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Still waiting after one month...

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  • Still waiting after one month...


    At the end of JUNE, our team was involved in a war in which we tied in flames, but lost on defenses. However, both attack replay and attack report showed that the best the other team managed was to defeat 98% of my base with two dragons, yet they were awarded five flames for that attack. Clearly, that was wrong.

    I don't blame the other team for cheating, it is certainly possible that they didn't even realize it. However, it was not fair that we lost that war. I have not asked that the entire war result be reversed - I don't see the need to punish them - just that our points and lost tokens be restored.

    Again, that was OVER ONE MONTH AGO, and still nothing has been done! Not even a "sorry, but we're not going to change this" reply. Even the string-along replies of "we're looking into it" have stopped.

    The ticket number for the special investigation is #55004 and the thread for this conversation is #413385. My in-game name is DRintheSkies. Would you PLEASE look into this and, at the very least, bring some closure to this. If you aren't going to compensate us for what we lost due to this glitch, at least have the decency to say so.

    Awaiting your prompt reply...

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    Nah, they successfully 5 flamed you. Stop moaning, it was a month ago.


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      It's not cheating. On regular raids I frequently use one dragon and get 98-99% with only a small sliver of life left in a farm or mill and still get five flames awarded. Haven't ever tried it or had that issue in war but it is not out of the ordinary. I would guess that the response from PG will be that there's no compensation and something along the lines of enough of the base xp was cleared to trigger five flames. Doesn't take a hack or exploit to do that, its in the game mechanics.


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        I think anything over 95% is 5 flames, I thought this was intended behaviour not a glitch?
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          99% is 5 flames... he shouldn't get 5 flames for 98%. However it could be any number of things that caused this, it is PG we are talking about after all. Maybe they cleared 98.5% which rounded up to 99% for flame purposes but visually still showed showed 98%. PG loves to use the "it was a visual glitch" excuse.

          Either way they beat you, let it go. Its just one war.


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            After a month, it's no longer about the points or tokens. I just want a definitive answer from PG one way or the other. Four weeks of "we're looking into it" doesn't cut it. If it's legit, fine. Just come out and say so, don't keep hemming and hawing and stringing it along.

            I'd rather be told "no" than be ignored or forgotten. Doesn't seem to be too much to ask, does it?


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              I haven't looked at the code nor do I work on the battle-R&D team, but just speaking from my own experience as a player:

              You can get 5-flames if you get slightly less than 100%. I'm not sure exactly what the cutoff is, but I've seen 5-flames when I've got something like 99%.


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                I appreciate all the comments, and suspect that will be the "official" answer. I'm just asking for someone in charge to formally state that rather than ignoring the request for weeks.


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                  Hey Pog. I reviewed all the logs for that battle and the war. They destroyed 99.1% of your base, which qualifies for five stars. I apologize for the amount of time it took for you to get this response, which is not at all acceptable.


                  • TheBulldog
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                    Awesome work Jared. Saving the universe again.

                    I can go back to my beer now

                  • PogTheWarrior
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                    Thanks Jared.

                  • awboj
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                    PGJared what is the actual cutoff figure for 5 flames please?