they have a rogue guy in there.


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      They may not read what you have written fully, they may take forever to respond, they many not even help, they may send you an unrelated response but I have never hadn't them be rude. Screen shots?


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        PGJared I highly doubt this. Let jared look at your ticket. I am sure he would like to see that thread.


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          He'll need you in-game name, and ticket number if you know it.


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            You probably don't want to air this out on the forum. You were told on a Thursday by one of my agents that your ticket would be escalated next week (since I was on vacation and the only escalation from that agent was to me; you already were dealing with a supervisor). You then sent multiple responses asking why your ticket wasn't being escalated and demanding that it be escalated immediately, even though it wasn't the following week.

            On Monday I received your ticket, and tried to explain things to you. I quoted the message saying that it would be next week until the ticket was escalated to explain the delay, and then told you that I was reviewing your ticket. I want to be very clear here about the use of quotation marks. Heck, let's just post the post:

            "Hey BlazingxSeraph,

            Wilson actually is a supervisor, so asking to be escalated to a supervisor goes to them. When you asked for additional escalation, our team informed you there would be a delay as the head of the department (me) was out of the office.

            "Hi BlazingxSeraph,

            As stated before, further escalation for World Map issues is not available until early next week. We're glad to keep your ticket open in the meantime if you wish."

            I'm now back in the office and reviewing your ticket. I'll be back to you with another response presently.

            PX Manager -- War Dragons"

            After that you continued to ask why it was being delayed another week, when I clearly mentioned it wasn't. I replied multiple times explaining that your ticket had been escalated to me and that I was reviewing it, but that I needed you to acknowledge the facts as they stood since it seemed like you weren't reading any of what I wrote and you were simply going off of what you wanted to read. Here's a snippet of a reply after the message I sent you:

            "You know I was told that same bit last week and now it is not till next week?? The info about it the delay is fine the threatening for no reason is inappropriate for an employee or supervisor. Not giving what was promised at the point before they closed the ticket is unprofessional. Jared I am tired of getting the brush off. I was told that bit about support for world map last week and now your telling me again so where is the truth??"

            Note that this is after I'd already told you your ticket was at the highest escalation point (me) and was being reviewed. After I asked you to confirm what I'd already said and make sure we were on the same page, you launched into another diatribe going back to the thing I've now twice pointed out didn't happen.

            I gave you one final chance where I laid things out as clearly as I could, and asked you to simply acknowledge the facts of what happened or we'd be forced to close your ticket. Instead of that you continued to accuse me and my team of insulting you, and then for some reason mentioned that your wife was reading the tickets to you. Since you weren't going to acknowledge the raw fact of your ticket currently being reviewed and that no one was telling you there was an additional wait, I couldn't possibly see how you'd be able to acknowledge other facts in the situation and closed the ticket.

            Now, you are welcome to send photos of the conversation to the office. All mail from players goes directly to me. I'll even share it with my boss and the head of marketing. We'll all sit down and review it. You can come into the office if you want, though you'll just be sent to me or turned away. Either way your ticket will remain closed and no further action will be taken. You are also welcome to contact Apple or the BBB who will then route the complaint to me.


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              And disabled veterans everywhere (myself included) wonder why we have a bad name. This is but 1 of many shining examples. Sorry - I apologize on behalf of the many disabled veterans that play this game, for this guys behavior.


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                Not trying to be Rude but what does being a disabled Vet have to do with in game problem. I really dont think that PG care if Black White or Disable so long you treat with respect (spend money) they will respect you. Imo that should have never come up in conversion. They Dont really care what we look like. THANKS VETS.


                • MrJonesy
                  MrJonesy commented
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                  Not rude at all and how correct you are. It has NOTHING to do with his problem with PG, yet it was thrown out there as some sort of invisible shield that should "protect him" or would have PG bend and cater to his every whim. That is what tends to give those that aren't vets a bad perception of vets, that whole "wearing it on your sleeve" crap and demanding "special allowances" because of it, which is utter crap.

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                It doesn't matter what I say. You have made up your mind without seeing the full conversation. Next time Jared act like a true support etc and post the entire conversation! I will be quitting this game you got what you want and no matter what was said I did not insult you your intelligence


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                  Good bye and I will never bother you good people again apparently I am just a disgrace so I am sorry for that good luck in all you do even you Jared! I am closing my game my group page and I am never going to play a game like this again so that I no longer bring shame to people. For that I am sorry I was just showing that I was not making fun just using analogy now I know that I will not do it again. Thanks for showing me that even after I had said that I acknowledged ir didn't mater so I apologize and will not bother yo all again I am sorry that I shamed you and you feel you have to apologize for me using examples. That I will never do again good luck guys enjoy and just forget I was ever gere
                  Take care good hunting.


                  • MrJonesy
                    MrJonesy commented
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                    Hate to see you go. WD is a pretty darn good game. Was really hoping you could get whatever issue you had ironed out.
                    And no, I guess he didn't post the entire conversation here. But even so, I fail to see what bringing in your veteran status had to do with any of it.
                    Hopefully you will reconsider leaving, and politely and calmly work out whatever your issue was, via ingame support tickets, not here on the forums. And yes, I have had less than favorable support interactions as well. A lot of context is lost via text, which is why having patience and fully explaining, politely, what the issue is makes all the difference. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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                  BlazingSeraph like I said in the ticket, all I need you to do is read the messages I sent and acknowledge the facts as they were laid out. Instead of trying to pick a fight, just sit down and approach the conversation from a place of trying to get resolution. If you want to submit another ticket and try again calmly and reasonably, our team will listen to your ticket.

                  Also, I didn't post the entire conversation because it's so long I'd have had to make at least 5 different posts to cover it all.


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                    Jared you accomplished your goal. I have left, instead of posting the entire convo you posted what would make u look in the right. Instead of contacting me you posted enough to get people to jump on the bandwagon not knowing in what context, or why it was being said about being disabled. I was not looking for pity and I neither want it not need it from anyone but you allowed people to berate and belittle me and the service i thought i was honored to do and i know now i will never try to explain anything about me to people who dont want to and just dont care because they dont know the whole story. You as a PG representative could have done the right thing and stated that this is not the place and stated that we need to look things over. But you chose to allow this to occur and unneeded humiliation to happe. I am not sure of your true intentions and will not speculate but the damage is done and cannot be repaired. What little shred of decency and credibility i had has been destroyed. I have closed down my live stream, group page, and multiple other things i was involved in to try and get the game to be fun again. I have will not bother you again as you need to focus on the need of those that still need help. I really do with you the best and I hope you don't have to go through anything like this, it is not something i would wish on anyone. Fly safe and please make the game fun for those that are l


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                      Mr. Jonesy if you hated to see me go then why apologize for my "Shining example". You did not have the full story and when off of what little bit was shown an not the full context. I do apologize to you as well, I am sorry that i have embarrassed you and your service it wont happen again. Please forgive me. Wish you well.


                      • MrJonesy
                        MrJonesy commented
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                        I hate to see any player go. And from what I could gather from the information provided, in your long rambling post, you expected some sort of sympathy or concession due to your service and/or disability and/or those of others you mentioned. If that wasn't the case, then my apologies. I will admit that Jared did not post the entire thread, nor should I expect him to.

                        Also, unfortunately, there are way too many people, veterans and those that falsely claim to be veterans, that expect special treatment for having served. I have personally seen it occur far too many times to count, and it never ceases to amaze me each and every time. And yes, each and every time I have seen it happen, at restaurants, stores, etc, I also apologize for those individuals behavior, as I most certainly do not want a server, waitress, or employee that has never served to think that all veterans feel that they are entitled to more than what they have rightfully earned and/or behave in such a manner. It has almost come to a point where I am almost embarrassed to call myself a veteran when not in like company. And that isn't your fault, it is the fault of those that look to take advantage of the sympathies of others.

                        And thank you for your service and I hope that whatever wounds or disabilities you may have do not cause you discomfort or interfere with you enjoying life. After all, that's one of the myriad of reasons we served, so that we can enjoy life as we know it, right? I hope you reconsider leaving the game and you get your issues worked out. Have a good day.
                        Last edited by MrJonesy; 09-04-2017, 11:56 AM.

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                      Wait, you made a public post on the forum stating that my team didn't provide you support and then making threats about going to our offices or contacting Apple. I provided some context and now it's my fault for making this public? Seriously?


                      • Rainpop
                        Rainpop commented
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                        It is a thankless job you do PGJared. I've seen nothing but professionalism from you.

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                      Is this not the forum for issues with support? Do I not have a right to seek help if I am denied it without so much as a reason. I cam to a public forum to get help which is why forums exist. The other statements about going to the other support people is the support chain if I am not mistaken and we are to try support, forums then take it higher trying to solve the issue before going to apple. How is that a threat when that is what apple states is to be tried first??

                      That was not what was said, I stated it could have been handled better and did not and was not going to speculate how or why you chose to provide only the information that you did. I stated you did not provide the entire story in the context that was meant. I don't say things I don't mean I needed help you decided that I was not worthy of it so I took the next step to get help. To get advice and to provide the entire story to get input. Instead of stating that this isn't the place and to contact you to revisit the issue you said this wasn't the place and provided only the information you deemed worth to. I have not attempted to threaten was stating these are the steps I would take if I could not get help. The only fault I stated was that the whole information should be provided not what you deemed only important enough to state your case. You said

                      "you probably don't want to air this in the forum"

                      then proceded to to show only one minute part of the conversation. Not the parts in there where I said I acknowledge what you requested. Not the part where I stated this was solved until they kept saying I get this as rightful compensation but failed to give it and kept giving me the run around. You only provided snippets of the entire complaint to prove your stand point. If I had been asked I would have provided the entire conversation to get a fair and informed option from fellow players. I have dealt with you as you requested the first time and only used the word "ass" as the only inappropriate language and I admitted that.

                      I hope this is clear enough I dried not put the total blame on you but as I provided enough information in order to get some help and attention to share the whole story, you only provided what you said at the end after there had been false accusations and been promises that were not kept. As I stated before you could have handled it in a more professional matter was all I stated. Mistakes wer made on both ends I admit that but apparently I am the only one at fault. I admitted that I made errors but I have as stated apologized. Please do not put words in my mouth that I did not say or write. This was my statement there was no blame just saying it could have been handled better, since you are wanting to put meaning into something that was not there,

                      "You as a PG representative could have done the right thing and stated that this is not the place and stated that we need to look things over. But you chose to allow this to occur and unneeded humiliation to happe. I am not sure of your true intentions and will not speculate but the damage is done and cannot be repaired".

                      Next time when you ask about something being aired please give the person a chance to respond so that some form of dignity can be had. I even here have not said anything that I did not say in the issue and even though I have wanted to say many things that are not appropriate, I have attempted to be polite an courteous. If you really wish to communicate further here is my email. I do not wish to continue anything Here.

                      Her is the email if you wish to continue this. I have been put in my place. Email or not but I do not wish to be a public example anymore you have proven your point most clearly thank you.

             this email will be active for a while longer. Thank you for your time no more ranting. Goodbye