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Deleted valor boosts

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  • Deleted valor boosts

    I wrote to support about the valors that are missing after last tug events Many players had left over valor boosts Instead of addressing this they gave me some scripted BS I used both bronze and gold chests to get valors The gold chest were purchased with gems for Great Valors and others through bronzes chest which were earned using boosts like heal
    potions and dragon health/attack boosts All used Earning varios VALOR boosts that you took away Where is the fix for that? Make it right

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    If you read the last post for this event, you should see that a new type of attack is online. "MEGA ATTACK", u can use it with a mega coin. And the bonus and also valor are not existing any more. If you had any high valors, u get a megacoin instead of it. And with one mega attack, u will have the same point like 30 normal attacks. So its normal that you don't get any valor boost from chest.


    • MrJonesy
      MrJonesy commented
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      Pretty sure he is talking about the Baby Valors. Yes, they gave coins for the Great Valors, but no compensation has been offered for the tons of Baby Valors that were rendered useless.
      PG has been eerily quiet on the topic of those Baby Valors.........

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    Some of us has MANY small valors. They should,p not just disappear, especially,since,the new tug of war is not only horrible for many of us but very buggy.


    • Sam DragonLover
      Sam DragonLover commented
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      Take something from us, need to give something in return.
      It's only fair

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    Just contact Apple and google for refund.
    Commend my persistence ^.^


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      from what I know, great valors and normal valor can only be obtained once. After that, you can't get them anymore until you use them. However, I think that you can get up to 10 of them if you are uber lucky (like winning 3 lottery in a row).


      • Owlrager
        Owlrager commented
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        Thats correct, it would be super rare to get more than say 2 great valors, but bronzes gave out the small ones a lot, i remember getting 7 in a group of 10.

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      But where is the compensation for the Valors that weren't great Valors?

      There should be some compensation ... even if they were won from chests the getting of them meant something else of value wasn't received.

      This needs to be fixed. Compensation is warranted.