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    I wrote into support a while back about rollbacks and They responded and dealt with the situation almost immediately. It was phenomenal, I was very happy and thought maybe something had changed for the better. Alas, I wrote to support today and they didn't even read my ticket and responded with copy and paste that has nothing to do with the situation........

    I no longer have access to replays. Most of my team has no access to replays, the replay button is gone, only the revenge button remains. In LC some people still have replays. Both iOS and Android are affected. This was not in the update notes. I asked if replays were disabled on purpose or if this was another glitch.

    The reply I got was about joining runs with teammates???

    PGJared can you please look into this.

    IGN: FlashingRed
    Team: FlashingDragon
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    Ok. I think I have figured out the issue. Support did answer my question in a roundabout way.

    You can't join runs if one person updated and the other didnt. Same with defends. Same with replays.

    That makes sense. I don't know why I didn't realize that before.

    Thanks ! 😊😊


    • PGJared
      PGJared commented
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      Sounds like they used a canned response that didn't completely fit, but was obliquely correct. I'll review this with the agents.