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Glitch? using thunderstorm at a blue mage

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  • Glitch? using thunderstorm at a blue mage

    i have been training this new dragon lately, and only just noticed that you can use thunderstorm even though a blue mage should be blocking it. (i prefer hunters so i dont use thunderstorm often lol)

    a small video here where i use thunderstorm 3 times right after a corner even though there is a blue mage, as long as you tap the spell at the right split second, it will still fire and since thunderstorm doesnt get ended prematurely by blue mages it will wreck any island easily, this in my opinion is a flaw, basically making you unable to protect your base against thunderstorm.
    this should be fixed i think.
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    Yeah, it's been doing that for a long while. Kinda why people love/hate Sage so much. There is NO defense against a Thunderstorm that is hit at that split second before the blue mage affects it.


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      i only noticed it when i started training Chompa lol, i dont care much for sage tbh. but this really needs to be fixed


      • MrJonesy
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        Oh, I agree completely that it needs to be fixed. In the meantime, use it to your advantage. Everyone else is.